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I mean best as in your favorite, not necessarily the best offensive or defensive types.

World's Most Scientific Institute / What's your favorite food show?
« on: February 15, 2010, 02:02:45 PM »
I like to watch Food Network and Travel channel, for their various shows on food.  I wondered what people liked best and who even watches food shows.

World's Most Scientific Institute / When you're sleeping....
« on: February 04, 2010, 12:13:53 AM »
I've never found it comfortable to try to sleep wearing anything.  It always feels like I'm being strangled by my clothes.

World's Most Scientific Institute / Favorite Hot Beverage?
« on: February 04, 2010, 12:01:28 AM »
I am partial to many of these.  I think that if I have to choose just one it'd be .....fuck.  I don't know, maybe hot chocolate.  I like hot chocolate a lot, but tea is also great.  Coffee is also a good alternative...and I like vanilla chai a whole lot :T

World's Most Scientific Institute / Should This Be A Child Board?
« on: February 02, 2010, 08:23:05 PM »
see above.

Real Life / Naked Time!
« on: May 18, 2009, 07:49:10 PM »
I fucking hate that mothers bring their fucking little boys into women's changing rooms.  It's so many levels of inappropriate.  Fathers don't bring their god damn little girls into men's changing rooms, so why the double standard?  Penises are not more scarring to little girls than vulvas to little boys.  It makes me really angry and it's just awkward and uncomfortable.

Example:  Today my friend Katie and I went swimming at a local pool.  We always change there.  Often, mothers bring in their little kids, and it always bothers me that little boys come in with their moms.  What is more irksome is when the kid is OBVIOUSLY plenty old enough to be changing all by themselves in a fucking men's locker room.  So Katie and I are sitting in the sauna, just hanging out chatting about whatever we were chatting about (I think it was transsexuals), and this mother and her two kids come in.  Her little boy is old enough to change by himself, like, maybe 5-6?  I dunno.  But he was just staring at us through the sauna door.  Staring and staring.  Like, openly gawking at my friend Katie's boobs.  And then when they were leaving, he lingered behind just to get a last look at her.  It was fucking gross.  We were both like "Okay, that is not cool."  But it isn't like you can go complain to the resort and go "Excuse me, I demand you make opposite sex children change elsewhere."

Real Life / No Fat Chicks
« on: March 31, 2009, 03:29:47 PM »
Researchers at the university of Calgary analyzed the content of numerous situation comedies to see how women of differing body size were represented. Heavier women received more hostile comments from men than did thinner women, and these comments evoked more audience laughter. The researchers concluded that sitcoms encourage girls to imitate thinner actors, raising the risk that they will develop eating disorders.

This makes me so angry.  I just read this in my textbook and it makes me want to punch somebody right in the god damn face.  Fucking dick comedy writers.

Media / Funny Female Flicks
« on: March 10, 2009, 04:18:38 PM »
It seems to me that all the comedies these days are made with men in mind, starring male ensembles.  It seems like there are no comedies out there that are specifically aimed at women, or more women-oriented jokes than men-jokes.  I can't actually think of any movies where the cast is predominantly women and where the movie is good.  I know there are comedies for girls, but they are terrible teen movies about girls going "OMG I'M A CHEERLEADER AND I'M HAVING MY PERIOD AND MY BOYFRIEND HATES ME."  The other type of girl movie is romance.  Why aren't there girl comedies, and if there are, what are some?  I was just thinking about this with a friend and also Kazz, and between the three of us, we couldn't actually come up with a single title that was both a good comedy and geared more towards ladies.

Assorted Creations / Choose The Right Door, Win A Car!
« on: February 20, 2009, 02:56:57 PM »
I'm doing another study with a professor this semester.  I don't really want to tell you what the full details of the study are until after some of you participate and help me out on some simple pilot data.  I'm really hoping 10+ people will participate for me over the weekend.  It would be extremely helpful for working some possible bugs out for the control group in our study.

All I need from anyone willing to participate is to go to this site (it will only run properly on internet explorer and opera, please use one of them) and play the game for 30 trials.  For each trial, record A) if you switched doors when given the option, and B) if you won or not.  That's all I need.  Just post your results in this thread.

But Please please please, if you know what the monty hall problem is, don't take this, and if you don't know what the monty hall problem is, please don't look it up until after you participate in this for me.  Otherwise, that doesn't really show me anything.

Media / Futurama
« on: February 11, 2009, 04:50:13 PM »
...So apparently the newest Futurama movie is already online?  It's called Into the Wild Green Yonder or something.

High-Context Discourse / The Worst
« on: February 11, 2009, 03:59:44 PM »
I think Worst Forums Ever is a terrible name for a forum and I think that Worsties is a wholly embarrassing term for the people who dwell on said forum.  I like this forum, but really, I can't see why this seemed like a good name to anyone but prolly whoever came up with the name.

Assorted Creations / Procrastination?
« on: October 25, 2008, 09:29:26 PM »
I just wanted to see how well my items looked from doing a pilot study, and I didn't know where to put this so Kazz suggested putting it under assorted creations.  This is an assignment for my Psychological Measurement class, and I chose to make my survey/scale/whatever on procrastination--specifically scholastic procrastination.  Please take my survey and you can post your results in here, or if you're concerned about your results for anyway, pm me them.  I just want a few people to take it, anywhere from 7 people onward. 

Procrastination in Schoolwork Scale
Directions: Using the scale below, rate the degree to which each statement describes you.
         1 = strongly disagree
         2 = disagree
         3 = neutral
         4 = agree
         5 = strongly agree
1.  I do my work as soon as I get it. _______
2.  I usually don’t study for an exam until the last minute. _______
3.  There’s always something to get me distracted from doing schoolwork. _______
4.  I’ve had to pull an all-nighter to get an assignment done on time. _______
5.  I have a hard time getting started with homework or studying. _______
6.  I don’t have a problem getting work done, even when it’s boring. _______
7.  Even when I feel uncomfortable putting off my work, I still tend to put it off anyway. ______
8.  It takes me longer than it should to finish assignments. _______
9.  The harder the assignment, the more likely I am to put off doing it. _______
10.  I keep putting off improving my work habits. _______
11.  I’m good at keeping on-task. _______
12.  Social engagements make it hard to get work done. _______
13.  When I plan my day, I give myself time to work on assignments. _______
14.  Whenever I make a plan of action, I follow it. _______
15.  I am an incurable time waster. _______
16.  I worry so much about how well I do my homework that I put off doing it. _______
      Age: _______          Gender:_______

Forum Games / Paper Wolf 1.5
« on: May 31, 2008, 12:01:21 AM »
X-Nauts win if: Mario and Luigi are dead.
Innocents win if: Grodus, Lord Crump, and Bowser are dead.
The Koopa Troop wins if: Bowser captures Peach or Daisy and holds her for 2 nights.  If Peach and Daisy are dead, or if Bowser is dead, the Koopa Troop adopts the X-Naut victory condition.

I'm listing all possible roles, they aren't all necessarily in the game obviously, since we don't even have 17 players to fill all roles.

Innocent roles:

Innocent: No power.

Mario: Vigilante.  If he targets an innocent, his kill instead functions as a scry.

Luigi: No powers unless Mario is dead, at which point, he gains Mario's ability.

Peach: Oracle (detects allegiance, not role).  Loses this power if captured.

Daisy: No powers unless Peach is dead, at which point, she gains Peach's ability.

Goombella: Seer.

Koops: Baner.  If targetted by a night kill, he survives, but loses this ability.

Admiral Bobbery: Ninja.  Kills self and target.  Never fails, no matter what shields or protections are in play.

Vivian: "Little Girl."  Chooses a target, and learns who that person targetted with their night ability, but not what the ability was.

Independent roles: (Independent victory conditions do not end the game.)

Rawk Hawk: Village idiot.  Wins if dead at endgame. NOT IN THIS GAME

Doopliss: If Doopliss is scried, he appears to be Mario (or Luigi, if Mario is dead).  If scried by a Seer, he is given the name of the player who scried him and what they scried him as, but not that player's role.  Doopliss wins if all Seers (Goombella, TEC, and Kammy) are dead.

Ms. Mowz: Chooses a target each night.  That target's night ability fails.  If Ms. Mowz steals from an Innocent, an X-Naut, and a Koopa, she wins.  After she wins, everybody she stole from immediately gains a "badge," which can be used as a one-use scry or kept as an automatic one-time night kill shield.

X-Naut roles: The X-Nauts choose a victim to kill each night.

Grodus: Grodus is immune to night kills unless Lord Crump is dead.

Lord Crump: If scried, appears to be cleverly disguised as an innocent.

TEC: Seer.  If Peach dies, TEC dies.

Koopa Troop roles:

Bowser: Vigilante.  If the target is Peach or Daisy, Bowser captures her and escapes in the Koopa Clown Car (a one-time night kill shield).  If Bowser isn't killed within two nights, he wins and the game ends.  (ie a capture on Night 3 means that if he survives Night 5's actions, he wins.)

Kammy: Shotgun Seer.  Kammy chooses 3 targets, then receives 3 scries in a random order.  She cannot scry her own teammates.

Hammer Bro: Each night, knocks someone out.  That player can't use his ability that night.  (originally was supposed to keep you from voting, but we forgot to do that so now it doesn't happen)

Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Darkness
Day 1
   “You’ll never get away with this!” huffed General White.
   “Buh huh huh huh huh huh…that’s a good one.  Nothing could possibly go wrong with our plan,” Lord Crump scoffed.  “Johnson!”
   “Yes sir?”
   “Load the cannon!”
   “At once sir.”  Johnson salutes, and gives a signal.  The X-naut army throws dozens and dozens of angry Bob-ombs captives into the gigantic cannon.  Johnson and several other X-nauts slam the door shut on the cannon, and a countdown ensues.
   “TEC, set the coordinates for that bumblin’ Koopa King’s castle,” Lord crump demanded over a little communicator.
   A few beeps can be heard over the communicator, and TEC replies “…..Setting coordinates……”  An email from Peach interrupts the targeting program on TEC, and he immediately becomes flustered and exciting, forgetting about the coordinates and not noticing his grave error.
   Lord Crump, obviously not knowing of the error in coordinates, gives a signal to the X-naut scientists in the cannon room of Fahr Outpost, and the cannon fires right into the sun.
   “Huh-huh-what?!?!  The cannon‘s firing the wrong way!”
   X-nauts scramble wildly about the snowy village, flailing and screaming like no tomorrow. 
   Crump is dumbstruck for a moment and then cooly says over the communicator to Grodus “Sir, I-I’ve made a little mistake.”
   “You incompetent fool, what did you do this time?”
   “Well uh…I seem to have fired a cannon into the sun.”
   “You WHAT?!!?!”
   Suddenly, the sky goes black, pitch black.  No one can see a thing.  Emergency power in the X-naut base keeps the power on shortly, because as we all know, they use solar power because they’re too cheap for anything else.
   Blackness engulfs the mushroom kingdom.  The Koopa castle is lit dimly by fires and the lava flowing by the castle.  The Mario home is pitch black, since Luigi had clumsily knocked over their only lamp.  No one can see an inch in front of the face, and the now is the perfect time for a princess-napping!

There are 16 night-blind paper people:
Bongo Bill
O Hak   

It takes 9 votes to KO another player.

Forum Games / Paper Wolf Beginning Nao
« on: May 27, 2008, 03:24:03 PM »
There is no Night 0 because that'd take too damn long, and there's a lot of seers, so everyone can deal and start lynching each other :D
Day 1

One terrible and thundery afternoon at Bowser’s castle, Kammy received a letter in the mail for Lord Bowser.  Kammy puffed along on her little broomstick, down a long corridor to Bowser’s private chambers.
   “Your gainliness, there’s a letter from a princess in the mail!”
   “W-What?!?!” shouted Bowser, slamming the door open, and crushing Kammy behind it.  “….Kammy?”
   She dragged herself out from behind the door, her nose crooked and her broom broken.  “Here, your clumsiness.”  She handed him the letter, and together they read:
   Dear Bowser,
      Please come to Creepy Steeple to sweep me off my feet and take me away to live with you
   forever :3


   Back at the Mario household, Luigi and Mario were finishing up a delicious pot of shroom broth with shroom fries and mango delights, compliments of Zess. T’s kitchen.  Through their window, they could see the mail parakoopa dropping off some letters in the mailbox.  Luigi hurriedly rushed out the door and to the mailbox, leaving Mario with all the dishes. 
   “Luigi, there won’t be any mail-a for you.  Come back and do the dishes,” Mario called, laughing to himself.
   “Hey-a, Princess Daisy might want me to come right away to save-a her,” Luigi mawkishly replied, thumbing through letters as he walked back to the house.
   Mario rolled his eyes.
   “Hey-a, you got-a somethin’ from a-Princess Peach!”
   “Oh no, what happened now..?”
   They tore open the letter together and read:

   Dear Mario,
      Please come to Creepy Steeple.  I have baked a cake for you.


   Insert computer beeping sounds here.  Flashing lights and elevator sounds too.  Lord Crump clops around the halls, chest puffed up trying to feel important.  X-nauts scientists rush past him, saluting quickly, trying to finish up their latest experiments.  In the computer room, TEC had just received an exciting transmission from the seductive princess.
   “TEC, send me the transmission,” Grodus says over an intercom.
   “Sending transmission, sir.”  His screen shows little letters floating from the left to right.
   Crump walks into Grodus’s main chamber, and together they read on his enormous computer screen:

   Dear TEC,
      Please find a way to send some X-nauts to Creepy Steeple to save me from the awful
   Duplighosts.  They want to take over the mushroom kingdom by stealing my name.


   Mario and crew, as well as Grodus and Bowser have all gathered in Creepy Steeple, in the main hall, where boos are swarming around them.  They cackle and begin lifting everyone off their feet.
   “Glad all of you could join me tonight,” bellows an amused voice from nowhere.  By now everyone is 20 feet off the ground and a little annoyed by the boo pranks.  Below them appears a duplighost, not the most terrifying sight to anyone.  “I have a special surprise for you.”
   The duplighost smiles, and suddenly many duplighosts pop out of nowhere, and they all magically take over the roles of everyone present (shut up, TEC is like a little palm pilot or something, so just deal).  Now who’s who?  We’re going to go ahead and say that everyone’s purpley, colorless form is indistinguishable from anybody else’s. 

There are 15 players without names:
O Hak   
Bongo Bill

It takes 8 votes to KO someone.
Refer to #wolfpire for discussion, etc.

Forum Games / Paper Wolf Interest Thread
« on: May 22, 2008, 10:45:34 PM »
I want to run this, but I'm concerned about how many people will really want to play.  I probably won't be including every single role, but I'd need about 15 people.  I guess you'd all have some sorta power since we have so many roles for the game.

I'd wanna start it very soon if the enthusiasm for wolf hasn't petered out yet.

High-Context Discourse / Remember how there were groups?
« on: May 16, 2008, 10:53:51 PM »
I was wondering if we could make groups, like we used to have on that other forum that one time.  I miss seeing the cute little banners under people's names.  And we could make a whole bunch of new ones and stuff.

Like team fancy or something for us pokemon fags

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