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Gaming Discussion / Not Retsuprae
« on: January 08, 2013, 02:30:22 PM »
Here is a thing.


Personally, if I were Brent, I'd be proud. I also couldn't think of a better place to put this. I leave it in the hands of the mods. Apologies if this is somehow old hat, but in my defense, it did come out just yesterday.

Gaming Discussion / Miniature and Board Games
« on: November 04, 2008, 10:01:32 PM »
So the Dice thread kind of skewed (apparently), and the odd discussion about Warhammer 40,000 crops up from time to time. I have a cardboard and plastic geek fetish, and I always wanted my juvenile "toy battles" with my brother to possess more structure (Step off, Van! Snake-Eyes can't one-shot Powermaster Optimus Prime!), so I've been re-discovering my now relationship crushing fondness for tabletop gaming. Sometimes I can neatly blend one of my interests with another, but I'd like to point you towards a few boxed games that are more or less "done" in one or two purchases.

A nice brains and pretzels alternative to Zombies!!! that's deceptively strategic, with a bias towards the Zombie player(s). I mean it. Heroes need to work together or it'll be a scant few turns before they're all shambler chow.

FURRIES! IN! SPAAAAAAACE! The price range is a good excuse for getting your meat friend to buy it, instead. It's... A niche' game (and the link title was a joke, blast you), because it takes several hours to play one game. If you're not willing to absorb the rules and deal with heavy player interaction, you're going to be outright bored. ...Uh. I like it?

Pull, Kill, Loot: The Game offers no real surprises, but is still going to keep you engaged. All the visceral, shallow satisfaction of a dungeon crawl without pretending to be waaaay cooler than that drama club dreg who "acts" like an elf princess!

And while common courtesy implies that I shouldn't throw a bone to games which seemingly make you better at them by spending more money (because that may lead to trading minis and socializing with other dweebs, Cthugrosh forbid), I've happened upon (read: browsed Board Game Geek like everyone else) something that looks smashing. Kaiju miniatures. Genius.

Okay, so this may just be a pensive way of seeing which games I could bring to another get-together, in the hopes that we could at least pretend we won't default to Settlers of Catan. So what of it? You want to bring that smarm to the playmat, fat boy?

Media / Funnybooks
« on: February 14, 2008, 09:59:16 PM »
I suppose manga would be a seperate topic, but I'd prefer a big, screw-all American comic thread to split-offs which inexorably perish (though that's up to the insane admin, really). Also, I'm pretty sure Romosome isn't here to kvetch about it.

Kill 'em all, and let Nekron sort 'em out. As the sole remaining nerd on Earth to still be reading Countdown, I will be picking up the issue zero and this, obviously. It's interesting that Morrison dreamed up the Alpha Lanterns, is giving the Corps a big role in Final Crisis, and enjoys Johns's work on GL. Granted, I don't think ex-52 partners would be on bad creative terms. Personally, I would think otherwise about that last one.

By the way, you should probably be reading Salvation Run. Just don't expect Villains United, people.

I... Just don't know how to talk about books that aren't published by DC. So much for a lone nerd doing his part to further a wonderful medium dominated by the "guys who scowl, yell a lot, and punch each other" genre. :sarcasm:

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