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Gaming Discussion / The Game Design Thread
« on: February 16, 2013, 04:43:24 PM »
I couldn't find a general game design discussion thread, so I've started one.

Geo shared a game design principle with me several years ago that I think is very important: "skill-based gameplay". Player skill, and not random chance or character ability, is the key to success. Mastering them is difficult, but rewarding.

But when I look at tabletop RPGs, specifically D&D, there isn't a heavy skill element. There's a high random factor (d20 rolls), modified almost entirely by character generation choices.

How would you make player skill meaningful in a tabletop RPG?

Forum Games / Maids in Space!
« on: January 10, 2013, 02:18:38 PM »
Maids in Space! is a Maid RPG forum game for 1 to 12 players. This is both the play thread and signup thread. You can apply to join at any time. A randomly generated character will be created for you.

In the future, science has taken mankind to the stars and beyond. The Federation is locked in a war with alien species, with nearly all young men pressed into military service or weapons research. Those rich or daring enough to escape military duty travel the galaxy in search of fame and fortune. Those women brave enough to serve them are known as Maids.

Post in this thread or PM me. A random character will be dispatched. Anything you don't like is open for re-roll, and anything not specified on your character sheet is up to you. Play will begin once at least two players have joined, and rules will be explained as we go. We are not using the weird rules that let you seduce the GM's character for XP.

Forum Games / [D20 Future one-shot] Fragmented Sectors 2380 (IT)
« on: November 06, 2012, 05:27:40 PM »
Citizen! Are you tired of working long hours for low wage? Sick of breathing polluted air in overcrowded cities? Is high crime or unhealthy planetary gravity getting you down?

Then sign up for a life of adventure with Tetracorp: the Empire's number one orbital mining conglomerate!

Tetracorp has urgent high-salary openings at new franchises in the Fragmented Sectors, including:

Technical Engineer (30,000+ credits/cycle based on specialization)
Security (24,000 credits/cycle, Imperial military experience preferred)
Investigator (26,000 credits/cycle, minimum Imperial security clearance I-02)
Doctor (34,000+ credits/cycle, radiation treatment specialists urgently needed)
Mining Worker (14,000 credits/cycle)

Enjoy the benefits of a hi-tech, planetary mining colony. Environmental controls provide artificial gravity equal to Earth - but with none of the air pollution and only a fraction of the annual radiation. Dedicated security forces protect workers from crime, while Sci-Tek's advanced computer control systems offer higher safety levels than any Tetracorp mining colonies to date!

To sign up, simply place your thumb print on the scanner below or contact your nearest Tetracorp recruitment centre for more information.

All salaries accurate as of 10 Mar 2379. Listed benefits are provided for informational purposes only and are not representative of all mining franchises. Tetracorp accepts no liability for injury, death, kidnapping, psionic damage, long-term disability or financial loss incurred. Minimum contract 5 years. All Tetracorp mining franches governed by Deep Space Expansion Act 2366 and Tharmaxlon Peace Treaty 2303. As per Tetracorp v. Imahara (2371), industrial espionage may be punished by imprisonment or execution.

Forum Games / Ragadorn Tavern Brawl
« on: September 16, 2012, 01:33:51 PM »
You came to the Ragadorn Tavern tonight with one purpose in mind. But you're not the only one with plans, and things are about to kick off. Worse, one of the bar's patrons tonight is secretly the Helghast, a terrifying undead shapeshifter. At this rate, you'll be lucky to leave the bar alive!


Zaratustra, you are the Adventuress. A skilled assassin, you came here tonight to pick up the payment for your last mission. Your contact was killed, but you know he hid the payment somewhere in the tavern. Your mission is to recover the 30gp Large Diamond treasure item.

You are also the Ranger. You sold some furs to the Merchant today for 25 gold crowns, but later discovered that 15 coins were counterfeit. Your mission is to either persuade the Merchant to hand over the 15 gold, or kill him and take the money.

Upthorn, you are the Knight. A warrior lord of Durenor, you have come to this tavern looking for the Adventuress who assassinated your brother two days ago. Your objective is to arrest the adventuress, or kill her if she refuses to surrender.

You are also the Druid, a member of an evil sect known as the Ceners. Your arch-enemies, the Herbwardens of Bautar, have discovered the location of your secret temple nearby. You have tracked one of their spies to this ale-house. Your objective is to kill the Herbwarden.

Beat Bandit, you are the Merchant, a rich trader who loves gambling. Your objective is to leave the tavern 50 gold crowns richer than when you came in.

You are also the Mercenary, the sole survivor of an ambush on your regiment after they were betrayed by a spy. You don't know what the spy looks like, except that he often disguises himself as a magician or ranger. Your objective is to kill both the Magician and the Ranger.

Kazz, you are Lone Wolf, a hero of great reknown. You were attacked last night by the Helghast, a shapechanging demon servant of the Darklords. It fled, but you have tracked it to this tavern, where it has assumed the guise of one of the patrons. Your objective is to kill the Helghast.

You are also the Herbwarden, a peaceful druid investigating your violent enemies the Cener Druids. You have discovered their temple and must return to Bautar to report the discovery to the other herbwardens. Your objective is to acquire 40 gold to buy safe passage home.

JDigital, you are the Magician. You accidentally killed a thief today in a scuffle, and now the thieves' guild is after you. Your objective is to acquire 20 gold by any means to acquire safe passage home.

You are also the Landlord who owns the tavern. Your objective is to collect 40 gold from the gaming table tonight and ensure none of your three staff are killed.


At the end of 16 rounds, you receive 6 points for each objective you achieve, 3 points for each character who survives the game, 1 point for each magic item you possess, and -2 points for each character killed.

Forum Games / Ragadorn Tavern Brawl (Interest Thread)
« on: September 12, 2012, 03:34:06 PM »
Ragadorn Ale-House Brawl or Ragadorn Tavern is an old board game from a 1986 choose-your-own-adventure setting guide called The Magnamund Companion (available here).

Anyone interested in playing it over the forum?

Ten characters battle it out in a tavern brawl using RPG-like rules. Each character has their own objective. One character at random is secretly a powerful undead shapechanger with goals of his own.

The tavern includes treasure hidden under the tables, throwable objects that deal damage, tables and a bar you can stand on, doors and windows you can bundle out of, and a gambling table.

The rules are kind of flaky, but we successfully ran it before over Gametable (generating a bundle of house rules in the process). I want to see if we can run it on a forum like with D&D. Between two and ten people can play, each controlling multiple characters if necessary.

The Rynwold Pantheon / The Rynwold Pantheon (D&D 4e)
« on: October 10, 2011, 12:32:41 AM »
Soldiers in chainmail armour and red tabard march from the cathedral and across the gravelled courtyard as their commanding officers bark orders. Outside the castle walls, the cheers and music of the city's harvest festival beckon you back for more revelry, but today, there's money to be made.

Two of the Catharsian soldiers march toward the group of you. One of the soldiers looks to be a senior paladin, judging by his age and elaborate plate armour, and he looks you over carefully.

"Acolyte," he says to the other soldier, "is this really the best you could do? A tiefling girl, a travelling storyteller, a shifty-looking dark elf, an orc-blooded tribeswoman, a gravedigger, and an old mystic with a camel?"

The acolyte frowns. "Your Grace, this was the best we could do at such short notice. I have been assured that each is godsfavoured of a major deity, and has some sort of combat experience. As you requested for this mission, none are dwarves or followers of Catharsus."

"Very well!" snaps the old paladin. "Time is of the essence. Each of you, explain to me just who you are and why the Church of Catharsus the Avenger should trust you with a weight of gold and an important mission?"

Forum Games / Dungeons & Dragons? On MY Brontoforumus? (Interest thread)
« on: September 25, 2011, 09:29:53 PM »
Who's up for a D&D game? I'm running it here on the forum, since time-zones make it hard to get enough players for a real-time game. We'll use a web-based dice roller, an ASCII art combat grid, and rules like group initiative and "players roll all dice" variant to speed things up.

Unless anyone has a preference, the game takes place in The Rynwold Pantheon, the setting of two long campaigns of mine. In prehistoric times, forgotten kingdoms made reckless alliances with angels, devils and other divine servants, escalating petty warfare into cosmic conflict. The times that followed became known as the Age of Terror, when the civilized races hid like frightened rabbits from a world populated by superhuman beings locked in constant war in which even the deities themselves stepped onto the battlefield.

With the known world on the brink of destruction, the most powerful gods formed an uneasy coalition named the Rynwold Pantheon, and signed a binding pact forbidding the deities or their progeny from interfering with the human world except in cases of extreme faith. Those mortal races who had been augmented with celestial or demonic blood during the Age of Terror were banished. Humanity crawled out from its hiding holes and began to rebuild.

Tens of thousands of years later, mankind has mastered numerous forms of magic and personal development through the diligent worship of the correct deities, and the various races and religions have set their differences aside and made peace. Churches dominate the land's politics, technology, and daily life, and people live in a seeming utopia. Only a few of the most insightful theologians suspect the truth: When the god of Trickery signed the celestial accord, He had his fingers crossed.

Vote in the poll to pick which rule sets you'd be happy to play in. D&D 4e is tactical combat with many options, and I'm hoping the forum game will work well here because you have plenty of time to size up options and to write narratives for how  your attack powers work. D&D 3.5 is also very robust with a lot of character advancement options, and you won't have subscribe or to pirate the character generator to play it.

If you'd like something quicker and don't want character advancement to get in the way of the story, oldschool D&D or Castles & Crusades is a good bet. Old D&D is also more Nethack lethal, if you'd prefer that sort of game to one where anyone has the luxury of becoming attached to their character.

Iron Heroes is especially cool, but I've never had the chance to run it. It's D&D 3.5 but all the classes are martial types, with new and varied abilities and tactical combat options. This would be set during the Age of Terror when a few heroes managed to stand up and fight for their freedom.

Maid RPG... is a surprisingly good rules system. If you're tired of mediaeval fantasy and have always wished there was a tabletop game of Hayate the Combat Butler.

I'm open to suggestions for other rules, settings, whatever. Post in the thread if you'd like to play.

Online Hookers / Lets Exchange Some Stacks
« on: September 22, 2011, 01:32:42 PM »
Stack Exchange is a web-based RPG where you gain XP by battling questions crafted by other players. The game world boasts an array of zones, with themes ranging from computer programming to tabletop RPGs.

Stack Exchange is like Yahoo Answers, if Yahoo Answers wasn't shit. Each board is dedicated to a topic, and you gain reputation points when users upvote your answers and questions you post. You can also earn achivements.

Most of you will be interested in the gaming board, but over on the tabletop RPG board we already have a couple of pyokites dino-riders MadMaxJr, Burrito and Dogstar. The RPG board is still in beta and needs more users, especially people asking questions and experts giving solid answers.

Online Hookers / Dungeons & Dragons
« on: February 04, 2010, 11:23:41 PM »
I'm starting a weekly tabletop roleplaying game some time in the next few weeks. It's probably going to be D&D fourth edition, though I'm considering other options. It may be IRC or voice, and will use a neat Java app Gametable for maps and miniatures if needed. Previous D&D/4E experience useful but not required.

Primary time slot is Sunday mornings East Coast time (8am-noon EST), or if nobody can wake up that early on a Sunday, then afternoons (noon-4pm EST). If that's no good, then another day at the same time.

Post below with:
1. What time you can make it
2. What RPG you prefer
3. Whether you would prefer IRC or voice

Interested doods list:

GuyGameIRC/VoiceSun Morn.Sun Aftn.Another time, perhaps
JDigital4E/3E/D20IRCYesYesStart 7AM-1PM EST any day
Lottel4E/anyAnyYesYesStart 3PM-9PM EST any day
KazzAnyIRCNoNoStart ~4PM-6PM EST

Online Hookers / JDigital's D&D Adventure
« on: December 09, 2009, 01:48:23 PM »
I'm looking for more players for an IRC game of D&D. We use IRC and Gametable, and play fourth edition. The campaign is a 4E conversion of Age of Worms, with plenty of dungeony/fighty stuff. Setting is World of Greyhawk and we're currently level 4.

Time: 10am London time (duration four hours). Click the link to convert that to your timezone. It's at a bad time for anyone in the Americas, unless you're okay with 2am-6am west coast / 5am-9am east coast. The current players are all European and Australian.

Thaddeus Boyd's Panel of Death / Middle School Theology
« on: June 01, 2009, 08:44:48 AM »
There are additional layers of irony here. A man murders an abortionist for violating his Christian beliefs on murder, but those beliefs include that murder is wrong, and that murderers will be punished by God in the next life.

Assorted Creations / Ragadorn Ale-House Brawl
« on: March 06, 2009, 12:35:53 PM »
Ragadorn Ale-House Brawl is a board game for two to ten players. Set in a mediaeval tavern, players control one or more characters, each with unique and sometimes conflicting victory conditions. When combat breaks out - and it will - players can throw bottles, furniture and weapons, or bundle themselves out a window to safety. One character is secretly the Helghast, an undead shapechanger whose true goal is to assassinate one of the characters.

This game originated in an old roleplaying games sourcebook. Kazz's Lordy Bagordy thread reminded me of Ragadorn Ale-House Brawl, so I've set up an internet version using Gametable, an open source app we've also used for D&D miniatures. As it's easier to learn this game by playing, I'm looking to amass a few players to give it a go.

There are ten characters, divided evenly among the players. Each player receives one magic item, which can be looted from him if he is killed. One player is the Landlord of the tavern, who sets up the furniture in advance. The Landlord also controls three servants. One player is secretly the Helghast; if his human guise is killed, the other players behold his true form and despair.

Each game round is divided into four quarters: Movement, Missile (thrown weapons), Combat, and Gambling. Each character has a goal, which he may achieve by any means necessary, including co-operation, intimidation, murder, treachery, guile, or throwing chairs. The game ends after a certain number of rounds: standardly 16, but this turns out to be rather lengthy in practice, so 8 rounds may be more reasonable.

To begin with, none of the players will know each other's victory conditions, so there's a Werewolf-style aspect of mystery there. After the first game these will be known. As I already know the character goals, I'm happy to sit the first game out and act as a game referee.

Character cards: JD is keeping these secret before play
Everything else: Gametable will automatically download these when you connect, if the host has the map

Who's interested?

Assorted Creations / A Dragon Eats You
« on: February 24, 2009, 09:42:16 PM »
A Dragon Eats You is an old Pyoko gag RPG where all rolls are 1d6, On a roll of 1, a dragon eats you. Most characters don't make it out of character creation.

I threw together an IRC bot, which you can find in the channel. Here are the commands:

!rules List the game rules. You can play once per day.
!play Create a new character. If you're lucky, you might survive long enough to encounter a monster!
!fight Fight the monster!
!score See your own high score.

I'm thinking of creating something more involved, but for now have fun being eaten by a dragon. Good luck!

Forum Games / Battle Masters
« on: October 03, 2008, 07:43:38 PM »
I've made us a game, or rather, brought an old one online. Battle Masters is an Internet-based implementation of an old one-on-one miniatures wargame. It uses Gametable and a few PHP scripts. It's currently the closest I've got to actually finishing making a video game.

Gametable v2.0 RC2:

You need at least the latest Gametable and Java installed to play. To host a game you need to download the map, pogs and underlays.

Empty the pogs into your pogs directory and underlays into the underlays directory. The map supplied includes one of each unit units to the top left: clear these before your play. They're included so that anyone who connects to your gametable can auto-download the pogs and underlays, and can save out the map for themself.

Rules (if anything's not clear, bug JD about it)

Use this thread to organize games and track results.

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