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Topics - James Edward Smith

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We did a Podscast as MAGfest this year with special guest stars AM (Adam), Jackson1 (Ocksi aka Dimastines), and Billy Mays (Detonator).

Other than Ocksi getting a little rapey and my overly complicated joke about how someone who isn't a sexual and social retard doesn't belong at MAGfest that was delivered with the comedic timing of a regular Carlos Mencia, it went pretty well. Well, it went as smoothly as can be expected.

No, this is not a link to "Dick Cam" dot com.

The Podscast starts at the 30:39 mark.

Assorted Creations / Pike & Shot
« on: December 28, 2009, 08:06:12 AM »
I started a devlog for this.

The first entry is just a over view of the overall game idea. Future posts will hopefully be shorter and more interesting, but I felt I needed to get that description out of the way for anything to have any context.

LP Hell / Let's play second life
« on: November 07, 2009, 09:10:00 PM »

Media / MOVED: Brüno
« on: July 16, 2009, 01:16:41 PM »

Media / Best Fights Ever
« on: April 26, 2009, 01:31:31 PM »
For some reason I was thinking about my favourite movie fights today and I was sort of interested in what other people's were as well as sharing mine. Thanks to youtube this is easy although grainly livestreamed flash video technology doesn't really do the majesty or smoothness of some of these justice. The Carrey vs Broderick one is pretty well represented though.

Uhm originally I wanted to restrain this to weapon fights only, but then I found myself breaking that rule pretty quick as a lot of my favs are just hand to hand. One stipulation I still wanna keep though is that it has to be one on one or at least one vs many situations. That basically means no big battle scenes, save that for an other thread. However if it is a specific one on one fight that happens in the middle of a battle, then fine. But it better have some length to it.

It`s not the longest fight ever, but the presentation of this fight in the actual movie is just awesome. I love how it`s story boarded too, the way they cut to Tigrus and Maximus looking over their shoulders to make sure a Tiger isn`t about to jump them every few seconds really gives you a feel of the tension in this fight. On top of this you have the cool match up of a big strong guy with a sword and an axe fighting a smaller crafty guy with a sword and a shield. I also like how you can sort of see their different styles and strengths. Maximus is military trained but used to real combat, not a duel with tigers at the perimeter. Tigrus is a veteran of the arena, used to killing single opponents to entertain making him unrefined, but brutal and dirty. Plus his face plate just looks awesome for some reason, especially whenever you get a view of him just running at Maximus, slashing away.

Of course if you want the most beautiful weapon combat ever seen, train two chinese ballerinas and then give them every melee weapon in chinese history. I often don`t like chinese martial arts and especially weapons combat, because I find it overly twirly and containing too much unnecessary motion. This often makes it look fake and ineffective to me, too over the top. But in this fight, Ziyi and especially Yeoh really sell it. Without a doubt, this is the best scene in that whole movie and way better than anything Chow Yun-Fat does in it. How hard they seem to go at it, the well displayed emotions of both characters surrounding the fight and the events around it, plus the little bit of humor here and there make it probably one of the best concieved and executed fights of all time. It really deserves to be a part of some movie that`s part of a larger epic trilogy or something.

Alright, alright, I`m pretty sure that everyone knows this was the inspiration for the Jimmy vs Timmy cripple fight in Southpark (which is hilariously almost a frame for frame imitation in both action and dialouge) but the reason for that is because it`s just a really good fight. There`s really no martial arts on display here, and really there`s hardly any props either. What it is is just a really real looking street fight between two guys who don`t want to kill eachother but just won`t see eye to eye on something. The fact that both fighters don`t really want any trouble means that this fight can go on for quite some time where as if they meant to really hurt eachother, it would be over pretty quickly. I guess this is thanks to having someone like Piper there in it, but this fight looks very real. When they wail on eachother they look hurt afterwards and the result of them getting hurt so much in the fight translates into it getting perfectly sloppy and desperate as it goes on. Anyone who`s ever been in a real fist fight, even just fighting some kid at recess knows this is how it is. When two guys who are a match for eachother get into a fight and neither of you is really a trained fighter, the result is not a boxing match, it`s the fight from They Live.

Jacky Chan said this was his favourite fight of all the ones he`s ever filmed, and I agree whole heartedly. Billy the Jet looks so uncool in this fight in terms of hairstyle and clothing, but his fighting looks so good, he comes out of this fight seeming like the coolest guy on the planet. I love when he starts taking off his coat as a fake out, and then kicks Jacky as he finishes taking it off. Chan`s use of props is flawless as always and even though it`s a pretty typical chop socky fight, they manage to make it look decently realistic. They definately look like they get hurt during it, they just don`t have much time to dwell on it. Also, James Rolfe included this one in his top 10 Chan fights video he did a while back and he pointed out that Billy`s kick that puts out the candles was actually legit, he really kicked them out when they filmed it.

I haven`t linked the original Star Trek fight that this is a parody of because it`s the first related video that comes up in the side bar if you watch this on youtube. Cableguy was an amazingly bad movie and displayed pretty much everything that I hate about Ben Stiller`s sense of humour, but funnily enough, even though many people attribute this as the movie that ended Jim Carrey`s career (the first time), he`s actually the funnest thing about the movie. Broderick`s character is terrible due to being poorly written and the whole plot line is really underdeveloped and boring as fuck when isn`t just plain painful to watch, but the way Jim Carrey imitates the stock Star Trek arena duel music by shrieking like Xena in this scene makes me laugh every time. It really is the only part of that movie worth watching and it`s pretty short... yeah.

High-Context Discourse / Worst Map Ever
« on: April 24, 2009, 08:36:15 PM »
Hey, remember this thing.

Pyokomap 2004

Should I update this sometime?

Gaming Discussion / Did You Play Sierra Adventure Games?
« on: April 21, 2009, 12:49:35 PM »
Because if so, you might get a kick out of this.

High-Context Discourse / Third Grade
« on: February 16, 2009, 04:40:45 PM »

High-Context Discourse / The Worst MAGfest Ever
« on: January 04, 2009, 09:45:20 PM »
Whelp, dispite United Airline's best efforts to the contrary, I have arrived back home safe and sound and only an hour later than previously planned.

MAGfest was really great this year, guys. It's been a LONG time since I've had anything approaching a proper vacation other than a short side trip here and there and I can honestly say that this trip was the breather that I sorely needed and then some.

WillDet, AlexKazz, JoeyDoom, Jimmy-boyDimastines, and Madmax, It's always great to see you guys and I never look forward to parting company once I realize it's going to be a long time before we can ever hang out again. But at least I can honestly say that we had a LOT OF FUCKING LAUGHS this week and then I can play my "They part company" card.

YvonneLady Duke, JasonKabbage, Arc (name removed at request), Dohl (I can't for the life of me remember your real name now even though you told me twice and I was definately calling you by it all con... It starts with 'A'... I'm terrible with names), I'm REALLY glad that you guys came out. Meeting more people from this community and establishing a realer, face to face connection of any kind is always something that I look forward to and this fest did not disappoint.

I wanna thank William specially for giving me and some of the other worsties a place to sleep in, cook in, and be made to hate citadels in again. I also want to thank him for ferrying me and Jimmy and everyone else who needed it around the few times we needed it. You were always a cunning opponent and as an ally, you could often be relied on to beat off enemy attacks from both sides.

I wanna thank Madmax for being the all around scholar and gentleman that he always is, time and time again, and for providing us with more games than we could shake a Magdar bate at.

I wanna thank Jimmy for I guess, being himself and having the cool and generous friends that he has, because I got a really nice mixed drink out of it, cock-blocked from the SAME WOMAN AGAIN by the SAME GUY who has no reason to, had my life enriched by exposure to the world of underground Washington wonder bread sculpture parties, and I always had a vessel with some sort of alcohol in it in my hand whenever I wanted to. (PS: please mail my watch to me whenever is convienient, I can't stop walking lop-sided now)

I wanna thank Alex for driving me to the airport after first giving me a tour of Washington and its many monuments, drinking all of the winter ale before I could get my hands on one, eating food I bought and cooked for him, and constantly saying I was gay for him just because I find his strong arms inviting and knocked down two other people to get to his pole first during the traditional circle jerk.

I want to apologize to Yvonne for all the gay jokes about Alex.

I always want to thank Yvonne, Arc, Jason, McDohl and Joey for being fun to be around for a week, having a good time, and for either putting up with or even being the butt of our constant gay jokes but mostly our DotA jokes. Because really, the gay jokes were always funny.

... and so, with the plague banished, prosperity was returned to the village forever.

Gaming Discussion / Spelunky
« on: December 28, 2008, 05:09:14 PM »
I was sitting on the can today and I didn't feel like playing Patapon on my PSP cause I'll I'm doing in it right now is grinding to get three decent Megapons (these are not ultimate pons, their name is a pun on "Megaphone" because they attack with music shot from big horns) and also because PSPs use optical media and there for have to load and any company that figured that'd be a good idea for a portable system and would be able to compete with the current gameboy is retarded. So, I picked up my nesGBA with it's 3rd party flash memory cartrige in it and started playing some Metroid: Zero Mission. My saves were lost because the little battery in my flash cart has run out and so saves often wipe on it. So I started playing from the start again for the umpteenth time and was sort of bored despite the game's inherent good design, satisfying visuals and tight controls.

It was boring because I'd played it before. It strikes me that it would be pretty cool to make a metroidvania that was randomly generated like nethack. Certain key areas and boss rooms would be static and unchanging but the mazes that needed to be explored before getting to one of the recognizable pregenerated places like those would be different everytime, constructed out of building blocks. You could even have it set up so that certain rooms or situations were pre-canned but the way that you discovered them or entered the area was one of a few possibilites. One time you would smash a big boulder through a gate that led to the Forgotten One's chamber, the next time you would fall through a bittle ceiling and land in the room unexpectedly after walking over it and breaking it accidentally because you hadn't encountered one of those floors before in previous play-throughs.

I think a game like that where you made it so that good players could actually beat the whole game without having to get all or maybe even any of the special items but where newer players would want to take more time and explore more until they found all the help they could get would be pretty cool. That way you could have a lot of new power granting items that weren't necessary so it would be okay if they didn't appear every game, but that would always be useful.

I'd set the game in 1600 Mexico. You could be a Spanish Conquistador, a Spanish Priest, an Aztec Warrior, or an Aztec Shaman.

Close enough

Thaddeus Boyd's Panel of Death / Who throws a shoe, honestly?
« on: December 14, 2008, 06:28:36 PM »

(THAD EDIT: Geothermal's awful fucking context-free straight-URL link to a video with a fucking LEAD-IN AD is about an Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at Bush during a press conference.  And the next time I see Geo, I am going to throw my shoes at HIM.)

(THAD EDIT 2: This was not its own thread when I wrote Edit 1.)

Do we have some sort of emoticon for Cartman rubbing himself when one of his schemes comes to fruition?

Assorted Creations / Alan Shepard Jr's Golf Simulator
« on: November 12, 2008, 05:34:04 PM »
In my final year of this Software Engineering program I'm in, I've had to take this easy math class called Mathematics of Graphics & Sound. It's basically just a really easy calculus/algebra course, real bird coursey in comparison to most math classes any of you guys going for a generic CS degree would have to take.

Anyway, after a lot of regular math class style assignments, we had to do this one actual programming assignment for it where we make a simulation of a golf ball trajectory using whatever language we feel like. The expectation was just to make a little graph program I guess, where you plot the line of the equation and animate it drawing over time and this is what most people did.

I thought that sounded really trivial and boring though, and couldn't get motivated to do it. Instead I decided it would be a lot cooler to make a little NES/SNES graphics representation of Alan Shepard Jr. hitting a golf ball on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission.

This version isn't the complete thing. I still want to add the actual moon lander and the american flag into the background. Also, I want to make the ball bounce after it lands as well as add some moon dust effects to the shot and the landing point. But she looks pretty good so far.

DOWN ARROW - starts simulation
UP ARROW - resets simulation

I probably could have put this in the general programmer wankery thread, but I think it lends itself to a cute thread icon too much to not make it separate.

Gaming Discussion / Cave Story (Wii)
« on: October 17, 2008, 12:04:03 PM »
So, why the fuck are they releasing Cave Story on the Wii now? I can't think of a stupider release for a console at the moment.

Hey guys, lets take a really charming little game that one really talented and compassionate Japanese guy made, change the graphics a little for no reason and call it an "update", change the cool sounding chiptune music to really generic sounding garbage that doesn't share the tempo or over all feeling of the old game and then charge for this abomination when anyone with a 56k modem and a pentium 2 can download the superior original for free. Who the fuck thought there was any reason to do this?

You know what made Cave Story cool, the fact that a guy made it out of nowhere, by himself and then you downloaded and it felt really cool and polished and you were like, "Hey, this game is sweet. I wish this had existed for the NES back when I was a kid or that there was some way I could go back and play this then, cause it's a lot cooler than a lot of the shit that came out back then when people didn't give a shit about videogames."

The characters were awesome and the graphic style was awesome. The game was fun to play just to dive in and see how deep Pixel had actually made it. When you finally beat it, it turned out it wasn't really THAT long or THAT deep, but it was a lot of fun figuring that out. More importantly, it still delivered way more than you expected.

To release this now, for money, with no added value and all the charm of the original playing experience completely missing... I just don't get it. Why didn't they just hire Pixel to make a new game, something worthy of anyone's money. It would have been a huge success and Pixel would have made all the money he deserves for his hard work. To instead release this for five people to buy and probably not even think much of though, it's such a fucking waste of time and money.

Media / Chiptune enthusiasm
« on: August 29, 2008, 11:32:52 PM »
Ha! I've found it; this will be the most videogame related thread the non-videogame board will ever see!

I'm too tired to make a big openning post about the whole chiptune scene to start this thread off, but I'll keep posting stuff in here whenever some thing comes up and maybe this'll actually turn into more of a thread.

But just to start things off, some of my favourite artists and groups in the field are YMCK who I still think are probably the best chiptune creators out there outside of the people who actually did this stuff for games back in the NES days of our youths. Before they came out, a lot of chiptune bands were just Swedish and Japanese wankers who made lame Euro-dance sounding garbage that I couldn't listen to for more than a minute or so, tops. But then YMCK came out of no where and made what was essentially a J-pop album that consisted entirely of the NES sound chip and a Japanese girl singing in Japanese and broken English. You know how a lot of people used to say that German was the perfect language for industrial music? Well it turns out that a Japanese girl is the perfect vocal accompaniment for NES chiptunes.

Normally, I completely abhor J-pop as the pathetic final stage of the late 90s caucasian "otaku", but YMCK's Family Music was something completely different. I mean, it was jpop, but with the NES as the only instument it took all of the gay, over the sappiness out of the sound and to be fair, YMCK's main composer seems to have a lot more of a Jazz influence going on. If you've never heard the album before and you grew up with the NES as your playmate, then you should really check it out.

So other guys I like are American groups that mix the NES in with their garage band guitars in a tasteful way like Anamaguchi. Bit Shifter has always been a big name in the genre since back when it was just dance fags doing it and for the longest time I hated him just like all those Swedes I rag on. But last year I saw him live at Blip Fest in NYC and he really won me over. His stuff doesn't have that videogame soundtrack sound that I love and mostly uses Gameboys which I have no nostagia for, but hearing him played really loud in a room full of fools dancing really makes you get him better. It's just good to dance to. It worked on me anyway. I do still hate his whole holier than thou attitude where he goes on about how chiptunes has nothing to do with videogames and are about expession through intentionally restricted means. I mean, of course it's that, but don't act like people are lame if they like it because of a lifetime of being a gamer, you pretentious jackass.

But I digress, the reason I made this thread was cause I was listening to the first compilation (that's volume 1) that this site ever put out. Most of the music on the compilations is actually old game soundtrack stuff rather than new compositions, but there's a track on Volume one by some Japanese guy called Naruto that was never put in a game and it really hit the spot for me.

Gaming Discussion / What are some Wii games?
« on: August 13, 2008, 10:52:51 AM »
Yeah so, my sister bought my dad a Wii for his birthday. I don't know why, but before more dust falls on it, what games should I buy for this thing? I haven't really been playing attention to Wii games since I didn't have one.

Gaming Discussion / Game Failers
« on: July 04, 2008, 07:49:01 PM »
So I restarted my site as a different site where I make fun of Game Trailers user comments on a weekly basis.

What do y'all think?

Some stuff was broke, just fixed it.

Assorted Creations / Throw ideas at me.
« on: June 25, 2008, 06:55:19 PM »
I'm prototyping a new game for a handheld touchscreen device at work. The device handles multi-touch and you can press down the whole screen like a big button to make a pushthrough event happen at that xy-location.

My idea is a game about exploring and building in a little top-down game world with little powered tools. I'm not sure whether I want this to be a puzzle game, or a sim game or what have you yet, but my basic idea is that you have all these little tools that are like little trucks. You might have a few tools that can't move or can't move on their own, like a generator perhaps, but most of your tools are like little trucks and can. If you click on one of the trucks, it starts up and it's pistons start chugging, and you can drive it around by dragging it with your finger. In addition to driving around, each tool-truck has a job it performs. Some are simple and require no further interaction to perform their job. For instance, the bulldozer pushes shit around just by you dragging it into stuff, the drill-truck bores through earth as you drag it through it.

Other trucks are slightly more complicated and require the use of two fingers. For instance, the crane requires you to move its arm around with your other finger, it then picks up and drops off thing either automatically due to context like the winch in Urban Strike and Desert Strike, or perhaps lifts with context and lowers with a finger tap.

An other possible concept is the idea that use of your tools drains power. Power is either drained by moving and using your tools or maybe just from actually doing their job. For example, maybe driving the drill around doesn't use power, but actually digging with it does. Energy could be recouped slowly over time or faster by charging at your generator/battery station. The generator could be hooked up to contructed windmills, constructed waterwheels. It could also be brought fuel to burn from your clearing jobs. When your buzzsaw truck cuts down vegetation, lumber is left over and when your drill bores through mountains it can sometimes find coal. This fuels can be picked up with your crane and loaded into your dumptruck and then brought to your generator for burning.

I'd like to see if anyone here has any other ideas for trucks or stationary tools, or just for game play mechanics in general. My basic idea is just to make this a puzzle game, but I think that if you add in the concept of little plebs who you don't directly control you could have a neat sim game wherein they build stuff based on what you do to the land around them with your tools.

Forum Games / Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: April 27, 2008, 01:22:34 PM »

US Government (Wolves):
Can only perform night kills as long as Snake or Raiden are alive. They win the game if they out number the innocents and lose if Snake and Raiden are killed.

Solid Snake - Must effectively be killed twice by a night kill but a lynch vote will kill him on the first shot. The first time he is killed at night he is only discovered and the second time he is killed.

Raiden (Jack) - Must effectively be killed twice by a night kill to actually be killed. The first time he is killed he is only stripped naked and the second time he is killed. Lynch votes however will always kill him.

Meryl Silverburgh - Has a hot ass and is the Devil. Does not start out as known to the wolves since they couldn't find her codec frequency on the CD case.

Nastasha Romanenko - A Nuclear Weapons expert, can lock down one characters abilities for a night due to them being in the room with all the warheads.

Foxhound (innocents):
Win once Snake and Raiden are dead.

Liquid Snake - As the loving brother of all the genome soldiers, he can protect anyone from the lynch and has a posh British accent.

Revolver Ocelot - A spagetti western gun-slinger whose prefered weapon is the colt single-action army, Ocelot counts as an innocent. However, if either team wins the game and he has not been killed, then both teams actually lose and Ocelot wins when it is revealed that he was simply manipulating everyone from the start.

Decoy Octopus - A master of disguise, he never scans as the same role twice and never as himself. The player will not know that they are decoy octopus and will instead be told that they are an other random role.

Sniper Wolf - Can provide one player with sniper cover every round thus protecting them from night kills. If she is attacked she shoots the fuck out of Meryl, causing the player to backtrack to that room with the pits to get the sniper rifle. She then loses her power since she has to sit there pinning down Meryl.

Psycho Mantis - There's no player two slot to save you now! He is the Seer.

Vulcan Raven - Stalks the night with a vulcan cannon he salvaged from a downed F-16 Falcon. Some might call him a vigilante.

Grey Fox - He counts as an innocent but yerns for death, only wins if he dies through a night kill. However, as much as he would prefer it, he cannot be killed by Snake. His personal victory only matters to him and does not end the game.

Genome Soldier - The default powerless innocent.



Dirty Brentai

Always seeking companionship and validation, Brentai will never kill an enemy until he is sure they love and admire him. A former Interpol operative, he is a specialist in apprehension and prisoner securing techniques although his strict adherence to certain Japanese inspired techniques is often better left off of official reports. A strong believer in the power of Stockholm syndrome, he is known to hold captives for months until they will at least laugh at one of his jokes and hopefully develop a funny inside-joke based nickname for him.

Niku Hyena

In South Africa he was known as the tactically minded mission commander of countless successful mercenary campaigns. Although he distains personal combat, preferring to surround himself with maps and reports, upon a battle's completion he is always the first to return to the battlefield where rumors say, he feasts on the bodies of those he has outwitted laughing maniacally at their misfortune which he has so carefully manufactured. He also likes pudding.
Switchblade Guildenstern

A former actor who stared on stage as a leading man in West Side Story one too many times, Switchblade Guildenstern is a topgun actor and master of knife-based CQC. Easily recognized by his 1960s greaser styled hair and bomber jacket he can be just as lethal with his trademark switchblade, his deadly throwing comb, or an audience directed soliloquy.

Operator Hakubi

Foxhound's new radio operator and master of electronic counter measures. He possesses the uncanny ability to transmit messages to any radio or disrupt enemy communications and radar seemingly with his mind. His methods are unorthodox and unconfirmed, but Foxhound records point to the use of a small gong, a bicycle horn and a sound board of overly used movie and television soundclips.

Lady Frogman

Although her background does include Navy SEAL training, this member of Foxhound does not derive her codename from an aquatic warfare specialization. Lady's true area of combat expertise is that of anti-vehicle and anti-armour sabotage and destruction. Able to avoid detection and injury on even the busiest of enemy boulevards and highways, Lady Frogman has completely destroyed over 28 military convoys with a mix of land mines, RPGs, guided missiles, and frantic hopping and darting behaviour.

Kazz Dead-cat

A famous bounty hunter before he joined Foxhound, Kazz is known as the master of ubiquity. You truly can't swing a dead cat around a battlefield without hitting Kazz. Seemly omnipresent and inescapable, there are many recorded instances of enemy covert operatives leading Kazz on week long chases only to literally run into him when they least expect it. He lights a match for them before they can find theirs in the sewer drain they've ducked into, or they look up and are offered his extended hand from the top of the mountain they were climbing. Kazz Dead-cat always gets his man.

K-ration Constantine

Thought to be as non-perishable as his meals, Constantine is never found without a ready to eat meal within and arm's reach and is always ready to do battle with a full healthbar regardless of any wound inflicted upon him. His ability to regenerate tissue at such a rapid rate with the aid of nothing but preserved food is seen by many as super-natural but it is speculated that he has created his own advanced ration recipes that are shrouded in south-western secrecy but which always contain a dash of nutmeg.

Metal Gear SCD

A 50 foot, mechanical, compound armour covered, bipedal Canadian, SCD is the latest prototype in the long series of impractical nuclear capable war-machines. With the Canadian economy soaring due to newly profitable oil resources in many parts of the country, the Conservative party of Canada was finally able to achieve a majority government in 2009. They saw their election as a mandate from the people of Canada to return Canada to the fore front of the world stage that they perhaps once, sorta held at the end of WW2 when half of the important countries in the world lay in ruins. Highly trained CSIS operatives were sent to infiltrate a tanker sailing in NYC's bay area and stole plans for the newly designed Metal Gear Ray model before the tanker was sunk by some Russian guy's hand. All of the plans were in imperial units and therefore almost unintelligible to Canadian intelligence agencies, but never the less they formed the foundation for Canada's own metal gear design. This model is capable of slapshotting an undetectable puck shaped warhead and sending it intercontinental distances. It can also operate in even the coldest of climates.

Automatic Friday

Friday was once a famous Indian child acrobat, known throughout the middle-east and Asia for her grace and strength, able to leap many feet into the air twirling and then landing like a feather on her feet again. Injured when the stadium she was performing in was shelled during a fierce civil war, she lost both her arms and her family. Taken in by Big Boss, her lost arms were replaced with two sophisticated prosthetic arms to which she would later add four more as she became able to control them with further degrees of skill and grace. Her arms now conceal ammo belts that fuel her array of automatic pistols which she paints the battlefield with in a seemingly endless and ever growing spiral of automatic gun fire. She searches night and day for the legendary infinite ammo bandana.

Sapper Cross

A mad combat engineer with a unexplainable love of destruction, Cross was dishonorably discharged from the Royal Combat Engineers regiment of the British armed forces after it was discovered he never built anything without including some concealed intentional fault that allowed him to destroy his creation in a fiery and catastrophic explosion. Recruited by Foxhound and retrained as an infiltrator and mole, he often poses as and enemy engineer or civilian contractor only to "sap" whatever project he is assigned to from the inside.

Kevlar Ocksi

A true survivor, Ocksi is a former French GIGN member known for his gutsy room entry and enemy engagement tactics. He was allegedly forced to retire from the force after repeatedly violating procedure and attempting to engage targets without team support or proper briefing on the combat situation. Ocksi revels in his loose cannon persona and many think he intentionally cultivates it by often boasting about his unbelievable record of surviving a total of 69 recorded small arms fire related injuries by sticking out his tongue and crudely miming the act of mutual oral sex.

Keyboard Zaratustra

A highly skilled computer hacker who has become so immersed in his own computerized world of systems and mainframes that he no longer bothers with verbal communication with those around him, preferring to speak through a computerized voice program that he has even created an artificial intelligence for so that it may interact with undesired annoyances for him. Despite this antisocial behaviour the opinions of others are important to Zaratustra and few dare to cross him lest he flame them on their favourite internet forum site with untold vitriol and ferocity.

Gaming Discussion / Dino Run
« on: April 02, 2008, 08:28:52 PM »
I signed up for the beta of Dino Run a long time ago. The user name is dino and the password is runrunrun I was never a huge fan of Gamma Bros. but I did love the artwork in that game, especially the intro. I liked how the guy you didn't choose still took off with you and then just sort of naturally flew off to fight other guys behind you and then came back if you died as your second life. The game was a little too simple for me, I would have liked more abilities for your ship rather than just different kinds of shots and a little more to do than just shoot rows of enemies.

Dino Run looked a lot cooler to me and now having played it I am quite pleased with it. I like the set up and the general idea of the game and just the sort of catch 22 it offers. Run for your life, oh by the way, I made lots of stuff for you to try and find and grab an lots of pretty environments for you to explore... but there's really no time for that, RUN.

It's not the best thing ever, but it's cute and it's given me some always appreciated inspiration that I'll put to good use as I finish up my D-beetle Blackberry game that I've been making in my spare time since my internship at RIM started.

Gaming Discussion / Garry's Mod
« on: March 30, 2008, 12:35:49 PM »
Behold, my washing machine stablized rocket cart!

(Ridden by Malvado, but piloted by me for the pictures)

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