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Author Topic: In the Shadow of Emirkol  (Read 2163 times)

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In the Shadow of Emirkol
« on: April 11, 2010, 06:26:19 AM »

Six hundred years have past since the rise and fall of the terrible Saint Emirkol. In his madness, the black priest declared a holy crusade against all who opposed the will of the gods - in his twisted mind - leading a campaign of genocide and subjugation across the land. The halflings of the hills and grasslands were driven to extinction, the elves back to the farthest reaches of their forests, and the dwarves of the mountains even farther into their strongholds. The humans, those few deemed pure enough to survive his bloody inquisition, gradually rebuilt, living in constant fear of the priest, even after his presumed death.

Emirkol's chapel was a source of constant fear for those living in the hills below it. For many years after the priest retreated into the seclusion of his sanctum, bands of his inquisitors would ride out into the surrounding villages, rounding up women and children and taking them back to the chapel, never to be seen from again. Over time, the raids became fewer and farther between, the inquisitorial force keeping to patrols around the chapel. Some years after this, the patrols were recalled, and the doors were barred. One by one, the lights were snuffed out until finally the place lay dead and ominous, a terrible outline on the night sky that would act as a reminder of the horrors that the past generations were forced to live through.

Adventurers tried for years to penetrate the walls of the chapel, only to be turned back at every attempt. Seemingly indestructable walls coupled with magical barriers would keep even the most resourceful explorers at bay. Over time, the place was almost forgotten - until the raids began anew.

The town of Meria, the closest to the chapel, has been hit the hardest by the raids. This time, the raiders are bands of demi-humans - primarily kobolds and orcs - but they fly the banner of the Dread Saint. Old fears have been stirred anew, and Meria and her sister towns and villages have pooled together a sizable sum of gold to reward any adventurer or adventurers who are able to stop the raids and put to rest the horrible legacy of Emirkol.

This is a clipped down version of 3e D&D. The setting will be a single megadungeon (the aforementioned chapel of Emirkol) and the players will be adventurers and mercenaries hired on by the council of a small coalition of villages, the central of which is Meria, which will act as a base of operations for the party. Due to my currently variable schedule, I will be posting the date we're going to shoot for on the first date of the week I know my schedule (saturday, sunday or monday) and whoever is able to show up on date available will be the party.

I have taken down a lot of the options and modified the way classes and races and feats etc work because I want to have a system that is familiar and quick to work with. By having less options balance is easier to calculate for me (which means less prep time) and picking up and stepping away from the game becomes easier - a slight disparity in gear or level won't be as big of a deal as it is in third edition proper. I would probably use labyrinth lord or swords & wizardy for this, but I don't want 'I'm not familiar with that system' to stop anyone from participating.

For this point in the dungeon, all new characters will start at level 1. As adventurers operating out of Meria explore deeper into the dungeon and uncover greater secrets and treasures, adventurers of greater reknown will be attracted to Meria's cause. (meaning, higher level characters) It is assumed that characters in the party will have family members, friends, compatriates, old war buddies, etc, who will be well aware of what they are doing, so if character death occurs, your next character will be allowed to inherit your equipment.

Starting gold is 200gp, 1st level maximum HP. Classes and races are in the next post:


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2010, 06:27:45 AM »

Please note before making a character: I am not using feats or cross-class skills. I am also not using once every fourth level ability score increases.

For attributes, 4d6 drop, arrange as desired with no stat point shift.  Use this: - You can do up to six sets if you'd like.

Clerics - I haven't come up with any setting info on deities. Pitch me your god.

Code: [Select]

1 +0 +2 Fort / +0 Ref / +2 Will Divine Spellcasting, Spell Domains, Preferred Weapon
2 +1 +3 Fort / +0 Ref / +3 Will
3 +2 +3 Fort / +1 Ref / +3 Will
4 +3 +4 Fort / +1 Ref / +4 Will
5 +3 +4 Fort / +1 Ref / +4 Will
6 +4 +5 Fort / +2 Ref / +5 Will
7 +5 +5 Fort / +2 Ref / +5 Will
8 +6/+1 +6 Fort / +2 Ref / +6 will
9 +6/+1 +6 Fort / +3 Ref / +6 Will
10 +7/+2 +7 Fort / +3 Ref / +7 Will

Clerical Spell Progression

1 2 3 4 5

1 1 - - - -
2 2 - - - -
3 2 1 - - -
4 3 2 - - -
5 3 2 1 - -
6 3 3 2 - -
7 4 3 2 1 -
8 3 3 3 2 -
9 4 4 3 2 1
10 4 4 3 3 2

Spell Domains - At first level, a Cleric can choose up to two Spell Domains. The Cleric may cast
one additional spell poer day per spell level from one of these two Domains. Spells cast from these
Domains are cast as if the spellcaster was one level higher for the purpose of determining spell DCs
and effects. The Cleric may not cast spells from a domain opposing their primary domains.

Spell Domain: Healing - Opposed by Harming

1st Level - Cure Light Wounds, Purify Food and Drink
2nd Level - Aid, Cure moderate Wounds, Delay Poison
3rd Level - Cure Serious Wounds, Create Food and Water, Cure Blindness/Deafness, Cure Disease
4th Level - Cure Critical Wounds, Neutralize Poison
5th level - Heal, Restoration

Spell Domain: Harming - Opposed by Healing

1st Level - Inflict Light Wounds, Putrefy Food and Drink, Curse Water
2nd Level - Inflict Moderate Wounds, Death Knell, Hasten Poison
3rd Level - Contagion, inflict Serious Wounds, Blindness/Deafness
4th level - Inflict Critical Wounds, Poison
5th level - Harm, Slay Living

Spell Domain: Good - Opposed by Evil

1st Level - Detect Evil, Protection from Evil, Bless water, Remove Fear
2nd Level - Zone of Truth, Consecrate, Shield Other, Align Weapon: Good
3rd Level - Daylight, Magic Circle against Evil, Searing Light, Remove Curse
4th Level - Discern Lies
5th Level - Hallow, Banish Evil

Spell Domain: Evil - Opposed by Good

1st Level - Detect Good, Protection from Good, Curse Water, Cause Fear
2nd Level - Undetectable Alignment, Darkness, Desecrate, Align Weapon: Evil
3rd Level - Animate Dead, Bestow Curse, Deeper Darkness, Magic Circle against Good
4th Level - Unholy Blight
5th Level - Unhallow, Banish Good

Spell Domain: Bolstering - Opposed by Withering

1st Level - Bless, Magic Weapon, Divine Favor, Shield of Faith
2nd Level - Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Eagle's Splendor, Owl's Wisdom, Resist Energy
3rd Level - Magic Vestment, Prayer, Protection from Energy, Water Breathing, Water Walk
4th Level - Death Ward, Divine Power, Freedom of movement, Greater magic Weapon
5th Level - True Seeing

Spell Domain: Withering - Opposed by Bolstering

1st Level - Bane, Command, Doom
2nd Level - Enthrall, Hold Person, Silence
3rd Level - Dispell Magic, Invisbility Purge, Confusion
4th Level - Dismissal, Hold Monster, Rusting Grasp, Crushing Despair, Dimensional Anchor
5th Level - Greater Command, Feeblemind

General Cleric Spells
1st Level - Light, Comprehend Languages, Sanctuary
2nd Level - Gentle Repose, Find Traps
3rd Level - Continual Flame, Speak with Dead
4th Level - Control Water, Sending, Tongues
5th Level - Atonement, Commune, Flame Strike

Preferred Weapon - When wielding the preferred weapon of their deity, a cleric gains a +1 bonus to
Attack and Damage rolls. A Cleric is always proficient with the preferred weapon of their deity.

Skills - At 1st level, Clerics have a number of skill points equal to their Wisdom score. For
each level afterwards, the Cleric gains 2+Wis modifier skill points.

Int-Knowledge: Religion
Int-Knowledge: History
Int-Knowledge: The Planes

A cleric's deity may allow the use of additional skills.

Code: [Select]

1 +1 +2 Fort / +0 Ref / +0 Will Weapon focus (Or Two-Weapon Fighting)
2 +2 +3 Fort / +0 Ref / +0 Will
3 +3 +3 Fort / +1 Ref / +1 Will Cleave
4 +4 +4 Fort / +1 Ref / +1 Will
5 +5 +4 Fort / +1 Ref / +1 Will Weapon Specialization*, Weapon Focus*
6 +6 +5 Fort / +2 Ref / +2 Will Improved Two-Weapon Fighting*
7 +7 +5 Fort / +2 Ref / +2 Will Power Attack
8 +8 +6 Fort / +2 Ref / +2 Will
9 +9 +6 Fort / +3 Ref / +3 Will Great Cleave
10 +10 +7 Fort / +3 Ref / +3 Will Whirlwind Attack / Manyshot

Weapon Focus - the Fighter may choose any weapon to become Focused in. This provides a +1
bonus to attack rolls made by the fighter when wielding that weapon. If the Fighter is not
proficient in this weapon, he becomes proficient with it.

Alternatively, the fighter may choose the ability to fight with two weapons at first level.
The fighter's off-hand weapon must be a light weapon. The fighter attacks at -2 with each hand.

At level 5, provided the fighter chose the weapon focus feat, they may focus in a second weapon,
or expand their focus on their primary weapon. If they expand their focus on their primary weapon,
they gain an additional +1 to hit their target, but now take -1 when wielding any other weapon.

At level 6, if the fighter choose to specialize in two-weapon fighting, he may now make a second
attack with his off hand weapon at the standard penalty.

Cleave - At third level, the fighter may choose to make an additional attack against an adjacent
enemy when he drops an opponent to 0 HP or an opponent is otherwise rendered incapacitated by his
attack. The fighter may only do this once per combat round. At ninth level, the fighter may use
this ability as often as he drops an opponent, regardless if he had used it that round or not.

Weapon Specialization - A fighter who chooses to focus in a single weapon may get an additional
+2 to damage rolls with that weapon at fifth level. A fighter who focuses in two weapon fighting
may not specialize.

Power Attack - upon reaching 7th level, the fighter may choose to make a power attack once per
combat round. They take a -4 to their attack roll, and gain a +8 to their damage roll for that attack.

Whirlwind Attack - At Tenth level, the Fighter may attack each opponent adjacent to him. A fighter
focusing in two weapon fighting may make an additional attack with their off-hand weapon on two
enemies within range at the standard penalties.

If the fighter has specialized in Ranged Weaponry, the Fighter gains access to the Manyshot ability.
The fighter may fire up to four arrows at up to four seperate targets - no more than two arrows per
target - with a single attack roll (at -4) determining the success or failure of the attack. Before
making this attack, the fighter decides which arrow is fired first - any bonus damage from strength
(such as in the case of using a composite bow) is only dealt on the first arrow, and only the first
arrow fired is subject to bonus damage from a critical hit roll.

Skills - At 1st level, Fighters have a number of skill points equal to their Strength score. For
each level afterwards, the Fighter gains 2+Str modifier skill points.

Int-Craft Armor
Int-Craft Weapons

Code: [Select]

1 +0 +0 Fort / +0 Ref / +2 Will Arcane Spellcasting, Magic Item Creation, School Focus, Familiar
2 +1 +0 Fort / +0 Ref / +3 Will
3 +1 +1 Fort / +1 Ref / +3 Will
4 +2 +1 Fort / +1 Ref / +4 Will
5 +2 +1 Fort / +1 Ref / +4 Will
6 +3 +2 Fort / +2 Ref / +5 Will
7 +3 +2 Fort / +2 Ref / +5 Will
8 +4 +2 Fort / +2 Ref / +6 will
9 +4 +3 Fort / +3 Ref / +6 Will
10 +5 +3 Fort / +3 Ref / +7 Will Greater School Focus

Magic-User spell Progression

1 2 3 4 5

1 1 - - - -
2 2 - - - -
3 2 1 - - -
4 3 2 - - -
5 3 2 1 - -
6 3 3 2 - -
7 4 3 2 1 -
8 3 3 3 2 -
9 4 4 3 2 1
10 4 4 3 3 2

Arcane Spellcasting - The Magic User has devoted their life to the study of the arcane.

Magic Item Creation - A Magic-User has access to the magic item creation skills. The Magic-User can create one
magic item at a time, and each magic item requires five days of uninterrupted research time per spell level used
in the Magic Item's creation, one successful craft check per five days spent, and then two days per spell level
to actually imbue the item with the power of the spell. The Magic User can also scribe scrolls - each scroll
takes one hour per spell level to scribe and the Magic-User can scribe no more than five of them per week.

School Focus - The Magic-User can choose to focus in a specific school of casting at 1st level. Focusing in a
school of casting improves the DCs of your spells by +1, and you cast these spells as if you were one level
higher for the purpose of determining their effect. Lastly, you may cast one extra spell from your spell school
per day. Focusing on a single spell school means eschewing any schools which oppose your school! At 10th level,
the specialist Magic-User gains an extra +1 to their Dcs and an additional +1 to the spell level to determine the
effect of the spell.

Familiar - Magic Users frequently make use of a Familiar. Familiars range in vareity from magically awakened
animals to simulacrums to arcane constructs and outsiders such as the homonculus or Mephit. Please consult the
DM to discuss your familiar.

Spellbook - A Magic-User may scribe spells from scrolls into their spellbook - they start play with all spells from
their chosen spell school (if any) and a number of additional spells from other schools equal to their
intelligence modifier. Each time a Magic-User gains a level, they may learn one new spell from their chosen school
that they could otherwise cast. A generalist Magic-User must learn all spells from scrolls after first level - they
never learn new spells from leveling up.

The school of Abjuration is opposed by Conjuration, Illusion, and Necromancy
Special: The duration of an Abjurer's shield spell is doubled.

1st level-Protection from Alignments, Shield, Mage Armor, Endure Elements
2nd level-Arcane Lock, Protection from Arrows, Resist Energy
3rd level-Magic Circle against Alignments, Dispel Magic, Protection from Energy, Nondetection
4th level-Dimensional Anchor, Lesser Globe of Invulnerability, Stoneskin
5th level-Dismissal, Break Enchantment

The school of Conjuration is opposed by Abjuration and Enchantment
Special: A Conjurer can spontaneously cast Summon Monster spells

1st Level-Grease, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Unseen Servant, Summon Monster I
2nd Level-Fog Cloud, Glitterdust, Web, Summon Swarm, Summon Monster II
3rd Level-Phantom Steed, Stinking Cloud, Summon Monster III
4th Level-Evard's Black Tentacles, Dimension Door, Secure Shelter, Solid Fog, Summon Monster IV
5th Level-Cloudkill, Mordenkainen's Faithful Watchdog, Lesser Planar Binding, Teleport, Summon Monster V

The school of Divination is opposed by Illusion
Special: A Diviner may cast Detect Magic without expending their spells per day.

1st Level-Detect Secret Doors, Identify, True Strike, Detect Magic
2nd Level-Detect Thoughts, Locate Object, See Invisibility
3rd Level-Arcane Sight, Clairvoyance, Tongues
4th Level-Detect Scrying, Scrying, Locate Creature
5th Level-Contact Other Plane, Prying Eyes, Telepathic Bond

The school of Enchantment is opposed by Conjuration, Transmutation, and Necromancy
Special: An Enchanter may Sleep up to 6 HD of Enemies, and Deep Slumber up to 14 HD.

1st Level-Charm Person, Hypnotism, Sleep
2nd Level-Daze Monster, Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Touch of Idiocy
3rd Level-Deep Slumber, Heroism, Hold Person, Rage, Suggestion
4th Level-Charm Monster, Confusion, Crushing Despair, Lesser Geas
5th Level-Dominate Person, Feeblemind, Hold Monster, Mind Fog

The school of Evocation is opposed by Transmutation and Necromancy
Special: An Evoker can prepare 2 additional Magic Missle spells per day

1st Level-Burning Hands, Tenser's Floating Disk, Magic Missle, Shocking Grasp
2nd Level-Melf's Acid Arrow, Darkness, Flaming Sphere, Gust of Wind, Scorching Ray
3rd Level-Daylight, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Wind Wall
4th Level-Fire Shield, Ice Storm, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, Shout
5th Level-Cone of Cold, Bigby's Interposing Hand, Wall of Force, Sending

The school of Illusion is opposed by Abjuration, Divination, and Necromancy
Special: The DC to disbelieve an illusion cast by a Illusionist is increased by +4.

1st Level-Color Spray, Disguise Self, Magic Aura, Ventriloquism, Silent Image
2nd Level-Blur, Hypnotic Pattern, Invisibility, Mirror Image
3rd Level-Displacement, Invisibiltiy Sphere, Major Image
4th Level-Hallucinatory Terrain, Illusory Wall, Greater Invisibility, Phantasmal Killer
5th Level-Mirage Arcana, Nightmare, Persistant Image

The school of Necromancy is opposed by all schools but Conjuration and Divination
Special: A Necromancer may always cast Animate Dead, regardless of their level and
the number of spells per day they have available. Casting Animate Dead does not
expend the use of spells per day.

1st Level-Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Ray of Enfeeblement
2nd Level-Blindness/Deafness, Command Undead, False Life, Ghoul Touch, scare, Spectral Hand
3rd Level-Gentle Repose, halt undead, Ray of Exhaustion, Vampiric Touch
4th Level-Animate Dead, bestow Curse, contagion, Enevration, Fear
5th Level-Blight, Magic Jar, Symbol of Pain, Finger of Death

The school of Transmutation is opposed by Enchantment and Necromancy
Special: The Transmuter may cast up to four transmutation spells as a single action
once per day. The transmuter must decide these spells in advance and they must be
targetable - they cannot be self only. These spells use the normal number of spell

1st Level-Animate Rope, Enlarge, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Jump, Magic Weapon, Reduce
2nd Level-Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Cat's grace, Fox's Cunning, Eagle's Splendor, Knock, Spider Climb
3rd Level-Blink, Imbue Elements, Fly, Gaseous Form, Haste, Keen Edge, Greater magic Weapon, Slow, Water Breath
4th Level-Mass Enlarge, Polymorph, Mass Reduce, Stone Shape
5th Level-Baleful Polymorph, Overland Flight, Telekensis, Passwall, Animal Growth

Cantrips - Cantrips may be cast without preparation. The Magic-User may cast twice as many cantrips per day as
they have spells. Cantrips are minor acts of magic, and can produce a wide array of effects - it is entirely
up to the Mage's imagination (and the DM's descretion) what minor act can be done as a cantrip.

Example Cantrips

Elemental Bolt - A ranged touch attack of a chosen element that does 1d4 damage
Light - Illuminates an area or Object for 10 minutes
Arcane Mark - inscribes a permanent, magical mark on an object
Hot Foot - Marks an area as a hot spot, which, when disturbed, deals 2d2 fire damage

Skills - At 1st level, Magic-Users have a number of skill points equal to their Intelligence score. For
each level afterwards, the Magic-User gains 2+Int modifier skill points.

Int-Craft Magic Weapons
Int-Craft Magic Armor
Int-Craft Magic Clothing
Int-Craft Magic Jewelry
Int-Craft Magic Wands, Rods and Staves
Int-Brew Potion
Int-Knowledge: The Arcane
Int-Knowledge: The Planes
Int-Knowledge: Magical Creatures

Code: [Select]

1 +0 +0 Fort / +2 Ref / +0 Will Sneak Attack +1d6, Dodging
2 +1 +0 Fort / +3 Ref / +0 Will Rogue Ability I
3 +2 +1 Fort / +3 Ref / +1 Will
4 +3 +1 Fort / +4 Ref / +1 Will Sneak Attack +2d6
5 +3 +1 Fort / +4 Ref / +1 Will Rogue Ability II
6 +4 +2 Fort / +5 Ref / +2 Will
7 +5 +2 Fort / +5 Ref / +2 Will Sneak attack +3d6
8 +6/+1 +2 Fort / +6 Ref / +2 Will Rogue Ability III
9 +6/+1 +3 Fort / +6 Ref / +3 Will
10 +7/+2 +3 Fort / +7 Ref / +3 Will Sneak Attack +4d6, Rogue Ability IV

Sneak attack - If a rogue is able to attack an opponent in melee when they are incapable of
defending  themselves effectively from the attack - such as when attacking a surprised opponent,
an opponent being flanked by other members of the rogue's party, or attacking an opponent from
behind, the rogue may add an additional 1d6 points of damage to the attack. This increases at
Level 4 to 2d6, Level 7 to 3d6, and Level 10 to 4d6 damage.

Dodging - The rogue has a sixth sense for danger and is able to dodge incoming attacks and
hazards. When disarming a trap, the rogue recieves a +2 bonus to their reflex saving throw
if the trap is misfires. If the rogue is caught surprised or otherwise flat-footed, the rogue
maintains their dexterity bonus to armor class. Each round of combat, the rogue may choose to
focus their attention on a single opponent. Doing so provides a +1 bonus to armor class against
attacks made by that opponent.

Rogue Ability - The Rogue has many connections, and has picked up a useful ability from them.
Choose an ability from the below list:

Weapon Finesse - the Rogue has learned swashbuckling techniques from the pirates of the high seas,
and is able to add his dexterity bonus to attack rolls instead of strength. The rogue may not
leverage their dexterity into additional damage, however.

Evasion - Picking up on the combat techniques of various opponents, the rogue improves their danger
sense, gaining a +2 bonus to all reflex saves and +1 to their Armor Class.

Trapsmithing - The rogue has learned a many techniques from the trappers of the great woods, and
gains a +3 bonus to finding traps, and an additional +3 bonus to disarming them.

Mobility - Learning techniques from the dervishes of the far east, the Rogue is able to move
effectively in combat even when it would put them in harms way. When moving into or out of an
area threatened by another opponent, the rogue gains a +4 bonus to their armor Class.

Combat Expertise - Prying the hidden techniques from the monastic sword sages was not easy, but
the rogue has learned how to use the weight of an opponents attack against them. The rogue may
choose to take a -4 penalty to attack to add a +4 bonus to their armor class during the next
round of combat. Should an opponent attack and fail to hit the rogue, the rogue gains a +2 bonus to
attack the target during the next round, and the target is vulnerable to sneak attack.

Improved Initiative - Picking up tricks from gamblers and cutpurses, the rogue is always quick to
move and react, gaining a +4 bonus to their initiative score at the beginning of a round.

Point Blank Shot - Learning tricks from underworld assassins and bag-men, the rogue knows how to
conceal a ranged weapon in close quarters - and use it to deadly effect. When firing at an opponent
within 30 feet who is unable to defend themselves, you gain a +2 bonus to attack, a +2 bonus to
damage, and may sneak attack the target.

Nimble Hands - Learning tricks from the best forgers and pickpockets, the rogue's hands are
well-trained - the rogue may add double their dexterity bonus to pickpocket and forgery skill checks.

Persuasive - Picking up various ploys from con-men, the rogue is incredibly persuasive, gaining a
+4 bonus to the Bluff and Diplomacy skills.

The rogue may learn a Rogue Ability at 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 10th levels.

Rogue Skills
At 1st level, the rogue gains a number of skill points equal to their intelligence and dexterity
scores added together. For each level after 1st, the rogue gains 4+Int Mod+Dex Mod skill points.

Dex-Disable Device
Dex-Escape Artist
Cha-Gather Information
Int-Local Lore
Wis-Perception (spot/listen)
Dex-Move Silently
Dex-Open Lock



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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2010, 06:27:53 AM »

Code: [Select]

Size: Medium
Lifespan: Short (40-60 yrs)

Humans have no particularly strong or weak features about them, and are capable of excelling in any
profession. They are extremely adaptable, and fast learners, and as such have spread faster than the
other races across the world.

Ability Modifiers: +1 to a single ability score.
Skill Bonuses: +4 to a chosen skill available to their class.
Special: Humans learn faster than other races, gaining 10% additional experience points.


Size: Medium
Lifespan: Medium (120-200 yrs)

Dwarves live mostly in the mountains and hills of the world, carving tremendous, cavernous domains
out of solid rock and forging beautiful weapons, armor and jewelry in the depths of their mountainous
homes. They are largely a culture of craftsmen, but value courage, bravery and honor as much as they
value beauty. They are proud warriors.

Ability Modifiers: +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
Skill Bonuses: +4 to Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, or Blacksmithing. A Dwarf may always place skill points
into these skills no matter what their profession is. Dwarves also recieve a +4 bonus to Search checks when
searching stonework, a +4 bonus to Appraise checks when appraising objecsts made from stone or gems, and a
+2 bonus to disabling devices or opening locks made from stonework.
Special: Dwarves are particularly resilient to the effects of magic, gaining a +2 bonus to saving throws vs
magical effects. However, they are also poor spellcasters, casting arcane spells as if they were one level
lower for the purpose of determining their effect. Dwarves are always proficient in the use of Axes and
Warhammers, and gain a +1 to attack rolls when using these weapons. Dwarves posess basic dark vision up to
thirty feet, but prefer torchlight.


Size: Medium
Lifespan: Very Long (1000+ yrs)

Elves are a nearly immortal race that dwells in forests - surface elves in the deep pine, and subterranae
Elves in the mushroom and stalactite forests of the underdark. Their ancient race discovered magic and forged
the basis of civilization in the world, but their arrogance has kept them stagnant for centuries - as the rest
of the world grows around them, they are dying out.

Ability Modifiers: +2 Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma, -2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution
Skill Bonuses: +4 to Spellcraft, Knowledge Arcana, or a Magical Crafting skill. Elves may always place points
into these skills, and may create magic items even if they are not arcane casters through the use of scrolls.
Special: Elves may always read arcane scrolls, and may learn one additional spell per spell level per day.
However,  elves are very slow learners and take instruction poorly. They gain 10% less experience. All elves
can use bows, and gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls when using a bow.


Size: Small
Lifespan: Very Short (20-30 yrs)

Goblins are born in large litters in warrens in the caves and sewers of the world, and are expected to force
their way to adulthood - as such, few goblins survive their adolescent phase, and those who do are often
ruthless, mean, and violent. Goblins are greedy, naturally attracted to objects that shine or glitter, and
are more prone to hoarding their wealth than sharing it. Those who venture from their Warrens tend to become
merchants in the best cases, and thieves and brigands in the worst, and often die young with vast amounts of
unspent wealth.

Ability modifiers: +2 Strength, Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, Charisma
Skill Bonuses: +4 to Pickpocket, Open Lock, or Bluff. Goblins also recieve a +4 bonus to Appraisal. Goblins may
always put points into these skills, regardless of their profession.
Special: Goblins can see perfectly in daylight or darkness, but tend to prefer the darkness. Goblins are fast
learners due to their short lifespans, gaining 5% additional experience. Goblins do not like to spend their
wealth, and must always retain at least 25% of their wealth in gold or jewels.


Size: Large
Lifespan: Short (30-50 yrs)

Orcs are a primitive counterpart to man - held back by stupidity and a penchant for violence, the Orcs have
not enjoyed the meteoric rise to dominance posessed by humans simply because they can't stop fighting with
their neighbors and each other. Orcs rarely seperate from their tribe, and when they do so, it is usually
due to exile or genocide. Orcs in society tend to be bouncers, thugs, and thieves, though a select few enjoy
some success as weaponsmiths.

Ability Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma
Skill Bonuses: +4 to Intimidate or +4 to Weaponsmithing. Orcs always have access to these skills.
Special: Despite their stupidity, orcs are, ironically, gifted spellcasters. Orcs cast spells both divine and
arcane as if they were one level higher for the purpose of determining effect. Orc spellcasters tend to wade
into combat as fighters, wielding large weapons and spells to great effect. Because of negative perceptions
towards Orcs, Orcs always recieve a -4 penalty to NPC reactions and may find party interaction difficult.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2010, 06:29:23 AM »

If anyone really, really wants to play a Ranger, a Paladin, a Monk, Bard, or Barbarian, let me know and I'll work out class details. I'm picking the big four to keep it simple for right now.

If you would like to multiclass, let me know - I will probably do multiclassing like 2nd edition rather than 3rd, but wouldn't restrict multiclassing based on race.

Week 1, I would like to play on Tuesday or Wednesday as I have both of these days off. Any time during the day is fine. If anyone is interested and is available on either of these days, put together a character and we'll go with what we can go with. Even if you're not available on those days, put together a character and maybe next week. This game is not going to be particularly plot heavy - outside of uncovering the occasional secret or background piece on Emirkol and his fall from grace - and I like to think that the various parties exploring the dungeon are going to treat this kind of like a communal adventure - sharing knowledge and teaming up with each other just so they have a better shot at eventually getting part of the prize or a shot at some of the loot in the temple. Basically, If you miss a week, you won't be missing much! So don't worry about not being able to play every week!



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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2010, 07:32:04 AM »

I guess I'll join if you don't care if I blow a game off for responsibilities, pffft.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2010, 07:51:15 AM »

Yeah, really, the plan here is to run a game where players can responsibility up or even flake out and still manage to run a coherent campaign. Not being plot/intrigue heavy has it's advantages.



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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2010, 07:53:34 AM »

I'm interested in this.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #7 on: April 12, 2010, 09:30:29 PM »

Running this tomorrow (tuesday) 4/13. Probably sometime between 6 and 10? We'll see what works for people. I encourage anyone to join this game, even if you're not familiar with D&D or you haven't played third edition etc etc.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #8 on: April 13, 2010, 05:45:29 AM »

Some snippets for my prep work for the game:

[spoiler]An ironwood Treasure Chest encircled with bands of gold and silver.
      The treasure chest is encrusted with rough carnelian and emerald.
      The treasure chest menaces with spikes of electrum and hematite.
      On the treasure chest is an engraving of Emirkol the Priest and
      dwarves in hematite. Emirkol is chasing the dwarves. The dwarves
      are screaming. The engraving relates to the genocide of the dwarves
      by Emirkol in the year 221.

[spoiler]Some strange, organic biomass clings to the floors, walls and ceilings in
      this room. Old wheelbarrows that were likely once used to haul meat from
      this room to the kitchen are scattered about the room, covered in more
      of the disgusting red meat. The floor here is slick with blood and ichor...

      ...The only thing that seems to be keeping the growth of meat in check is a
      cluster of small, bloated ghouls, who hungrily gnaw at the walls. The
      horrid creatures are corpulent and obese, and their rotten flesh seems to
      be stained a permanent shade of red.

[spoiler]Blind Cave Shark



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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #9 on: April 13, 2010, 08:14:53 AM »

MULTICLASSING - this is how it's going to work

At first level, you decide you want to multiclass. When multiclassing, you split all exp between your two classes.

BAB progression:

Fighter/Cleric - 1/1
Mage/Cleric - 1/2

Everyone else - 3/4

Saving Throws: Combine

Skills: You gain access to the class skills of both classes. Combine your total skill points on level up for both classes and then halve that number.

Multiclass characters, upon gaining a level, roll HP for both classes and average the result.



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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #10 on: April 13, 2010, 09:59:59 AM »

If for whatever reason we're missing someone important, I've created some henchmen. Henchmen take a share of the loot and experience if the party opts to bring one along on a push into the dungeon.

Code: [Select]
 /Kaylee Moonsong\
|STR 17| +3 Fighter 1 / Abjurer 1      |
|CON 11| +0 HP 7/7              |
|DEX 15| +2 Armor Class 12      |
|INT 17| +3 F2 / R2 / W2      |
|WIS 08| -1 Attack: +4 Longsword (1d8+5)  |
|CHA 12| +1 Caster Level 2 (3 abj)        |
|      |
|Class Features      |
|  Weapon Focus - Two Handed Swords      |
| +1 to attacks      |
|  Abjuration Focus      |
| Cast Abjuration spells at +1 level    |
| +1 to Abjuration Dcs      |
| 1 extra Abjuration spell/day      |
| Cannot cast Enchanting, Illusion, Nec |
| Shield spell duration doubled      |
|      |
|Race Features      |
|  Elf      |
| Cast spells at +1 level               |
| Can always read arcane scrolls        |
| +4 to Spellcraft                      |
| -10% penalty to experience            |
|      |
|Equipment                                    |
|  Two-Handed Sword      |
| 2d6 damage, 19-20x2 crit, Slashing    |
|  Backpack      |
| 5 Days' rations      |
| 4 Torches      |
| Flint and Tinder      |
| Spellbook      |
|      |
|Spells Known - * = Memorized      |
|  School      |
| Protection from Alignment      |
| Shield *      |
| Mage Armor *      |
| Endure Elements      |
|  Out of School              |
| Sleep      |
| Tenser's Floating Disk        |
| Magic Weapon *      |
|      |
|Skills      |
|  Climb - 7      |
|  Concentration - 4      |
|  Jump - 5      |
|  Knowledge: Arcane - 7      |
|  Spellcraft - 11      |
|  Swim - 6      |

Code: [Select]
 /Gilbert "Quick-Fingers"\
|STR 14| +2 Rogue 1        |
|CON 13| +1 HP 7/7              |
|DEX 16| +3 Armor Class 16      |
|INT 15| +2 F1 / R5 / W0      |
|WIS 11| +0 Attack: +2 Short Sword (1d6+2)|
|CHA 10| +0              |
|      |
|Class Features      |
|  Sneak Attack      |
| +1d6 vs Flat Footed or Flanked      |
|  Dodging      |
| +1 AC vs single opponent/round      |
| +2 reflex save vs traps he is aware of|
|      |
|Race Features      |
|  Human      |
| +4 to Open Locks              |
| +10% experience bonus      |
|      |
|Equipment                                    |
|  Short Sword      |
| 1d6 damage, 19-20x2 crit, slash/pierce|
|  Studded Leather Armor      |
| +3 AC, +5 max dex, -1 ACP      |
|  Backpack      |
| 5 Days' rations      |
| 4 Torches      |
| Flint and Tinder      |
| Thieve's Tools      |
|      |
|Skills      |
|  Climb - 7 (6)      |
|  Dis. Device - 7      |
|  Hide - 7 (6)      |
|  Local Lore - 6      |
|  Perception - 4      |
|  Move Silently - 7 (6)      |
|  Open Lock - 10      |
|  Search - 6      |

Code: [Select]
/Bright Lightbeard\
|STR 16| +3 Fighter 1 / Cleric 1      |
|CON 18| +4 HP 12              |
|DEX 10|  0 Armor Class 18      |
|INT 07| -2 F6 / R0 / W5      |
|WIS 17| +3 Attack: +7 Battle Axe (1d8+4) |
|CHA 11|  0 Caster Level 1  (2 DOM)       |
|      |
|Class Features      |
|  Spell Domains                              |
| Healing and Bolstering                |
| 1 extra spell per day from domains    |
| Cast Domain spells at +1 level      |
| Can't cast Harming or Withering spells|
|  Favored Weapon      |
| Deity's favored weapon is Battleaxe   |
| +1 to attack and damage rolls      |
|  Weapon Focus: Battle Axe                   |
|       +1 to attack rolls with weapon      |
|      |
|Race Features      |
|  Dwarf      |
| +4 Weaponsmithing      |
|       +4 to Appraise Stonework      |
|       +4 to Search Stonework                |
| +2 to Open/Disable Stonework          |
| +2 saves vs Magic                     |
|       -1 Arcane Caster Level                |
| +1 to Attack with Axes/Hammers        |
| Darkvision                            |
|      |
|Equipment                                    |
|  Battle Axe                                 |
| 1d8 damage, x3 crit, slashing         |
|  Splint Mail                                |
| AC 6 / Max Dex  0 / ACP -7            |
|  Heavy Steel Shield                         |
| AC 2 / ACP -2      |
|  Backpack      |
| 5 Days' rations      |
| 4 Torches      |
| Flint and Tinder      |
|      |
|Spells Known - * = Memorized D = Dom Memor.  |
|  Healing - lv 1      |
| Cure Light Wounds - **      |
|       Purify Food and Drink      |
|      |
|  Bolstering - Lv 1      |
| Bless - D      |
| Magic Weapon      |
| Divine Favor      |
| Shield of Faith      |
|      |
|  Good - Lv 1      |
| Detect Evil      |
| Protection from Evil      |
| Bless Water      |
| Remove Fear      |
|      |
|  Evil - Lv 1      |
| Detect Good      |
| Protection from Good      |
| Curse Water      |
| Cause Fear      |
|      |
|  General - Lv 1      |
| Light      |
| Comprehend Language      |
| Sanctuary      |
|      |
|Skills      |
|  Climb - 7      |
|  Concentration - 8      |
|  Heal - 7      |
|  Weaponsmithing - 11      |

note on skills:

I've decided to let everyone take the perception skill. If in doubt, put points into it. Most rooms in the dungeon as I've designed them so far involve perception checks.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #11 on: April 13, 2010, 11:35:44 AM »

Going to try getting this going at 6PM CST, 7PMEST in #shinra on


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #12 on: April 13, 2010, 11:44:54 AM »

I am interested in doing this.  If I can put something together in time I will be there!


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #13 on: April 13, 2010, 11:46:33 AM »

Excellent. Don't sweat putting together a character too much, worse comes to worse you can do it at the last minute before the game starts.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #14 on: April 13, 2010, 12:48:31 PM »


Code: [Select]
Roderick Rombuld, Human Fighter
Level One
True Neutral

STR 18 (+4) HP 13/13 INIT 2
DEX 14 (+2) AC 16 (+2 DEX, +4 Armor)
CON 17 (+3) BAB  1
INT 13 (+1) FORT 5
WIS 13 (+1) REF  2
CHA 8  (-1) WILL 1

Greatsword +6 2d6+6 Slashing (19-20/x2) Melee
Sling +3 1d4+4 Bludgeoning (20/x2) Ranged (50ft)
Throwing Axe +5 1d6+4 Slashing (20/x2) Melee
Throwing Axe +3 1d6+4 Slashing (20/x2) Ranged (10ft)
Dagger +5 1d4+4 Slash/Pierce (19-20/x2) Melee
Dagger +3 1d4+4 Slash/Pierce (19-20/x2) Ranged (10ft)

Racial Features: +1 to any base stat; +4 racial bonus to any one skill (Perception); +10% XP gained.
Class Features:  Weapon Focus (Greatswords): +1 ATK w/ Greatswords

;           -=SKILLS=-          ;RNKS;RACE;ATTR;MISC;TOTL;
; Perception (WIS) ;  4 ; +4 ; +1 ; +0 ;  9 ;
; Climb (STR) ;  4 ; +0 ; +4 ; -2 ;  6 ;
; Intimidate (STR) ;  3 ; +0 ; +4 ; +0 ;  7 ;
; Jump (STR) ;  4 ; +0 ; +4 ; -2 ;  6 ;
; Swim (STR) ;  3 ; +0 ; +4 ; -2 ;  5 ;

8 lb Greatsword
6 lb Throwing Axes (3)
3 lb Daggers (3)
* lb Sling
10 lb Bullets (20)
25 lb Chainshirt
-------- 52 lbs
Adventuring Gear
2 lb Backpack
5 lb Bedroll
.5 lb Case, map or scroll
* lb Flint & Steel
* lb Ink Vial, 1oz.
* lb Inkpen
4 lb Rations (4)
4 lb Waterskin
1 lb Whetstone
-------- 68.5 lbs overall; Light Load

Currency: 1gp

Load: Light 100 lbs / Medium 101-200 lbs / Heavy 201-300 lbs
Carrying Capacity:  Lift 300lbs / Off Ground 600lbs / Push-Drag 1500lbs

Roderick appears as a huge, dour brute.  He wears leather and chain dyed a dark blue color.  Though he is young, guessing his age would prove difficult considering his features are marred by numerous scars and what are presumably burns.  His expression is usually impassive, seemingly emotionless... though those with great empathy would notice his attentiveness beneath the mask of derision.  He has considerable mental faculties for one so physically powerful.

The warrior has managed to gain a considerable amount of fame employed with the city guards of Meria in a startlingly short amount of time, settling disputes with the townsfolk in a brutal but efficient manner. All who have met him would say he is a quiet man, more concerned with acquiring wealth and improving his swordsmanship over standing for any particular cause.  He speaks calmly and pointedly, and where threats fail he is quick to resort to violence to get what he wants.

When the trouble with the chapel began, Roderick was quick to enlist.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #15 on: April 13, 2010, 03:33:37 PM »

well, only person who has showed up so far is Makaris. I'd really like to get this going tonight, going to keep trying for a little while longer.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #16 on: April 14, 2010, 11:27:12 AM »

If tonight would work any better for anyone, I'd certainly like to try again.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #17 on: April 14, 2010, 12:15:05 PM » - Current stat set is my 6th roll (I did one with the name 'test', first)

Oniaki is of average elven height, and rather well-muscled. With long black hair and brown eyes, she is slightly attractive barring a large, ornate series of tattoos running across her left cheekbone, marking her as both a criminal and an exile. Despite this, she is relatively easy-going for an elf, although still somewhat arrogant. As she is effectively marooned in human lands, she is more familiar with their social norms than most of her kind, and largely made her living protecting merchants.

Code: [Select]
Oniaki, Elf Fighter

str 17 (+3) HP 12/12 Init 4
dex 18 (+4) AC 18 (+4 dex, +3 armor, +1 shield)
con 14 (+2) BaB  1
int 11 (+0) FORT 4
wis 14 (+2) REFL 4
cha 12 (+1) WILL 2

Longbow +7 1d8 (20/x3) 100'
Scimitar +4 1d6 (18-20/x2)

Elf Stuff: +1 atk, bows, +4 Knowledge(Arcana); -10% xp gain
Weapon Focus(Longbow): +1 atk, longbows

;           -=SKILLS=-          ;RNKS;RACE;ATTR;MISC;TOTL;
; Know: ARCANA (INT) ;  0 ; +4 ; +0 ; +0 ;  4 ;
; Perception (WIS) ;  4 ; +0 ; +2 ; +0 ;  6 ;
; Climb (STR) ;  3 ; +0 ; +3 ; -3 ;  3 ;
; Intimidate (STR) ;  2 ; +0 ; +3 ; +0 ;  5 ;
; Jump (STR) ;  4 ; +0 ; +3 ; -3 ;  4 ;
; Swim (STR) ;  4 ; +0 ; +3 ; +0 ;  7 ;

equipment: 86/87-173/174-260
3 lb Longbow
6 lb Arrows(40)
4 lb Scimitar
5 lb Buckler(+1 ac, -1 acpen)
25lb Hide armor(+3 ac, -3 acpen)
-------- 43lbs
34lb (2lb)Backpack
(3lb)Winter blanket
(10l)Rope, silk(100') - +2 Use Rope
(6lb)Trail Rations, x6
4.5lb (.5l)Belt Pouch
(2lb)Caltrops (5' square, touch atk +0, target gains +2ac for footwear; 1dmg, 1/2 speed)
(2lb)Caltrops (5' square, touch atk +0, target gains +2ac for footwear; 1dmg, 1/2 speed)
3.5lb (.5l)Belt Pouch
(1lb)Sunrod (30' illumination/60' shadowy, 6 hour dura.)
(1lb)Sunrod (30' illumination/60' shadowy, 6 hour dura.)
(1lb)Sunrod (30' illumination/60' shadowy, 6 hour dura.)
-------- 85lbs overall; Light

Hunting dog (



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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #18 on: April 14, 2010, 12:31:55 PM »

Tonight is fine with me, barring a calamity.


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Re: In the Shadow of Emirkol
« Reply #19 on: April 14, 2010, 12:38:04 PM »

Excellent, I'll probably have my wife along too. Considering she has a penchant for playing rogues, she's either going to be saving the group or the first one to die.

Anyway, I'm running out to Tulsa, I should be back around 6-7 CST at which point we'll try to get this thing going, Game will be in #shinra on
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