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Team Fortress 2 / Micspam Reform
« on: March 28, 2010, 04:25:39 PM »
As we have seen for the last couple of days, this is a very important issues we are facing. I know we have had differences in the past, like with the custom maps issues, but I think we worked that out pretty well in the end, even if we didn't manage to please everybody. However I think we can work something out if we just discuss it like adults.

Now, I know there are those among us with very sensitive ears and/or feelings, or those who take their tf2 very seriously and don't want to play unless they can hear spies decloak; but I still want to extend my hand up to them so I can hear their opinions on the matter. Because I do find it fun to play with them, let's face it "it only takes one Geoman" has brought out countless hours of entertainment.

First off, I'm not advocating for the removal of micspam in its entirety, but I still would ask that we make concessions for people who don't particularly enjoy micspam and try to keep it to the short ones when they are playing. Things like "I don't think so Tim", "Jason NOOOOO" or however many robotnik micspams should be fine at any time. They are short, if not that obnoxious. After all, we've had people ragequit over scout domination taunts; wouldn't it be more tolerable if not entirely pleasant if he were instead to whisper to your ear "get out of here stalker"? I think it would be. As an exception Simo Belmo however is the kind of long micspam that should be fine anytime.

Second, if in the server we haven't noticed that you are one of the players who can't handle micspam, asking politely for a bit of silence would be fine. Ideally I would propose some kind of public voting option like rtv that would bring up a prompt for quiet time, we could them have an admin take the appropriate actions.

I know in the past couple of days some people haven been called the "Hitlers of TF2", but I think we can go above such petty name calling now and try to work this out together.

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