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Iythian Reaches / Final Countdown (Week 4)
« on: October 01, 2012, 12:36:05 PM »
(Also read the tl;dr summary in the second post.)

(It's summarized in detail below, but... since it's important...)

You're Level 16! Even Characters in the Pembrook thread! Every player receives 55,000 Gold! Woah! ALL MAGICAL ITEMS CAN BE BOUGHT AND IMPROVED AT A 25% DISCOUNT GOING FORWARD!


The Short Holiday gives you an incredibly jaunty single day transport back to Gateway, moving as quickly as the Tram! The Ship moves, handles and is a small runner vessel but with Rosco's warp-o-matic tech, it easily moves twice as fast by cutting corners through something only theoretically known as the Astral Plane. You bring the ship around to a stable landing on the top of the Fools-Errant headquarters building and head inside.

Oh! As soon as you descend to the first floor, there's a knock at the door! Oh! It's...

Gregory, the Delivery Dog! He immediately passes the first party member he sees a hastily folded note! It has a coffee ring on it...

Please send someone to my house as quickly as you can, I have a very big guest who misses you!

I would also be thrilled to speak to Sir Rtirrson about his Mountain!

Elizabeth Duval

*zip* Gregory rolls out on his scooter, a pair of satchels criss-crossed around his chest and back, stuffed with scroll cases and packages. *zip* Enrique greets you all cordially as he walks by in a brisk blur, carrying... one of Miss Morgiana's fancy sitting pillows? Down to the dungeon? A quick peek downstairs reveals the following set-up...

Gran has simply stood in the same spot the entire time. A machine mind must come in handy at times...

Kiplyn is sleeping on his bunk.

And in the middle... it seems Enrique has uh, done a good job in seeing to the needs of the prisoners. Clarice's cell has been upgraded with some curtains for privacy, some fine quilts and a blanket to sleep upon and a pair of small tables, one set with a half-eaten bowl of cooled soup in the good plates, the other topped with a stack of Magic-related textbooks with bookmarks. Clarice herself is reading the findings on the Aboleth Dissection that Millicent mailed to Morgiana 2 weeks ago, and she's wearing a very fine louging dress. In fact, it's safe to say that everything here came from Morgiana's room, given the high quality and lap of luxury standard of it all. Clarice waves politely to whoever checks.

And Beatrice greets you all, grinning confidently. "It's about time, ah reckon! Yer gonna love this... yer little alarm worked! I caught a sneak tryin' ta rifle around the office agin'! We ran outta cells, so I locked 'im in th' shed out back." She beams with pride. "And... if ya got time, some little dog man came by earlier." She shrugs. "How'd it go?" ... Oh! Lionel invites himself in after Gregory takes off, looking to you all excitedly. "Sir Rtirrson! I'm glad I was able to catch up with you all! I've got great news, if one of you will travel with me for a bit!" The little pomeranian-man wags his tail excitedly!

Alright, it's what you've all been waiting for...


Everybody is now Level 16! This includes characters in the Mister Pembrook thread.

Red Crown's Blade Rust

Just a rusty scythe? The superstitious negative energy contained within a Red Cap's blade is stepped in the murder of many humanoids...

1 Time use. Choice of:

-Apply to Weapon to increase Enhancement Bonus by +1, to max of +6. Weapon deals additional 1d8 Necrotic Damage. 1/Day(Free Action) - Sneak Attack for 2d8 if Sneak Attack is Applicable.

-As above, but choose a new unenchanted weapon type. It becomes a +4 Weapon and functions with ANY "Use Weapon Type" feats, such as Weapon Focus or Weapon Specialization.

Chittering Bits

Strange bits of techno-organic bark with the features of insects... the mouths and teeth and feelers move and bite and squirm.

1 time use. Apply to Armor to increase Enhancement Bonus by +1, up to maximum of +6. Resist 10 Necrotic/Psionic. 1/Day - May along Walls and Ceilings for rest of encounter.

Iron Ring of the Dwarven Lords

A solid iron ring, bearing the emblem of a Dwarven Lord from Labyrinth's Great War. It was in the coin purse Nossian gave to Karvan.

Ring. Passive: Gain One Healing Surge

Daily(Immediate Interrupt) - If a power would move you, immediately negate the movement and grants immunity to forced movement until the end of your next turn. (Yes, changed from the PhB1 entry.)

Ring of Protection

A simple ring of white gold, engraved with a white shield.

Ring. Passive: +1 to Saving Throws

Daily(Immediate Interrupt): Use when hit by an attack. Gain +2 to one Defense of your choice until end of next turn. (Also changed from PhB1 entry.)

Crown Blood x2

Not Red Crown's own blood, but the incredibly potent dark magic drawn from his cap... it's said that the Red Caps dip their hats in the blood of those they murder to become stronger.

1 time Use. Weapons or Implements.

Same Choice as Rusted Scythe above, to either enhance existing weapon/implement or create a new weapon/implement that is friendly with your Feats/Class Abilities.

Improves Weapon by +1 up to +6 total bonus. Adds additional 1d8 Physical/Slashing damage to weapon. Recover 10 HP on a Killing Blow/Knock Out.

Delver Plating

The chandelier impact left a few bits of the Delver behind. He doesn't seem to have noticed, even with stony skin plates this great and heavy!

1 Time Use.

Grants +2 Enhancement Bonus to Armor.

Dr. Quint's Warpwood Baton Bonus for defeating Dr. Quint without Killing Him

The Dr's own summoning rod for one of his giant warpwood insect creations! It's simply a techno-organic warpwood bark baton with a Gemerald Butterfly shaped emerald button near the base, large enough to be pressed with the thumb.

Magical Item(does not need to be worn in any item slot.)

Allows use of Daily Spells. Can only be used once per day, choose the spell you wish to use that day. Can use different spells each day.

1) Feywild Emotions
Standard Action, Blast 3, Range 20
Psionic, Implement

Int/Wis/Cha(Your Choice) vs Will

Unleashes an ethereal mortar ball of balled up positive emotions. Can attack targets through walls, but if you cannot see the target, you still are at a -5 to attack it.

Deals 4d8+Int/Wis/Cha(Your Choice) Psionic Damage. Deals double damage to Aberrations and Undead.

2) Barkbeetle Swarm

Standard Action, Range 5, Single Target
Implement, Fear

Int/Wis/Cha(Your Choice) vs Fortitude

Target is covered in a swarm of ravenous warpwood beetles! They immediately deal 3d6+Int/Wis/Cha(Your Choice) Physical Damage and Ongoing 15(Save Ends.) If the target can feel Fear, they are compelled to flee on the first hit(slide target Int/Wis/Cha(Your Choice) modifier squares.) Even works on enemies without obvious flesh... the beetles can chew through stone!



Nossian's Funds: 25,000 Gold!
Dr. Quint Bounty: 72,500 Gold!
Property Damage: 12,500 Gold!

Debt Gold Acquires: 110,000 Gold!

Debt: 359,000 GP earned, 500,000 GP needed

Iythian Reaches / Spontaneous Fae Events (Week 3 Finale)
« on: September 04, 2012, 03:25:01 PM »
Named for an unfortunate ancestral tryst of Warlocks and other no-good types, Cedric Foulrock was a successful Dwarf for a Labyrinth type. He made his fortune during a great flash-in-the-pan mass production of weaponry during the Labyrinth Great War and had the sense to leave the murky planetoid behind when the Minotaurs won and suppressed all other Humanoids. The great Foulrock Foundry And Mining facility still stands, abandoned yet immaculate, the great factory built atop it's own mining tunnels and reinforced heavily to keep the entire mass from collapsing even as they ravaged the land with Dwarven efficiency, leaving behind great metal-works with magical mixes designed to deter even the native Delvers.

Not in use and mined out, the factory should be largely abandoned. Perhaps forgotten in the great hustle and bustle of business amongst the new-found Labyrinth elite desperate to prove itself and pat itself on the back as it rewrote history books, or maybe Foulrock still owns the deed and isn't budging. But all the same, the facility should be empty. Events from the late night has suggested differently and as the very first of the "close" suns that grant the Reaches twelve hours of rare sunlight crests the Labyrinth planetoid, our heroes march at the front of a small army of Minotaur justice. Nossian and four regiment of City Guard and Army Reserve called up for emergency duty and two groups of mixed holy-types, one each for Erathis and Kord, carrying holy implements and brandishing blessed weapons to support their like in what may come.

But this factory that should be abandoned is ready for them and Nossian orders a halt as first sightings of a "something" is reported. The path to the facility is a series of massive rifts and some rail-works engraved into the surface of the Labyrinth planetoid, to provide protection from the heavy winds that originate outside of the city, from the harsh glare of the small sunlight cycles and most importantly, to discourage those bits of void-bound life that are frightened away by Humanoid structures, but not by stray Humanoids walking in the open. The cliff walls tower overhead, casting sweeping shadows all about.

A messenger has returned! "Lord Credte, we've sighted non-native creatures being led around the tunnels by.. hmm, floating bits of empty clothing? Like invisible people, Sir. And we've been contacted by one of them... they say a... ah... Gnome, sir, wants to speak directly with the leaders of the invading force."

Nossian: "We are expected, Fools-Errant."

And speak of the devil, at the end of the valley a small regiment of things has appeared. There are at least three dozen suits of animated leather, hide and scale armor strapped around fine clothes that seem to hover around the air as though shaped to the contours of a person, yet no such person exists. They are all carrying well-made weapons with magical auras. At the head of their band is a... tiny elderly man? In an enormous hat. The little two-foot tall man has a wispy white beard that drags along the ground and is wearing blue trousers, a teal tunic, curly-toed red shoes and a dull brown hat, as tall as he is and pointed sharply. He hops from side to side, sometimes skipping, and grins wildly. The distance is about a mile away... the Gnome's group has stopped at the main entrance of the valley and is staring you all down, waiting for your response.

Meeting face to face, sending a Messenger to discuss/clarify/reject terms... or something else!

Suikoden I OST - Gate ~ Imperial Army Theme

Iythian Reaches / The Internment Of Bertram (Week 3-2)
« on: July 22, 2012, 03:33:59 PM »
The binding of Isaac OST - Main theme

Everything is dark. No light can reach Bertram's eyes at all, all that exists before him is formless darkness. His limbs feel heavy and weighted and the bedroom he stood in has vanished, the feeling of Gertrude crushing his hand or Jeeves clamping onto his shoulders from behind is gone. The only feeling is that of his mind afire.

After what feels as an eternity... shapes begin to rise out of the darkness. Colors of brown and gray and dirty white begin to mingle and dim light washes over everything, giving it a murky haze and the scent of mold and mildew. You seem to have degenerated into your callow youth and look much as young Chadwick, save you are entirely naked and unarmed... save for the tattered husk of your first Sportsball.

The Internment Of Bertram

Rules are simple. You have 6 Hits. Don't lose all your Hits.

You can use Three Actions a Round. Two Standards and One Move. Standards can be reduced to Moves. You can attack twice and move, attack once and move twice or move three times.

Your Runs Stat is currently at 5 Squares.

Your Shoots stat is at 1 Hits. It has a Range of 6 Squares.

The Binding of Isaac OST - Sacrificial

Orphanage 1


_| Walls
< > v Open Doors
B Bertram

6/6 Hits
5/5 Runs
1/1 Shoots
5/5 Ranges
Items: None

You suddenly manifest in the middle of a very poorly made and maintained building. You can tell because anything in Labyrinth made of wood and not stone must be very poor indeed. Water seems to randomly soak and pool about in the corners and over any arbitary board in the room and help propagate the spreading of mold and mildew, thin misty strands of it floating about the air and smelling weird to breath in. Around you are three doors that seem to extend into... nothing. Nothing but more darkness.

The building that the High Society Ball will be held at is the Arms of Kord, a massive and over-bearing temple crafted of decorative stone on the outside, and then with sheets of metal brought in and built up into a barracks and temple inside the stone. Colossal flexing arms encircle the outer garden where a few rare types of dark-hued flowers bloom. It isn't that busy an area despite the upcoming event and only has casual attendance and worship.

LP Hell / I'll Rape Japan! Let's Play Sengoku Rance!
« on: July 15, 2012, 03:36:01 PM »

Howdy! I feel like LPing, so here we go. Sengoku Rance is a Hentai Visual Novel by guys who really want to make good strategy games but I guess demand the porn stay in as part of their artistic integrity? Or perhaps they are Hentai VN devs who accidentally a great strategy game? Who knows, really, but the game is very great fun in the same genre as say, Final Fantasy Tactics. It's surprisingly deep, has an incredibly amount of branching sub-stories and multiple events, has NetHack levels of "The Devs Thought Of Everything" for your decisions, and is not only a really fun game, it encourages you to replay it up to 20+ times by the sheer 12th Dimensional Chess of it's replay values, including 6 unique story paths, a stand-alone pure strategy game mode that allows you to use any of the 15+ Armies, and a completionist dictionary!

But the game is very Japan, very Visual Novel, and did I mention very Hentai? The protagonist is a serial rapist with a heart of gold and if you become interested in trying the game keep in mind that a scene change to an erect dick and a wet pussy without warning is possible. For the sake of this LP, I'm just going to summarize any H scenes if it's relevant to the plot or anything. Or really damn funny. If you gotta have your hentai, it's free to download and play. Or I dunno, type Danbooru into Google. I assume you're on the internet if you can read this.

4chan's /vg/ FAQ contains a good number of ways to download the game and instructions for installing it, which is a painless process. I used DaemonTools and Microsoft's AppLocale myself.

One last note is that this will be my Second Playthrough, or that I've beaten the game before. This unlocks a lot of things for a standard playthrough, most notably the ability to recruit several commanders who were impossible to recruit on any first playthrough. I'll note any significant differences when it matters, assuming I notice them myself! This also means I have a great deal of foresight, the sort you only get by restarting the game three times after getting reamed ferociously by the consequences of my own mistakes, so I'll be doing some planned actions that you wouldn't get on a blind playthrough. I'll also be shooting for some of the harder challenges.

If you're interested in trying the game, I recommend you dive right in yourself and come back after a few *PLOT* associated game overs, as the element of surprise is really great.

Alright! Let's conquer Japan!

(A general doings thread taking place before the Formal Ball, allowing things such as Ilex/Karvan/Tikka's arrival and the like.)

The Round Trip performs better than Rosco advertised! You are able to travel from Bladefang land to Labyrinth in record time and with minimal atmospheric supply use! You also swiftly out-maneuver the return of the Stirge Swarm!

Labyrinth is what it sounds like. Not only did the previously sizable Minotaur population of Gateway migrate to the south and settle the first habitable planetoid they found, they did it the Minotaur way. The tram comes up to the station next to the small moon-sized ball of barely arable rock, which seems unique compared to most other balls in space, as it's completely inert. No orbit, no rotation. They picked a spot and started digging, and they made a maze of it while they did so.

Thus, Labyrinth has a massive sprawling warehouse and dock system at the front and great roads that lead along the farm-lands carved into the surface of the planet, many just under the surface that was then cleared away so that the stars and suns might shine into the recessed fields. It makes for quite a pock-marked little rock with great shadowy depths, but for the main of the city we return to the original dock, where at any moment a few dozens ships may be coming or going

Karvan, Tikka and Ilex arrive at the City of Minotaurs, docking in a free spot where a gruff-looking Dwarven grunt in slacks and a wife-beater belches out. "Dat'll be 5 gold fer a two-day dock, plus 5 fer each day after." He brandishes a small hand-held chest with several dozen coins in it of varying colors and readies his other hand to write stuff down on the parchment at his hip. "Name, ship-name, group, dat sorta thing."

Iythian Reaches / Mr Pembrook and the Curious Rendezvous (Week 3-2)
« on: June 07, 2012, 05:53:57 PM »
(This is a solo-venture thread! R^2 is such a cool dude, he wants to try out two characters!)

Steiner Barnabas Melville Pembrook is a professional listener. A studied astronomer, a dabbling enchanter, a crossbow sniper, and amateur gastronome, but vocationally, he listens. And today's topic is the warding of the dead against nefarious uses. Miss Thelesia Crenwit(engaged) is lecturing with renewed fervor today, a tall and thin Tiefling woman with long and straight teal-violent hair and curled little horns poking out of her temples, wearing a sleek and angular black robe with half a human skull at the shoulder, though long-time students know that is a construct of metal as an arcane focus. They'd also have heard about the attack against Professor Crenwit last week, when she was knocked out cold and stuffed into a closet by some unknown shape-shifting as a Tiefling and stealing her identity for a brief period for... unknown but no-doubt fiendish ends! Miss Crenwit has been quite a bit jumpy since the incident, but only between lectures, as now she orates fiercely on the duty of the knowledgeable mage to safe-guard their friends, co-workers, soldiers, etc...

Walking back and forth in the well-furnished room, students and Mr. Pembrook seated comfortably along risen stone benches enchanted to feel as though filled with the pleasant warmth of the suns and stars, Miss Crenwit speaks with bold confidence, except for when she doesn't. "All those precious to you, when they're gone, they are gone, but that same flesh can be turned into a weapon by the sort to have no.. no moral standing, no trust-worthy bone in their body! In fact, th.. there seems to be a necromantic trend spreading as of late, from that ridiculous half-baked cult that sprang up over night! The Raven Queen indeed!" She dashes a bit of chalk against a board, underlining a fierce array of runes in cantrip that will preserve a corpse against rotting for a day, and maintain it's purity amidst locations of... supernatural evil. It will also cover the scent of rotting, to stop scavenging wild-life.

This is just one of the many dozens or so of useful bits of information one might hear in Practical Necromancy, which has been stripped of it's stereotypical bad men in sinister guise raising zombies and skeletons for evil ends, but rather into a sort of faux-White Healing Magic, with an emphasis on medical study. Academy mandates seem to be that Necromancy is useful, but the higher end of summoning is not worth the bite-you-in-the-ass two-fer of public opinion and managing your charges and their endless/tireless needs.

Thelesia eventually concludes her lesson and bids farewell to students, who seem to be divided between a few with actual interest and then the two halves of "have to take it for general credit" and "need an easy floater credit", both of these two groups departing in record time. The loyalists join Thelesia at her desk and everybody begins discussing the day's lesson. Miss Crenwit seems very thankful for the company, looking calm and very attentive and interested. A typical bit of magical clique... you're rather certain, Mr. Pembrook, that the following exchange literally happens:

Student: "Hey, what's your favorite spell?!"

Student: "Ohh, mine is..."

Thelesia: "I love spells that I like!"

... Well, not literally, but you've heard it all before, Mr. Pembrook. It may seem a bit lacking from mages that don't routinely see combat, but you've lived a rather comfortable life and avoided much of that yourself with your chosen profession. Speaking of which, it's time to gather today's notes for Necromantic Theory, so you'd best bring yourself into the conversation!


Doomykins Doomykins#1443  RealID:
Smiler MrSmilering#1379
Niku Niku#1251
Jsnlxndrlv jsnlxndrlv#1916 RealID:
Shinra Real ID:
Bal Bal#1177

or Holsten Holdings


Fools-Errant is noted as being particularly good at what they do, whatever that is.

Fools-Errant saves those in need, but slaughters those in it's way.

Professional: 7/10
Cruel: 3/10
Noble 5/10

Academy: Bad
Pelor: Good
Chosen: Good
Firebrand: Bad (Indebted)

Trouble-Makers: N/A
Labyrinth: Neutral
Raven: Neutral
Underbelly: Neutral
Bladefangs: Neutral

NPCs: Wanda, Enrique, Beatrice, Humphrey
Contacts: Hammond(Pelor), Rosco(Bladefang), Kahlua(Pelor), Bethany(Underbelly)
Prisoners: Clarice, Kiplyn, Gran

Rap Sheet

Assault x1
Murder x1
Kidnapping x1
Pit Fighting x1

Iythian Reaches / The Vault (Overall Loot)
« on: May 14, 2012, 02:25:06 PM »
The Hand of Entropy may be used after the current Week 3-1 adventures!

Intro Loot
Muscles Adventure Loot
Week 1 Loot
Week 2 Loot
Azura Intro Loot

Debt: 249,000 GP earned, 500,000 GP needed
Free Loot To Date: 122,000 GP
CRIME SPREE!!!: 37,000 GP


The Short Holiday (1 Small Vessel)


Draconic Inscribed Blade - Dropped by Lily during escape from a break-in at A Series Of Ridiculous Events.
Elven Mad Science Notes - Found in Quint's Lab in Flowers.
Dark Tome - Found in Ottimus' Lab in Sun and Run. Usable
Eve's Resting Place - Info/tip-off possible for Lord Damien Reinbach, of The Office/Underbelly. Used
Mad Plot Scrawlings - Found in Ottimus' Ruined Lab in Prepare for Trouble.
La Da Ja Choy's Autograph - Muscles brought this back, tucked into a scruff of fur and feathers by his neck.


Artifact: Hand of Entropy

You're not sure what this could be in any mortal terms. It doesn't seem safe to use.

You have a pending offer of 200,000 Gold from The Academy for it.

It can be used by a character with an Arcane or Psionic power source that is primarily a caster, but not Ardna.

Loot Claimed

Bertram has claimed:
The Goresaw
Lodestone Ore
+2 Darkhide Armor
Ring of Warmth
Ironskin Potion

Enrique has claimed:
Hjard's Leather Armor
The Slobber-Knocker
Acrobat Boots
Bongos on a Belt

Beatrice has claimed:
Rosco's Rotator
Belt of the Victor

Ilex has claimed:
Ruby Necklace
Ring of False-hoods
Ancient Bracelet
Gran's Great Bits
Jellyvator Springs

Morgiana has claimed:
Bubble-Bead Bauble
Arcanist Worker's Gloves
Lucky Feather

Latir has claimed:
Volcanic Hellfire Plates
Cleansed Beard Clasp
Hammer of the Dwarven Son
Warden's Mark
Violent Darkness
Ring of Kord's Fervor
Latir gave the Volcanic Mace away

Isaac, currently an NPC seriously what's up with that, has claimed:
Bolo Launcher Parts
Golden Boy

Meran has claimed:
Academy Administrator's Log
Grapnel Gun

Ragjen has claimed:
Hard Hat
Blazing Blunt
Widow-Maker Brew

Karvan has claimed:
Boss Bas' Boss Bits
Warpwood Shavings

Wanda has claimed:
Welding Mask
Latir's +2 Amulet of Protection

Humphrey has claimed:
Ring of Bad Omens
Kipyln's Sash

Isaac's Character Sheet

Hey mooks, I'm trying something new here!

Guide Isaac, the lovable Ranger Sharpshooter/Pretend Cowboy through an Adventure Game Style Adventure!

I'll post every so often, and you guys can offer suggestions for what he'll do! It's like one of those highly popular web-comics or something!

An Example:

Quote from: Doom
You are Isaac. You smell bad.

> Bathe Self
> Jump into a River
> Apply Scented Balm

Quote from: Doom
Lacking a river and being homeless, you hastily apply the scented balm you normally reserve for burns. Like any well-meaning nerd, you unintentionally mix your natural BO with another strong scent, creating a disgusting and confusing cloud of funk-musk.


Ilex walks across the lobby towards the pounding door and looks over to one lazy and useless pretend-cowboy taking up all of the couch space.

"Isaac, you're fired. Contract's already destroyed, get out or I throw you out, and I am certainly not against using you for target practice right now."

Occupied fiercely by the latest double issue of the Jack Chick style comic tracts that some mysterious bum occasionally makes a few dozens copies of and passes around in Gateway from districts unknown, Isaac doesn't respond to the whole firing thing. He doesn't notice when Beatrice grabs his legs and Ilex grabs under his arms and he's unceremoniously deposited outside the front door, landing beside the local bums that migrated to the side of the Fools-Errant building after they were saved from Ol' Ottimus.

This issue is IT! This is the Legend of... The Big Deal! When some crazy space cowboy actually discovered a vault of incredible wealth and magical goods deposited by ASMODEUS HIMSELF, who had need to set up one of his infamous Aces In The Hole, placing a great deal of magical firepower and extra-worldly wealth(sure, there's gold, but you gotta trade souls and stuff too!) into a Ruby Red vault anchored to a pocket dimension... and dropping it off the bottom of the Hells! It's in Space, obviously, because where else would it fall!?

And this legendary cowboy discovered it! Isaac reads, absolutely enthralled as our nameless hero duels with the invincible guardian of the vault and comes up empty-handed! It's only be immense wit and cunning that he's able to talk the fiend into sealing itself away in a game of verbal tic tac toe, with the hero banishing the Guardian and helping himself to an armful of items from the Vault! The Vault was lost forever afterwords and the man returned with all he could carry, as the trip to it was too dangerous to risk again!

The Big Deal!

You are Isaac Ward, Pretend For-Real Fake Cowboy.

Landing outside the Fools-Errant HQ, you reckon that a legend as great as Big Deal didn't just fade away. It just ain't been found yet on account of there being so much space and only one guy as smart as you. You recently helped pop that Ottimus and his Hyena Gal in the face and retrieved your trusty firing iron, the Unnamed Rifle, and you picked up the handy Golden Boy pistol last week.

Otherwise, you're really only good at shooting shit and your old 30 days worth of trail rations have dwindled down to a mere 2, following an unfortunate incident involving a baby owl-bear and not enough supervision.  With everything you own on your back and no access to a Ship, you'd be hard-pressed to explore the depths of space that didn't see fit to crash-land right next to you.

You reckon that like any real protagonist, you'll need an eccentric cast of helpful people to follow you around.

And a Ship.

Iythian Reaches / Blades Up, Fangs Down (Week 3-1)
« on: May 03, 2012, 10:48:31 AM »
Party: Ilex, Karvan, Argus, Tikka, Ardna

The Short Holiday is on the roof. The Bladefang Orcs are known to be in the North, in the Gehennean Reaches.

Iythian Reaches / Long Holiday (Week 3-1)
« on: May 03, 2012, 10:34:10 AM »
Party: Bertam, Latir, Wanda, Azura

Travel to Labyrinth is best done by heading south, out of Gateway, and towards Wayside, a very small Warden community that has sprung up around those working to on a terraforming project. From there you can hitch on the Electronium Rails and ride a train to Labyrinth!

Wayside is quite a ways away, but that just makes it a healthy hike that takes most of the day. Upon arriving, you've burned most of the 12 hour sunlight period and the suns are beginning to set, leaving you with aching soreness and fierce appetite. The community seems to be a collection of halfling hill hovels raised out of the nearby earth for convenience, with a single Dwarven stone-work style building at the center of town labeled appropriately "Bar." A roaring head of smoke is rising from twin chimneys and the smell of sweet meat is carried with it.

Along the edge of the community is... Space. There are massive arcane devices made of wound coils of yellow-gold and silver metal that stretch for dozens of feet off the edge of where the grass-lands abruptly end and drop off into endless void, and a few of them seem to have the remains of comets or asteroids attached to them, as though magnetically. On the far end of the coil array is a massive ship station built of stone and metal but painted in the same style of vibrant yellows, and extending from it for miles is a colossal pair of the coils, stretching until they wink to nothing in the distance.

Wanda looks to Bertram and Latir expectantly, since it is only polite to pretend to understand what soreness after a long walk feels like. Without the need to sweat, Wanda appears as immaculate in her traveling outfit as she did when you first left.

Iythian Reaches / No Bones About It! (Week 3-1)
« on: May 02, 2012, 03:14:36 PM »
45. Sparkling City of Ruin - Yoko Shimomura

Party: Meran, Morgiana, Ragjen

If the Church of Pelor occupies the lion's share of the North half of the city, it's a very spread out and weak grip. Their main church is more accurately at the North part... of the center of the city, stationed near the original Gateway vessel wreckage. So spreading out further north you're finding more of Pelor's territory and housing than actual churches. Where the territory ends and a few blocks of dead space exist before the Academy's districts begin cropping up, the Church of the Raven is beginning to spread out and provide housing.

And what choice housing it is, as these buildings seem to be *newly built* in a short space of time! It's a marvel really, what sort of civic-minded wonder workers are employed by this new sect? As you pass by a cozy little hovel where a woman is hanging laundry on a line, a menacing skellington comes out of the house behind her and seizes... the wash bucket, carrying it inside. The woman happily follows the undead servant back in. The next house over, another skellington wearing a handsome Dwarven worker's overall set is mending a fence.

Yes, it would seem that this "Church of the Raven" is employing the oft-rumored but rarely tapped well of Necromancy. On paper, it makes sense. If anything is guaranteed in Gateway, it's death and cat-fights between important people, leading to more of that wonderful funderful dying business. But maintaining a magical hold over enough dead to do things is tricky. It's too tempting to start fighting with them and get annihilated. The Academy proper doesn't forbid it, but they don't allow it either, restricting their knowledge of death and the bodily functions to medical sciences and circumstantial summoning. And then you get into those goofy fucking tribals and Dragonborn and Dwarves and Elves who honor their dead and the Humans and Fey Corgi are wildly superstitious about the undead... what a pain!

As you approach the looming, freshly constructed cathedral of ebony black stone with a trio of delightfully dapper looking man and two women chipping away at a marble block, beginning to form the infamous silhouette of the Raven Queen in mid-summon of her name-sake flock, it seems that they've made the whole issue rather popular and dare I say it... cool! Fliers for La Da Ja Choy are posted on every building and there are people imitating the outlandish style of attractive, gentlemanly dress he favors.

A few aspiring bards are practicing barbershop choir at the neighboring graveyard, which seems to be in a perplexing state of dual-personality disorder, with half of the tombs being tightly sealed and the other being freshly dug.

Iythian Reaches / Muscles Adventures #3
« on: May 01, 2012, 11:29:11 AM »
(Another Choose Your Own Adventure thread! First option to 4 votes is chosen, ties are broken by dice rolls, and if no option wins in 2-3 days, the story advances with the highest votes or at random!)

Muscles is glad that the rain has stopped, because every time he comes inside and shakes himself dry everybody seems to get upset! But now that the sun is rising, Muscles is faced with a difficult decision as he sits in the backyard...

Iythian Reaches / Gateway: This Is Silly! (Week 3)
« on: May 01, 2012, 09:43:01 AM »
Everybody gets an extra 2,500 gold because fuck Math. Cheers to Latir!

Excitement! Excitement and adventure! And curiosity too! All these things and more revolved through the dependable Delivery Dog's mind as his head poked out of a window along a great Wind-Tram that had departed from the Aerie Way Station last week. He had made a great many deliveries and carried many messages to the elusive Bladefang Orc tribes in the Northern Reaches, and now he returned with many more orders from them! Trade orders and letters to family and friends... and a very important reply! As the Wind-Tram billowed out fresh air to bind elemental energy to and accelerate across in the vacuum of space, the air dissipating about as fast as the tram can move across it, it begins to slow and gust out twice as much air as before, eventually forming a self-sufficient pocket as it docks near the terraformed Gateway land and lets guests off. This is merely a matter of convenience, as once all are off-board, it 180s and returns to the Aerie Way Station, where it will accept those boarding.

Hopping aboard his trusty scooter, the other passengers cannot mask their clear envy of such a marvelous little transport with such a classy little dog. They are immediately afflicted by Hatin', but he begins Rollin' back to town.

Back at the Holsten Holdings Headquarters, things have been Busy! The latest weekly herald has released and... Oh My Pelor. It seems the chaps you let escape the encounter with Ottimus had enough loose lips to sink a dozen ships. The front story hits with a thrilling illustration of what appears to be a... Dwarf, wielding a shotgun in one hand and a chainsaw in his other hand confronting a colossal Skeletal Demon Carp(Skull has Horns) embedded in a mass of sinister ooze with eyes on it. TROUBLEMAKERS IN A HEAP OF TROUBLE! Holsten Holdings Dissolves Dastardly Dynamo Dissidents! Outcast Ottimus Cast Into Shallow Grave! EVERYONE is aware of the ace you've just pulled upon your competition and the word around town is that you're far more capable than you look, and by Pelor, you might even return to the Council at the end of the month!

Ilex is illustrated in the editorial section with the give-away big forehead, but she's portrayed triumphantly as the iconic (and more pleasantly presented) figures of the other factions in the Big Three look on cautiously at Ilex's IMPOSSIBLE SMUGNESS, the cocky half-elf drawn with her eyes closed because she's just so pleased with herself. There's also room for tentative figures of a spider-like Neogi and a very dapper Gentleman Skeleton to regard Ilex's rise with bewilderment. Caption: "Queen of the Mountain!?" At the base of the metaphorical moutain of triumph Ilex stands upon, a very funny Firebrand is hopping up and down as steam flies out of his ears. See it's a joke because Dwarf and a mountain and... PEE PEE, DOO DOO, SHE IS A BAD LEADER?

Considering that Karvan himself said that he couldn't starve anyone, I assume that Clarice, Gran and Kiplyn are being fed. Beatrice seems to try her hand at interrogation very frequently, but always seems to go down when everybody else is busy so that she can speak to them alone. Kiplyn seems to open up readily, though most of what he tells you paints a story of a lot of Ottimus' recruits: down on their luck, no way out of debt, Ottimus conveniently appears and speaks with great conviction of a better future. Despite all evidence to the contrary, it seems Ottimus really believed in completely overthrowing the current Council and making Gateway less rigid, so that the lower class would have a chance to rise, lest the Big Three maintain that monopoly forever.

Beatrice seems to have asked, but Kiplyn confirms that they had nothing to do with the ambush on the Long Holiday, citing that Hjard and his type are completely untrustworthy even for the Iythian.

It is Week 3, and you are free to begin acting, but I will be posting with new events coming up every so often, so no need to rush out and look for stuff to do. I recommend just entering the thread for now!

Ilex: You can stabilize your disease to the One Surge Lost state, but never get it below. You become used to uh, weeding your arms each day. Your ailment seems to be entirely unknown by any sort of healer, holy person, nature person or other. Since a few of your boys can read Elven, it seems that this is related to the mad science of Doctor Quint, but he escaped in the chaos of the Ottimus fight and has been smart enough to hide in a very deep hole since then. You're also told about the offer of 200,000 gold from the Academy for the Hand of Entrophy and can act on that immediately. Phous' warning to not interfere with the investigation has also thankfully expired by now.

Meran: Your friends tell you of the... Church of the Raven? Perhaps a visit is in order, though I'll prompt you to form a group for it a bit later.

Morgiana: Your friends warn you that the Tome is available for study, but Millicent 7th herself stated that reading the tome in full was a terrible idea. Your call.

Ragjen: You've received a neat and trim letter from somebody at the Church of Pelor! It's unmarked, was passed to Morgiana to be passed to you, and smells vaguely of scented candles.

Latir: You had an idea to interrogate the prisoners, right? Fire away!

Iythian Reaches / Week 2 Loot
« on: April 27, 2012, 11:10:11 AM »
Clarice's Chainsaw was hit going over Darkness That Drowns... it spun in... there were no survivors.

Note that I am demanding that every one reaffirm loot EVEN IF THEY CLAIMED IT EARLIER IN THE THREAD IT WAS FOUND. That means that AFKs have lost their loot, such as Gulden's Ring of Bad Omens. Please be very clear and direct in your posts and allow a grace period in case of multiple claims to a single item. Spend your extra gold any way you please, you're all in a city and safe for now. I'd also really appreciate people going back to the old loot thread and browsing other unclaimed bits.

I'd also appreciate this thread being used to briefly discuss anything you might feel is lacking in loot. It's hard to keep track of everybody's equipment at times, but I do browse character sheets and try to provide interesting things to fill holes, and generally useful upgrades for existing weaponry/armor. So if I'm missing anything for a long time, give me a suggestion.

Also yes, I totally intended to only put in one weapon upgrade this time. DWI nerds.

I will work on a new "Crafting" thread later, to break down unwanted things.

Morgiana, Ilex, Gulden, Latir, Meran, Bertram, Karvan and Ragjen gain 7,125 gold each!

Newbees, don't give yourself any of this bonus gold, but you can claim items below.

Leads (Leads are not usable items, but rather point to plot developments that can be pursued.)

Draconic Inscribed Blade - Dropped by Lily during escape from a break-in at A Series Of Ridiculous Events.
Elven Mad Science Notes - Found in Quint's Lab in Flowers.
Dark Tome - Found in Ottimus' Lab in Sun and Run.
Eve's Resting Place - Info/tip-off possible for Lord Damien Reinbach, of The Office/Underbelly.
Mad Plot Scrawlings - Found in Ottimus' Ruined Lab in Prepare for Trouble.
La Da Ja Choy's Autograph - Muscles brought this back, tucked into a scruff of fur and feathers by his neck.

Party Split

(I'm just splitting by eight this time so I don't have to think about whether or not AFKs count, and we also got a load of newbees...)

25,000 + 10,000 + 13,500 + 8,000 + 5,000 = 57,000 to split by 8 = 7,125


Flowers - 50,000
Trouble - 20,000
Ridiculous Events - 45,000
Sun - 10,000
Total: 135,000

Debt: 301,000/500,000 GP
Free Loot To Date: 97,000 GP
CRIME SPREE!!!: 37,000 GP

A Series Of Ridiculous Events

Assault + Kidnapping + Murder 2: 37,000 GP! 13,500 added to Party Split!
Prize Fighter Earnings: 8,000 GP! 4,000 added to Party Split!

Belt of the Victor

A glorious band of golden links, smelling of booze and sweat.

+1 Fortitude(stacks with all other items that boost defenses)
1/Encounter - Gain 10 Temp Hp after dealing 30 or more damage to an enemy. Triggers immediately after dealing damage as a free action, your choice if to trigger.

Academy Administrator's Log

Only the finest in magical book-keeping.

One time use. Grants +1 Enchantment Bonus to ANY Implement, bonus may not exceed +4 total.


This crude and forceful combination of the parts of several rifles and a heavy crossbow seems to have yielded a device better suited for the element of surprise than a dedicated firearm.

Encounter(Standard) - Dex vs Reflex. Deals 3d8+2+Dex Mod to nearest three targets in a Close Blast 3 spread. On successful hit, knocks target back two squares.

Sun And Run

Property Damage: 10,000 GP! 5,000 added to Party Split!

Boots of Authority

Polished black boots, to let you know who's in charge.

Grants +2 Initiative and 1/Day - Immediate Interrupt - Ally within 5 squares who is damaged may make Melee Basic Attack against their attacker.

Golden Boy - Claimed by Isaac(NPC)

Jellyvator Springs

Huge, elaborate bronze coils, stained and warped into a unique appearance by the death throes of the Jellyvator

Arm Slots(Bracers) - Resist Acid 5, +1 Fort/Ref/Will(stacks with all other defense boosting items)

Crystal Beri Bites x 5

Small bites of delicious minty crystal, thankfully not yet used to cleanse poop.

Use Minor - Immediately save against Poison Effect(must be originating power with the Poison descriptor)

Example of action sequences: Enemy Turn starts, Enemy Poisons you with Ongoing 5(Poison), Your Turn Starts, Blow Minor Action, Cured! No need to save at end of turn.

Ring of Kord's Fervor

Just wearing it makes you feel braver.

1/Daily(Immediate Interrupt) - Negate all non-damage effects of a power used against you with the "Fear" key-word in it.

i.e. a Ghost hits you with a cold touch that would terrify you... negates the Fear, but not the cold damage.

There is also a small locked safety box set on the side of the wall, though the key to the box is set on top of it. The gloves labeled inside look as though they were weaved together from literal ruby strings, as though gems were somehow manipulated into a cloth-like material.

Arcanist Worker's Gloves

These fine red gloves are a must for the Magical Union Worker!

Grants a +2 to Arcana, Grants Resist 3 Fire/Cold/Acid/Lightning, and reduces damage taken from the negative consequences of an Arcana effect(i.e. used against a rune of warding to disable it) by an additional 5.

Bottle of Widow-Maker Brew

Thankfully, not actually full of malicious and violent slime. Interacts with adrenaline released when the life is threatened.

Minor action to use. One time use. Must be bloodied to use. Grants +5 Attack and Damage until end of your next turn.

Didn't You Mean To Ask About Flowers?

35,000 + 15,000 Gold = 50,000 towards the debt and a bonus 25,000 to split!


Just holding this warm little stone makes you feel more confident.

Ring Slot.

1/Daily(Free) - Roll next Saving Throw with a +2 Bonus.

Ring of Warmth

Designed to represent a very tiny, finger-sized fire-place hearth! Tiny ruby-chips make up the flames...

Grants Resist Cold 5. Stacks with all sources of Cold Resist(but not Universal Damage Resist.) I.E. CR 10/UR 15 = CR 15. CR 20/UR 10 = CR 20.

Ring of Bad Omens

Lacking the professional craftsmanship of the other items, you assume the poor fellow found this one. It's made of stark black obsidian with crystalized bits of a violet substance for eyes and mouth locked in a scream.

Increases the Defensive Bonuses of Concealment to +3. Doesn't apply to Total Concealment.

Hammer of the Dwarven Son

Although it is primarily crafted in honor of the silver and mithril of Muradin's Holy Might, there are small symbols along the rest of the hammer depicting holy symbols in runes of other Gods, as though the bearer made pilgrimage to honor those who Muradin gets along with in Heaven. This includes the Raven Queen and Erathis.

+2 Radiant Warhammer

+2d6 on Crits, +1d6 Radiant Damage on all hits

1 Encounter(Minor) - User gains 10 Temporary HP.

Hard Hat

The Foreman's Stout, Dull Yellow Cap, designed in the style of a Miner's Cap. Instead of a light at the forehead, there is a carved Sun-Rod style gem that activates when cupped by the palm of a hand.

At-Will: Casts light twenty feet forward in a line.

Grants +1 Diplomacy and +1 Intimidate due to obvious authority.

Welding Mask

A simple ebony-black steel mask with an opaque obsidian visor. Useful when wielding fire or electricity for magical nonsense.

Grants Resist Fire/Electric 5 and +2 Intimidate. Unintentionally terrifying!

Boss Bas' Boss Bits

The Fiercest Scales from the Fiercest Lizard

Increases Armor's Magical Bonus by +1. One Time use, bonus cannot exceed +4.

Prepare For Trouble

Property Damage: 20,000 GP! 10,000 Bonus added to Party Split!


A pistol, fitted to fire a grappling hook. Genius.

1/Day - Shift 10 squares as Move Action.

Gran's Great Bits

Debris dropped from the fortress-sized fiend.

One time use. Increases Armor enchantment bonus by +1, bonus may not exceed +4.

Kiplyn's Sash

Very neatly kept, aside from the teeth-marks. A vibrant red, for a hero!

Waist. 1/Day - Allows Charge Attack that ignores Threatening Reach and Opportunity Attacks.

Warpwood Shavings

You might be able to do something with these vibrant, crackling bits of tree and chaos...

Increases Weapon Enchantment by +1. One-time use. Cannot go past +4 bonus.
1/Day - On hit, blast target for an additional 2d12 split Acid/Thunder damage.

Warden's Mark

An amulet given as a grateful gift, bearing the Diplomatic Emblem of an Ally of Those Chosen

Neck Slot. +3 F/R/W. When you use a Healing Surge, gain an additional +3 HP.

Violent Darkness

A vial full of the last remaining caustic bits of the Super Ooze.

Improves Enchantment Bonus on piece of Armor by +1. One time use, cannot exceed +4 bonus.
1/Daily(Immediate Interrupt) - When struck by ranged attack(single target OR AoE), make an attack against the enemy with your regular attack bonus vs their Reflex. Deals 1d8+6 Acid damage on hit.

Iythian Reaches / What A Mess (Week 2 Clean-Up)
« on: April 26, 2012, 09:29:25 AM »
If you missed it, everybody who wasn't already is level 13! Wanda rockets to Level 10! Beatrice and Humphrey hit Level 12!

In the aftermath of the great battle with the late Ottimus Oppenmeyer, you are able to safely rest on the railway above the area. It has weathered the shaking, the quaking and the explosions rather well. Meran was expelled from Darkness That Drowns in it's death throes, landing wherever he pleases, it's all wet all the same. Latir survived, but has blacked out from a particularly virulent last attack by Ottimus. Ilex, you feel terrible with your wounds, but your skin is also itching abnormally.

It seems the chaos caused a section of wall to the west to collapse, and a very awkward looking warforged came out. After the resting(you can recover HP by blowing surges), the four prisoners are now one. The young human boy is sitting on the railway, watching the other three hack and smash their way through the ruins below, looking for something.

Immediately after Ottimus was destroyed, Gran rotated his axe and shield hands back to regular hands, turned to you all and spoke. "I surrender myself to your custody." He doesn't wait for anything as nonsensical as somebody trying to cuff him, or asking him to drop his weapons. "I will wait for you to leave." He decides to scale the nearest ladder and simply stand in one place on the railways above, too stoic and mechanical to give off any sort of tell as to what he is thinking.

Kiplyn and Clarice are still unconscious, but I assume you bring them up and set them aside for now. And the goons.

Warpwood Beetle is tentatively water-walking around the area below, doing bug things.

Iythian Reaches / When You Fall, You Get Right Back Up (Week 2)
« on: April 20, 2012, 02:07:56 PM »
(This is a Solo-Venture to introduce Niku's character, so naturally only he should be posting here in-character! And I'll EAT anyone who tries to use meta-game knowledge of Ottimus gained here from events that happened before you were born!)

If the Iythian Reaches have tolerated civilization for the last 702 years, then the Great Explosion occurred 142 years ago, in 560. It was in this event that a very young fledgling wizard, one Ottimus Oppenmeyer, bared witness to the event that earned the catastrophe it's name. To this day, nobody is sure how or why a celestial body exploded nearby, or how lucky they are that it's fleeting after-effects were close enough to be seen and provide an incredible magic-disrupting show... but not atomize everything in a glorious supernova.

One thing was known for sure. A great deal of debris would be thrown by something like an exploding planet, or even something LIKE it, thus, the inhabitants of Gateway were in a great race to repair their vessels and begin scouring old, boring hunting grounds and charted worlds for evidence of exciting "souvenirs." It was in this way that Ottimus discovered a very vaguely humanoid mass of brilliant white-gold ioun stones, broken and battered and nearly dead resting along the outskirts of a rather private rock that only he really knew about, what with it being linked to very frequent visitors from the Demonic Abyss. Not that he much minded, but that is another story, you busy-body! Being the outstanding chap that he always has been, Ottimus obliged the Olde Gateway goon that had agreed to splitting profits for use of his ship with a Frozen Arrow to the back, chucked his corpse off the side of the rock and into the gentle vacuum of space, and hurried his find aboard the vessel.

It is 561. After numerous failed experiments, an incident he'd rather not talk about until he's on his death bed and several close calls with his instructor, Millicent Tousk the 4th, nosing about the lab, Ottimus seems to have had a break-through. He has divined several things about the illusive creature made of psionic rocks, a "Shard" being of some sort as near as he can tell, and it would seem that the lingering energies of the Great Explosion and his own rudimentary attempts at Advanced Abjuration have granted his find enough of an anchor to find... consciousness.

No! Not the philosophical concept! Not any sort of sentience! It probably ALREADY had those!

He means that he has finally convinced it to wake up without spontaneously exploding!


Wake up!

Iythian Reaches / Like In Storybooks (Week 2)
« on: April 20, 2012, 01:56:21 PM »
(This is a Solo-Venture to thrust Mrs. Awesome's character into the game! So obviously, she's the only one posting in it in-character right now!)

It is a gorgeous day to be hunting in the fine forest furthest from fhe frontier, Forestburg, on the Prime Material Plane(or regular Earth plane) for the good Mrs. Awesome's character, a Ranger Halfling. She has successfully tracked an incredibly strange beast for the better part of the day and the beguiling Eagle-Headed Lion With Wings has even obliged her attempts to bring it down with it's own attempts to circle around and come at her from behind, attempting to seize her with a mix of angry lion's paws and cruel bird's talons.

But Mrs. Awesome's character is far too good a hunter for all that rot and is also quite better prepared. As the sun begins to set and the hunt nears it's end, the Flying Eagle Lion is beginning to lose it's spirit... it has been denied a chance to finish it's own hunt and eat for many hours now. It has led Mrs. Awesome's character far astray to a distant valley, trying to lose her along twisting paths and high cliffs.

Cresting over another out-cropping of crusty rocks, you spot the Flying Eagle Lion at rest upon a raised plateau created when a very large rock fell upon other rocks, but not so far that it fell into the valley below. The beast appears to be at it's wit's end and direly exhausted.

You may attack freely, Mrs. Awesome's character.

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