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Assorted Creations / How is viddy formed
« on: May 01, 2013, 02:24:44 PM »
How is viddy formed
How game get davelop

Actually, I wanted to ask for some advice about something I know you guys have a bit of an idea about!
My boss wants me to spend a bit of time each week working on something technology-related that isn't building websites, I've decided the best thing for me to try do would be making videogames, I just want to know where the best place to start would be? What's a good thing to get to practice the basics? My only programming experience is HTML and CSS stuff, and some little things I built years ago.

Real Life / I wanna be a Pirate!
« on: March 29, 2010, 05:02:50 AM »
Hey guys! In a few weeks, i'm going on the Pirates of the Yarribean cruise with some friends.

I've been buying parts for my outfit on ebay and all that, but i'm running a bit low on paypal funds! It'd take too long to put new ones in there [5-7 business days] And I sorta shouldn't be spending so much on a pirate outfit anyway, but who knows when it'd come in useful? Which brings me to my next point.

For every donation I get, I will dress up in my pirate outfit, get in front of a camera, and do or say anything the donating dude asks me to! I'll dance, sing songs, eat vegemite sandwiches, swab the poop desk, mizzen the land ho! And so on. YOU DECIDE

My paypal address is Stushcinta[at]

Just write in the paypal thing what you'd like me to do or say!

Also, if you're a cheeky bugger and send me one cent i'll pull your intestines out and make you dance a jig across the deck.

I dunno what kind of reaction this'll get, I probably won't end up regretting it, but I do feel sorta silly.
I so wanna be a pirate, though.

Love you guys~

LP Hell / Let's play Mount and Blade! ...Sorta
« on: January 05, 2010, 04:31:53 AM »

I really really messed this up, it was just a test to see if i could do it, that's why i'm mostly just making weird noises with my mouth instead of what i usually do which is saying sensible things.

But when i saw how badly i screwed it up, i thought that i had to upload it, it is pretty amusing, i think.

LP Hell / Let's Play Jungle Strike
« on: July 18, 2009, 10:04:47 AM »
I gave it a go for the first time ever today, and the results aren't perfect, i guess they're about as good as i can hope for, i dunno if i'll do any more of this one, the second video messed up somehow, so there's a big chunk missing between where that one ends and where i saved, maybe i'll start again or something, but i'm not hugely unhappy with it!

If you guys can think of a better megadrive game for me to play, i'm open for suggestions. :D

Real Life / An Era without Stush
« on: June 05, 2009, 05:27:08 AM »
Heya guys! Just thought i'd make a post to tell you guys that i won't be around for maybe up to a month or so, i'm moving house tomorrow, and my internet won't be connected for a while, i don't think i'll really get many chances to come on in that time, but you can send me messages and emails and stuff if anything exciting happens! I'll miss you all lots!

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