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Real Life / Re: Shit Days
« on: May 06, 2008, 10:09:45 AM »
I've driven my car into school and now work for every day for over 5 years. I'll admit, it is starting to ware on me and I really want to live close enough to where ever I work in future so that I can walk or bike there in the summer.

But my point is that I've done it for 5 years and I could probably do it longer, it's not that bad.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 06, 2008, 06:50:42 AM »
It's night time, all seer types send me your scry choices, other night roles don't get a move this night as it is night ZERO. Once all scrys are in I will send them their results and post the first day.

Envy, you got replaced with Lady Duke due to perceived stalling of the game, sorry.

I don't know why the favour text affects anything but fine:

Lady Duke
Sora Cross

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 09:35:55 PM »
I'm gonna make Meryl count then.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 09:16:05 PM »
Also, should Meryl count towards wolf victory or is that too many wolves?

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 08:59:38 PM »

Roles will be sent out as of 5 minutes from my posting this. How many votes should it take to lynch someone? I'm new to running a game  :nyoro~n:.

High-Context Discourse / Re: post instead of karma thread
« on: May 05, 2008, 08:27:17 PM »
To be clear, none of my descriptions were based on the people. I just came up with the names at random and then wrote down the first back story that came to mind when I read the name aloud.

Also, I moved all of the hilarious Foxhound descriptions to the first post where the rules are.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 08:11:57 PM »

I don't want to start without Envy because other wise someone will be at a disadvantage especially if he ends up with a night role or something.

Also, well played Niku. fix'd.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 05:10:51 PM »
Quote from: PM from Envy
I will be showing up to the party wednsday due to inexplicable causes and the fact im being kidnapped my first post into the game will be wednsday near midnight sometime or if i can find interwebs.. In the meantime im trying to find a pic of the frogmen from jhonny quest for a photo. If this would be Reasonable for a pic let me know.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 03:02:36 PM »
Damn it Guild, I already came up with hilarious and cool Metal Gear boss names for everyone. I added them to the first post in the thread as people joined up along with any changes to the rule I made. Though I do like Dirty Brentai better than Brentai Snake, so I've replaced that one. Here is the OFFICIAL list of players for the game once again pending Friday's official acceptance.

Please feel free to draw character art of your character. I was going to make this mandatory originally, but decided against it after I realized that would just result in a barrage of terrible, shakey-handed MSpaint abominations.


Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 09:22:57 AM »
No, Brentai and I are just being dumb. We haven't started until I send out the role PMs which I will do once Friday confirms or we get an other player, whichever.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 09:11:33 AM »
Well you see, with today's technology there's memes and uh... well the genes, I got the bad ones and uhh... Well, I'm really the 5th member of Black Chamber so... Bombs that I make are always duds if I go near them and-- TURN OFF THE CONSOLE AND LOOK OVER THERE!

*hides in a rusty oil drum*

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 08:21:01 AM »
Yes, we know, we saw you. We just don't care. We know you don't know how to snap anyone's neck and we are just waiting for you to get the Metal Gear keys for us. God...

Thaddeus Boyd's Panel of Death / Re: What the fuck?
« on: May 05, 2008, 07:21:17 AM »
I love how Big Brown was a relatively inexperienced horse too.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 05, 2008, 07:05:49 AM »
Plus Ocksi and Friday makes 12, so we are ready to go. I'll wait until tomorrow to get this started so that Friday has a chance to check in and say she wants to play. Ocksi gave me the go ahead over Ventrilo.

Forum Games / Re: Pyoko vs. WFE: Rules, Roles, Signup
« on: May 04, 2008, 09:44:18 PM »
Well, I'd like to see which game people are more interested (this or Metal Gear: Wolf Babel) in and then just run that. Unless people really want to play both.

That said, I do really want to run Wolf Babel.

Brentai did say he wanted to do this one later too, so I dunno.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 04, 2008, 06:43:15 PM »
Neither, that was just a joke because that's what happens in the MGS. No, if Sniper wolf is attacked at night, she wounds the female companion of the player and then loses her power for the rest of the game since she has to keep that person pinned down.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 04, 2008, 06:31:00 PM »
Zara's in too, so he said to me over IM.

Assuming that Friday and Ocksi are in, then I think we need 2 more.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 04, 2008, 03:17:56 PM »
Envy just msged me rather than posting in this thread for some reason... but that's one more at any rate.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 04, 2008, 01:05:46 PM »
I modified Snake and Raiden's one-shot death shields so that they only work against night kills. I figure that having one against lynches is just an artificial stall mechanism that wouldn't really create any need for further strategy and would just lead to boring revote turns.

Forum Games / Re: Metalgear: Wolf Babel
« on: May 04, 2008, 11:42:16 AM »
Maybe only one night kill, but Snake can't kill Grey Fox? That kinda forces him to play along with the innocents until they get Snake instead of just doing the usual Idiot thing and going "HEY KILL ME I'M AN EASY TARGET". It also keeps the death toll down so the innos have a chance.

Hmm, yeah I like that. I mean, Solid Snake wouldn't kill Grey Fox, right? He'd get in a big fist fight with him and then let him go. Although, I'm pretty sure that he does kill him in Zanzibar Land in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. But I've never actually played that. Plus we know from Metal Gear Solid that he some how survives that encounter anyway to come back as the ninja.

Anyway, so far I've got 3 people or 4 if Mars wants to play. Kazz, Ocksi and Friday have expressed interest so lets say that's 6... so I need 6 more to give this a 2 inno : 1 wolf ratio. Is that a good ratio?

Also, it occurs to me that if we go with 12, everone in the game will have a role except for one person who will be a genome soldier. Is this okay, or is this too many roles? If this isn't usually something that works out in wolf games, then I'd say the best thing to do would be to add one more wolf role (Otacon or the Colinel) and then just tag on two more genome soldiers. But I don't think we can actually get that many people at least not if the current level of interest is any indicator. So if we can't get more people, and you guys think that almost every innocent having a role is too crazy, then who should I remove and replace with a genome soldier?

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