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Gaming Discussion / Tactics Ogre: The Very Best of Queen
« on: February 16, 2011, 01:44:34 AM »
I procrastinated a little over a day on what to post about this game. I figuratively can't think of enough ways to praise it. Here are a few "from the files!"

  • It feels like the sequel that Final Fantasy Tactics actually deserves -- none of that A2 junk -- but Tactics Ogre came first! You can't explain that!
  • The developers included what i feel must literally (literally) be the single best, most genre-appropriate feature since people started making videogames, of any type.
  • Parish gave it an A+.
  • This is probably where all the worthwhile ideas and good gameplay that FF13 and FF14 lacked ultimately ended up.
  • If you don't get it, I'll throw a rock at you.

Here's a truly ludicrous amount of notable gameplay changes/improvements.

# Battles are now in a true 3D field, but you can't rotate the camera. You can only change views between isometric and top down.
# More classes to choose from and whole class system is revamped/rebalanced.
# CHARIOT (Combat History And Refined Implementation Of Tactics) and WORLD (Ways Of Reordering Life's Destiny) system is now available.
# The CHARIOT system allows you to rewind up to 50 turns in battle without having to restart the entire battle over. The game keeps track of how many battles you win without using CHARIOT, but I'm not sure if there is a penalty for abusing CHARIOT too much.
# The WORLD system: After beating the game, you can go backwards to certain Anchor Points in the storyline. This allows you to witness different story paths without having to replay the entire game.
# Training Mode is gone.
# Characters no longer have specific elements.
# Leveling is per class, not per character. Even at the same level, old characters that you've been leveling will be stronger than a newly joined character.
# There are no more alignment and gender restrictions on class changing.
# Demi-human and some monsters now have the option to class change too.
# Class changes now require license cards, which are used up during the process, but there are no other requirements for a class change.
# Each class no longer has a best weapon.
# The Magic system has been revamped. Some new spells were added.
# Movement has been reduced. Normally you can move 4 steps, slow units can only move 3 steps.
# New characters were added, but some characters will no longer join.
# There are some named generics that will be mentioned in the Warren Report. They don't have a special portait, but they do have better stats than a normal generic.
# A certain character now joins in the Lawful route as well. They won't leave even if you choose the Neutral route, but their loyalty will be lowered.
# What you can recruit from the shop is now limited to Human only. Demi-humans and monsters are only can be recruited on the battle field. You need specific recruit skills for specific demi-humans and monsters.
# You can inherit dead character's spell and skills, but you need to have Silver Coins.
# A skill system has been added.
# Each weapon now has new unique Finishing Blows.
# You can now equip up to 5 pieces of equipment (4 if you're using a two-handed weapon)
# A crafting system has been added and can be accessed in the shop. You can customize equipment or create new items from Chapter 2 onwards if you have the necessary Recipies.
# Equipment now have class and level restrictions.
# The gun has been weakened a lot and like the crossbow, they can't shoot beyond a certain range.
# Some accessories like the Warp Ring only last for a short time when used in battle. They won't break by using it, but the number of uses are limited per battle.
# Characters can now memorize a limitless number of spells. Just use a scroll, which will lost when used, to learn more.
# You now need to equip spell specific skills in order to be able to cast them.
# There are now 8 elements (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Thunder, Light, Dark) instead of 6.
# Magic range and area are now affected by INT and MND (MEN in the old versions). Weather doesn't affect the range.
# Projection magic can't hit targets standing directly next to caster unless you aim somewhere behind the target then you may hit a target that's right next to the caster.
# Undead now need to be knocked out before Exorcism takes effect.
# Some spells no longer affect the whole map.
# Certain spells now require Catalysts to cast.
# Healing now damages the Undead.
# Except for basic items, you need to learn a skill to use higher grade items.
# A Tarot Card you picked up can be used later through the Items interface.
# Items no longer needed to be equipped. Just choose command to bring up list.
# Some items are no longer automatically used in battle (Warp/Teleport Stone etc.)
# Orbs no longer affect whole map.
# Even if you can't cast spells, you can just use a similar scroll for same effect. Ex: A Berserker can cast Exorcism, but you need to stock up scrolls to do it. Using scrolls does not need MP or Catalysts. This might be a cheap and quick way to cast magic depending on the situation.
# When characters are knocked out in battle, they must be revived within 3 turns. If you fail to revive a character, they will be removed from the battle and lose one life.
# Each character now have 3 lives. Lose all 3 and they will be dead forever.
# You can bring up to 12 units to battle instead of the original 10. L-size units now count as 1 unit.
# You can now save during battle.
# If it is not story battle, you can retreat at any time. You don't lose recruited characters and treasure by retreating.
# You need to learn different recruit skills to recruit specific units.
# Petrify is now timed. It doesn't last for the entire whole battle now.
# Treasure drops are now randomized.
# Tree, Rock and Barrels etc.. on the map can be destroyed.
# Items that you can pick up in battle are limited to consumables only, but these can be picked up every battle. The odds can be improved with some skills. Luck has nothing to do with it now.
# Elemental Affinities are no longer attached to a character. They can be learned and assigned through skills.
# Character alignments no longer influence the availability of job classes.
# The number of characters you can bring into battle is now 12 instead of 10.
# Classes are no longer gender locked. For example, male Valkyries are named Rune Fencers.
# Class levels are no longer tied to each individual character. As a result, you can assign a fresh recruit to a leveled class without having to level that specific character. Individual characters gain skillpoints instead, which are used to learn class skills.
# All the classes have been rebalanced. Some classes that weren't very useful in the original game have been improved. Some classes were renamed or removed for a more balanced class.
# Non-human races now have their own unique class trees. Stat growths are still dependent on that character's class at level up, which occur after a battle is over.
# All story battles are at fixed levels until you beat the game. If your party is unreasonably higher in level than a particular story battle's level cap, the enemy participants of that battle will scale to your highest level member. After you beat the game, all story battles will scale in New Game+.
# Random encounters have been added to the World Map. All random battles scale with to your party's level, but they can be skipped.

Gaming Discussion / Lost Planets
« on: December 27, 2010, 11:54:41 AM »
LP2 is on sale today, on Steam, for $20.

A bunch of you nerds have this on your wishlist on Steam.

Bal, Ziiro, and I have already obtained it; this post is here to direct you to purchase it to play with us so you will have a full team of four.

Bear in mind this is a game where this happens.

Lost Planet 2 - Chapter 3-3 - Hard Difficulty - 2/2

High-Context Discourse / Brontoforum browser extension thread!
« on: February 13, 2010, 06:48:43 AM »
It's finished! After some work by yyler (and useless nagging from me) the Bleck Blocker script is available for chrome users!

Just download the script and drag into a chrome window, confirm the installation, and the extension will automatically hide all posts by Bleck from view. Unlike some some Simple Machines user blocking extensions, this one doesn't add a line of text denoting the presence of a blocked post, so unless someone reads what Bleck has to say and quotes it -- something which should no longer be a problem with this script -- you'll have no idea that he decided to say anything to anyone ever.

Props to yyler for the script and hosting.

Real Life / Haters gonna Hate
« on: October 31, 2009, 10:20:29 PM »
What, like, it would've seemed somehow untrue to put yourself in a different mindset? Being yourself meant reaching the conclusion that nothing had any point?

Huh? No, nothing like that. Everything can be important, whether it's to a single person or a whole nation.

It's just that, as much as we might like to pretend otherwise, there are only a few ways to live. I don't think I am suited for any of them. This leaves few other available options.

Online Hookers / BEGGIN' THREAD
« on: September 18, 2009, 09:17:00 PM »
Hello friend! I am wondering urgently if you have an unused/unwanted/unloved Guild Wars account or beta key for Dungeon Fighter. There are those poor unfortunates who have need of such things!

Online Hookers / DUNGEON FIGHTER
« on: September 13, 2009, 07:20:37 AM »
So there's this. Side-scrolling brawler MMO with multiple clases. Looks somewhat decent! Open beta begins tomorrow, is anyone besides me interested in trying it?

Real Life / Fetish Talk!
« on: September 30, 2008, 12:15:19 PM »
excellent points, rygaron, but to clarify, i don't mean i like gaming or sex, i mean i have a scholarly interest in game design and sex.

sexual fetish, particularly, is fascinating to me. i think it's weird that so little research is done on it, when we have people who actually think that human beings are not attractive without inhuman characteristics. why the hell would that develop? what advantage is gained by being uninterested in your own goddamn species? seriously someone better start talking or i'll start shooting.

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