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Author Topic: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!  (Read 48632 times)

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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #20 on: December 21, 2010, 08:16:41 PM »

: Who's got two thumbs and...
: :humpf:
: ...and that is Lord Lucifer!
: What the fuck?
: Okay, Francois, I admit it. I liked your answer better.
: In ages past, Lord Lucifer was the most powerful, most beautiful angel in Heaven. In order to bestow upon us the gift of wisdom, Lucifer sacrificed his position in heaven and descended to Earth. Furious at him for opening our eyes, God turned Lucifer into a demon and stripped him of his power. Even still, against overwhelming odds, Lord Lucifer continued to fight God and his army in order to save us from the fate of becoming his mindless minions. Lucifer sacrificed everything he had for us! Therefore we worship him for his courage...

I'm not on the up and up with Western religion but I think I know better than to listen to a dude in a black trenchcoat who encourages people to worship Lucifer.

: That which has form will eventually crumble. You who bring Chaos to this world... What business have you in this Temple of Gaia?

*: Meet the Chaos counterpart to the Mesian Church.

Give us money, and we'll share our artifacts with you. They are all powerful!
: Now that's honesty!

*: They have a selection of miscellaneous one-shot items, including an Amulet which protects against traps and a Pentagram that reflects all spells for one turn. I could afford some but I want to upgrade my equipment before I even consider it.

Wow, I didn't know my gaydar was still working. Not since the... incident.

: At least that frees me from suspicion... If it was me, I'd be kidnapping men! Not that I'd do something like that in the first place, of course.
: Not that there's anything wrong with... uh... yeah, never mind.

: Th-the shadows... so many of them... Flying, flying... A great light, shining... I hear many people crying in pain... But the shadows don't disappear... No!... Aaaah! My head... it hurts so much...
: Ma'am? Are you alright?

She fainted. Yeesh.

: Some strange guy came up to me just now. "Are you Kei?" he said. Once I said no, he went to a girl standing nearby, and asked her the same question. I wonder who he was?
: A rapist with a very specific fetish. You should stay away from that guy and anyone like him.

: Those weird monsters are popping up all over the place now, and all the roads are blocked off to boot... There's no way I can get home like this. ...What should I do...
: If you paid attention to your spam folder you certainly wouldn't be in this situation.

: Both the military force that Gotou used in his coup d'etat and the forces of the American army that Ambassador Thorman ordered into the country are assembled en masse in Shinjuku. While obviously they're at odds with one another, so far there hasn't been any sort of direct conflict between the two of them.
: Talk about a powderkeg.
: If something like that happens, it's really going to be a mess!

*: I find a Terminal and another basement, but...

...and I don't.

*: At the stores, I splurge on a 20000 yen San-setsukon (12/15, hits 1-3 times), which is a three-part staff, AKA the kind of nunchuck that lets you hit yourself in the balls and the teeth at the same time. I finally get Rivet Knuckles and Rider Boots to fill my long-empty arm/leg slots. I could get better torso/head armor but those would be marginal upgrades. I'm left with about 3000 yen that I keep for negotiation. My teammates don't get anything new, but I tank for them and they rely on magic and guns anyway.

Next, I find the Jakyou mansion. I have a lot of options, but I think I'll skip on going in detail on all the potential new results because dang.

I do make a bunch of fusions though, because I'm about at full capacity and I could use the upgrades.

Jack Frost + Harpy = Gamygyn
Pixie + Knocker = Azumi
Azumi + Weredog = Kinnari

Lv15 Youma Kinnari
The Kinnari is a Buddhist/Hindu personification of absolute romantic and passionate love. It's... got the head of a horse. Look, I don't know. In any case, what love does for us here is cast mean-ass elemental spells, and also cause happiness. Fair enough!

Youma are intelligent magical creatures, often animal/human hybrids. They tend to be wise and principled, according to their role in their respective mythologies. They are Neutral-Law.

And last but not least...
Gamygyn + Dryad = Angel

Lv14 Tenshi Angel
The basic angels may be the bottom rung of God's hierarchy, charged with watching over humans as their guardians, but they are still glorious creatures in their own right. Here they have great HP and MP, excellent attack power, our first available exorcism spell (Hanma, actually the upgraded version of Hama), and group healing and status recovery magic. Pretty awesome! Unfortunately they have a less than awesome CP of 14 (!). Not something you summon on a whim at the moment.

Tenshi represent the rigidly hierarchized orders of God's angelic forces. As far as SMT goes, they're the ultimate fascists, responding violently and without mercy to even the slightest dissent. They are as Light-Law as you can get.

Yeaaaaah. We're in the big leagues now. Well, bigger leagues anyway.

*: Finally, there are three bars here, and I visit them all.

: Hi! We meet again!
: I won't even bother questioning this anymore. Hi, Yuriko. How's it going?
: I really like nice quiet shops like this. Want to have a cup of coffee with me?
: Sure, why not? I... err... Yuri... ko?

She's disappeared again! What the hell? Am I just crazy? Is that the problem at hand here?

: Haven't seen you around here before... ...Eh? You look familiar... Do you have a demon summoning program?
: No, I run around with a keyboard strapped to my arm because it drives all the chicks crazy.
: Really?
: No, yeah. I have the program.
: Do you think it's OK to just let the demons continue to run around unrestrained?
: Hell no. Most of them are right bastards, as far as I've seen.
: Do you think it's wrong to call on a greater level of power in order to restore peace?
: Well, we could use some help, that much is obvious. But if you're talking about nukes, then of course that's too much. Maybe all we need is more people like, say, me.
: I've got something I want to give to you. Take this. You'll be able to find the person you're looking for.
>You got Bar Matchbook.
: Uh, thanks?

On second thought, maybe that's what the kid in the basement wanted to see. Hmm. I'll check it out once I'm done with my pub crawl.

: Get out of here.

*: Next bar!

Hmm, this looks like the place where all the Americans hang out.

: Let's, uh, let's hope he doesn't push your trust to its limits... in bed.
: :facepalm:

: Gotou say he make ideal country summoning demons. We move out to protect against that!
: You could always use more protection... in bed.
: Come on! Are you trying to provoke them?
: What does it matter? They probably don't even understand a word I'm saying.
: He's got you there, K.

: Our American Ambassador Mr. Thorman saw disorder in Tokyo, he stand up to it. He is true justice!
: bed?
: Yeah, no, sorry.
: Oh well.

: The demons at Gotou's command have overrun our laboratory.
: Soooo, you went out for a drink?
: I only just made it out of there with my life! There was a man in a wheelchair there too... Poor guy, there's no way he could've gotten out of there safely.
: Okay, I stand corrected. You left a crippled man to die, then you went out for a drink.
: I wonder what happened to him.
: Don't you just wish SOMEONE had stuck around to make sure?

: There's an underground group called the Resistance that's been constantly getting in the hair of the American army. Though they don't seem to be working for Gotou...

The more I hear about these people, the more I like them.

*: Okay, last bar.

Oh hey, lots of Japanese Self-Defense Force soldiers in here. Right next door to the drunken Americans. That's so not a recipe for disaster.

: will only lead to the eventual destruction of humanity.
: Aren't we a little ray of sunshine?
: That worried Commander Gotou, and is why he started the coup d'etat.

: I really dislike Gotou's right-hand-man, Ozawa.
: You and me both, brother. He and his guys went from popping wheelies on their scooters at 11 in the evening to kidnapping schoolgirls for the junta.
: I don't know why Gotou would want help from a no-good punk like him.
: Maybe he's into scooters too.
: If you're looking for him, he's in the building that's right northwest of Shinjuku.

: The American ambassador refuses to even talk to Commander Gotou. Without even hearing him out, he just called in the American army from square one.

: It's not just the American army that's trying to stop Commander Gotou. There's this group that calls themselves the Resistance, and they're led by some woman named Kei.

: Are you the ones that have been looking for a woman around here?
: A lot of people have been looking for women lately... but yeah. You could say that.
: You should talk to J.B. then, he should know where she is. He hangs out at the disco a lot, you might be able to find him there.

*: We go back to the disco, but J.B. doesn't say anything new. Hmm. Alright then, we go back to the basement to see that kid. Somehow I didn't get following encounter pictures all at the same time, which explains the stat discrepancies.

Lv13 Youki Bogle
As far as I can find, the term is a catch-all for various folkloric UK critters with very little in common. Here, they are tough motherfuckers who come in large groups, can deal lots of physical damage, and know Dia and Zionga. It's the game's way of telling you to start spending some MP on group-targeting spells already.

Lv18 Datenshi Forneus
A Great Marquis of Hell, presiding over languages, with the ability to enhance people's reputation and good name. He commands only twenty-nine legions of demons, which means he's probably planning to murder the jackass who promoted Orias and Andras over his head. He is one tough son of a bitch, so much so that he was finally promoted to boss status in Nocturne. He knows Maha-Zio, his Fog Breath causes a severe accuracy penalty, and I'm pretty sure his Wall of Water temporarily protects from fire attacks.

Lv17 Yuuki Ghoul
When you die, you come back as one of these if your nightly habits included breaking into graveyards, digging up graves, and eating dead people. So if you were thinking about doing that, you probably shouldn't. True to their D&D counterpart, they can paralyze with a touch.

I walk up to the kid again.

: So, uh, yeah. I have these... matches. Does that...?
: ...Yep, it's good all right. Go on ahead.

: It wasn't easy, but I just had to meet you people.
: So, you must be the Resistance leader?
: Whoa, whoa, hold on there just a minute, chief! I'm not the leader, just a member. We can't just let outsiders meet our leader. It's not safe.
: Well, that makes sense. I hear you're earning some powerful enemies, after all.
: Don't take it personally, we just have to be careful about who we trust.

: Are you sure...? All right then. You heard the lady, she'll meet with you. She's right beyond the room here.

: Francois... Kaneda... Tetsuo... I've been waiting for you. I knew you would come.
: I promised you, didn't I?


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #21 on: December 24, 2010, 10:39:19 PM »

: Your name is Kei too?
: Don't you remember me? This isn't the first time we've met... Though it is the first time we have all been in the same place together. I remember you at least... from my dream. I was going to be made a sacrifice, when you came along and rescued me. And I've been waiting for you. I knew that eventually you would come find me for real, to help me again...
: I don't have the best track record for helping people I care about so far, but I know there's still much I can do.
: There are some matters I wish to discuss with you... As you may have heard already, the current regent in Tokyo, a man named Gotou, is summoning demons and using their power to try to create a world molded after his own personal ideals. Thinking that, if left alone, Gotou would become a threat, the American ambassador Thorman convinced the American government to send their troops into Japan to supress Gotou's coup d'etat and impose their will instead.
: I'm still not sure how he pulled that one off, but...
*: 9/11 hasn't happened yet.
: ...huh?
*: Never mind. Carry on!
: I cannot stop Gotou, nor can I halt the advance of the American army. All we can do is carry out minor acts of sabotage that pose little more than an irritation. The situation is coming to a head. If Gotou's forces meet head-on with the American army, the carnage would be overwhelming, and Tokyo would likely be reduced to rubble in the conflict. Please, lend us your aid!
: I was going to find something to do against these assholes anyway. Do you have a plan?
: The first thing we need to do is rescue all those poor girls who were kidnapped because they had the same name as I do...
: You know where Kei is, then!?
: ...... And also, while we cannot stop the coup d'etat forces entirely, we can destroy the gang of thugs led by a man named Ozawa, who recently struck a deal with Gotou and have been working with him to gather information and do his dirty work.
: Whoa, whoa! What did you say!? Did you say that Ozawa's gang is mixed up in this!?
: ...... Please, help us...
: I'd be happy to help do what I can. Especially if it means finding Kei!
: Any enemy of Ozawa's is a friend of mine! Count me in too!

: You have my impractical nunchuck!
: Thank you! I don't know how I could ever repay you!

That voice...

: Whoa, ladies! There's enough of Francois for everyone! No need to fight over me!
: I'll just be taking Kei with me to Ozawa...
: No, wait, this is even worse than I thought!

*: Yuriko teleports away with Kei.

: What the-!? What the heck just happened...?
: Your leader... err... just got a wee bit kidnapped. By someone else.
: WHAT!? The leader was kidnapped!? ...My God, this is awful! No time to waste! We've got to get out there and rescue her!
>The resistance members all left the hideout.

Dammit, Yuriko. Now I'll never be able to trust a naked dream woman again.

: Once we find out the location of our leader, all of the Resistance is going to meet up at our usual hangout, the Bar here in Shinjuku.

Well, we should look for her too. She's probably at Ozawa's hideout. Unfortunately, given how she blew off Kaneda when he asked if she knew where the Keis were taken, the Resistance probably doesn't know where that is either.

*: I go to fuse Jack Frost and Imp into a new Dryad, then I check out the disco and bars again. While I'm at it, here's the uncovered Shinjuku underground map. It's the biggest area yet by far.

*: Back at the resistance bar...

: God, this is awful! Our leader is going to be executed! They're going to publicly execute her in the plaza right in front of the Tokyo Government Office!
: WHAT!?
: Please, do something! Anything! We have to save her...

: God, I was so careless to let that Yuriko woman slip by me and kidnap our leader! Is this the end of the resistance?
: Not if I have anything to say about it!
: You be careful now!

Alright, so, new plan. We need to wreck City Hall's shit.

*: I guess that the Tokyo Government Office building is the large building that I first entered when I arrived in Shinjuku... and it is! Score! Before going very far in it though, I have a hunch. I go back to the building with the fat guy who didn't want anything to do with us. Maybe it's Ozawa's hideout and I'll see something interesting.

: So, I see you've graduated from that ridiculous scooter business.
: Ozawa! Some day I'm going to pay you back for that shit you pulled!
: Well well, if it isn't the little wuss we beat the crap out of back in Kichijoji.
: Until we showed up and you had realized you had left your balls in your other pants.
: You still running around playing your little demon hunter game?
: Why are you trying to kidnap Kei!? What have you done with my Kei!?
: Look, I don't give a rat's ass about Gotou or Kei. But Gotou's got a lot of political and military power, and I want some of that!! Eventually I plan to overthrow Gotou and take over myself.
: Are you even listening to yourself? You're a two-bit thug from Kichijoji!
: After all, I've finally gained the ability to summon demons myself! And I don't have time to waste on a bunch of snot-nosed lowlifes like you!
: What, your noob ass just picked up a Brownie or something? Give me a break, you're out of my league.
: Play with this for a while!!

Oh. Hmm. Okay, he's good.

*: It's over in two turns. It got off a Mudo (which failed) and took over half of Tetsuo's HP in a single hit with a critical, but it's weak to fire and both Tetsuo's Agi and Kaneda's new Zanma do decent damage.

Lv25 Yuuki Baykok
The Baykok is a malevolent spirit from Ojibway mythology. "Ojibway" as in the Native-American tribe. Dang but Atlus has done its homework. It's a skeletal figure that flies around and kills warriors by shooting them with invisible arrows, which more or less proves that a FPS player's profound hate of haxx0rs has deeper, more ancient roots than most people think.

>Ozawa has disappeared.

Alright, enough time wasted with that idiot. City Hall, here we come.

I suspect we're gonna have to bust some heads, so I summon Angel, Kinnari and Dryad.

*: There's room for a lot of people there:

: It's Kei! Hurry, let's rescue her! There's not much time!
: Hold it, Kaneda! Calm down! Don't be foolish, if we run out into that plaza now we'll be shot down before we get within 200 feet of Kei!
: The Resistance group, in its arrogance, has been continually opposing the plans of our great leader, Gotou! And after a long and arduous search, we have finally captured their leader, Kei! Gotou is a kind man, and has forgiven this woman for the many acts of sabotage and terrorism that she has organized against our great country!
: So... why is she strung up on that not-cross?
: However, that does not erase her crime of opposing him in the first place!
: Alright, that'll explain it I guess.
: Therefore, I sentence this woman, Kei... to death! Wait... I see we have some uninvited guests hiding over there! Come on out, little weasels! I've arranged special, front-row seats to this event just for you!

There are more guns pointed at me right now than I've seen in my entire life. I don't have much of a choice... but then again I was going to try and find a way to get close anyway. This is may be our chance.

: I'd rather say goodbye to you, to be honest. Once and for all.
: Poor Francois, don't you see? If only you had chosen me instead, this wouldn't have happened to her...
: Chose her? I was beginning to think you were a figment of my imagination! You couldn't string two sentences together without disappearing on me! And besides that, you're clearly a colossal she-bitch, so you can kiss my ass!
: All right then! Do it! Kill them!

...zombie cops? Frankly, I'm a little insulted.

*: Tetsuo strikes first with Maha-Agi, and seven of the cops go down; the remaining one survives only because he dodged the spell. Next up, Kinnari casts Agirao for 174 damage. I think living cops would have been more of a challenge. At least they wouldn't be so flammable.

Lv6 Shiki Zombie Cop
Pretty much what you think it is. Crappy stats, and a basic poisonous attack.


*: Uh-oh, Tetsuo nukes all of them instantly. God I am glad I pumped his Magic stat.

Okay, now we're talking.

*: You remember how I said you don't meet two types of demons at once? Well, clearly I was talking out of my ass. Sorry about that. I suppose that's how semi-blind LPs go. Anyway, Tetsuo incinerates the soldiers. Angel casts Hanma on a Lemure and...

Oh, Hanma actually hits twice. Nice! I think Hama spells cause a small amount of non-elemental damage, but most importantly they carry a chance of causing instant death (or banishment, technically). They are very effective against undead (Akuryou and Shiki, possibly Yuuki or some others), but they do have a chance to kill living things as well, therefore starting the SMT tradition of instant death effects being actually worth a damn.

Well in any case Hanma destroys two Lemures, and the rest of us beat the rest of them down. Victory!

Lv14 Akuryou Lemure
Lemures are formless ghosts in ancient roman folklore, generally vengeful or malicious. And I mean ancient; the myths' origins were long forgotten by the time poet Ovid wrote about them nearly 2000 years ago. They may be the restless spirits of men who died without proper burial, or possibly just evil, inhuman spirits of the underworld. They have Zan, Suku-nda, Makajama (silence status effect) and a decent Magic stat, but low HP, and are therefore no great threat if you can string a couple of group spells together.

: What else you got, huh?

*: She's pelting me with undead! It's almost funny. Angel kills both Ghouls with Hanma. Tetsuo cripples the Lemures even though they're not weak to fire, and Kaneda finishes them with Maha-Zan. We've literally not taken a single point of damage in any of these fights. (It looks like Tetsuo took 10 damage but that's because I had forgotten to screenshot this battle the first time around.)

: What's next, honey? Paper golems? Animated scarecrows? A kerosene elemental, maybe?
: It would seem that I've lost this time...

She disappears. Yeah, she better.

: Least I can do, babe. Here, let me get you down.

*: That's where I realize they were gonna burn Kei. Our pyrotechnics must have made her nervous.

: Alright, see you there.
: You should get out of here as soon as you can, too... Good luck!

I am officially King Awesome.

*: I go back to the bar right away.

: Thank you so much for saving our leader! I can't even begin to put my gratitude in words!
: Are Francois and his friends here?
: Yes, ma'am.
: Francois... Kaneda... Tetsuo... I owe you my life. Thank you so much! Not only did you save my life, but you saved our last hope of saving Tokyo from destruction.
: We're all in this together, honey.
: In thanks, I'll tell you everything that I learned. I hope it will prove helpful to you. Kaneda, the Kei that you are searching for is apparently in Ichigaya. The coup d'etat have been bringing all the people that they captured named Kei to their headquarters there.
: So that's where she is...
: Tetsuo, we have also gotten some information that had led us to discover the location of Ozawa and his gang. In fact, we are right in the middle of setting up a plan to attack his base of operations and capture him.
: Francois, I'm going to Ichigaya to rescue Kei. I need to hurry, otherwise who knows what they'll do to her!
: Alright man. Let me know when you find her, okay? Good luck.
>Kaneda leaves.
: Francois, sorry, but I'm going to join the Resistance in their plan to attack Ozawa's hideout. I can't just sit by and let him get away with what he's doing.
: Well, you really pulled more than your share back there, but I'm not going to stand in your way. Torch the idiot's scooter for me, will ya?
>Tetsuo leaves.
: Well, Francois, I guess it's just you and me now...
: Yeah, looks like our little fellowship got sundered.
: Please... let me go with you. I need your help!
: My pleasure.
: We need to meet with Gotou in Ichigaya, and the American ambassador as well. In order to save Tokyo from destruction, we either have to convince one of them to stop what they're doing, or get them to reach some sort of compromise. If they continue on their present course and end up in a war, Tokyo is as good as finished.
>Kei joined the party.
: The headquarters for the coup d'etat forces is located in Ichigaya, to the east of Shinjuku. The American embassy is in Roppongi... but with public transportation shut down, we'll probably have to use the underground tunnels south of here in Yotsuya to get there. Both installations are closed to the public, but to get in, we've readied this Fake ID Card. If we show it to the guards, they should let us inside.
>Francois took the Fake ID Card.
: Let's go! I'll let you decide which we'll go to first.

Alright, so we have a plan. Heck, we have two plans.

And I have to admit, I tried to keep on a straight face, but... but...



*: No I did not choose these names just so I could do this. :whoops:

Anyway. At this point we really can choose which way to go, so I'm gonna let you decide! I knew I was gonna figure out a way to let you guys vote on something sooner or later.

So! Do we go to the American embassy in Roppongi to try and get Ambassador Thorman to stop waving his nuclear dick in our faces, or do we pay a visit to Commander Gotou's Ichigaya headquarters to talk him out of his ridiculous demon-utopia ideas?

It may be a little while before the next update, holidays and all (though I'll probably put up at least one more before January), so you've got plenty of time to cast your vote. Until then!


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #22 on: December 27, 2010, 06:37:58 AM »



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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #23 on: December 30, 2010, 01:48:51 AM »

*: Well, by unanimous decision, we're going to see the Americans!

Before we go though, I should mention how the party has changed.

She's level 17, just like me. This is a nice change from getting Kaneda and Tetsuo at level 1. Armor-wise she has stuff that's much better than mine: the Sky Heels come with a +1 Speed, the Metal Crown with +1 Intelligence, and the Highleg Armor and Gauntlet are just very good. She has Tetsuo's machine gun, but comes with Nerve Bullets that increase damage and have a chance to cause Sleep. Finally, she has a Scorpion Whip (10/5, hits 3-5 times). I didn't give her much strength though, so she'll probably stick to her gun for now. (The Athame Knife I got from a Dryad some time ago has better attack power but only hits once, so I guess I'll just sell it.)

In terms of spells, she has Diarama (mid-heal), Mapper, Dolminer, Penpatora (group temporary status heal), Maha-Zio, Posom-Di (antidote) and Makajama (mute).

All in all, in terms of physical combat, I come out ahead, since she has great defense and an excellent firearm, and she's a much better healer than Kaneda was. On the other hand, I've lost all my force and fire elemental damage and her HP is much lower than the guys'. There's also the simple fact that I have one less person attacking per round.

Of course that's not counting my summons. Up until now I could feasibly rely on my human buddies alone to fight normal battles, but I suspect this may not be the case much longer. Magnetite has just become that much more precious.

I can fight demons, but I don't have a computer program to swat nukes out of the air. So we're going to take our chances with the Americans first.

Note to self: talk to Steven-san about anti-nuke software.

*: I check out Shinjuku again before leaving, see if anyone has anything new to say, but there's nothing noteworthy. I drop by the Jakyou Mansion to see if my level is high enough to have new hires available.

Aeros + Angel =

Lv67 Tenshi Cherub
Cherubim are the second highest-ranking angels, next to the Seraphim (which are their own race in SMT). Physically they're hard to pin down, having features of an eagle, ox, lion, and man, sometimes covered in eyes, sometimes wielding flaming swords, sometimes with four wings. What we have here isn't too bad an interpretation if you take everything literally, I suppose. Their job is to carry God's throne around (not to be confused with the entirely different Throne angels), and defend the Garden of Eden. Gameplay-wise, yeah, they're badass. The Toraest spell warps you out of the current dungeon.

Aeros + Imp =

Lv62 Yama Vampire
It's a goddamn vampire. It has a Charming bite attack, Maha-Zionga, and... whatever Blood St is. Blood Steal?

*: Yyyyeah, I forgot to mention something. If you use a Seirei fusion to rank down the weakest member of a family, it wraps around to the strongest member of the family. (This also works with ranking up, to make the strongest into the weakest, though I can't imagine why you'd want to do that.) Obviously this does nothing for me right now, but fusing a Seirei to a crappy demon can be waaaay easier than talking a high-level creature into joining you, so it's worth keeping in mind for later.

What I actually fuse:

Angel + Goblin =

Lv16 Megami Ame-no-Uzume
Ame-no-Uzume is the Shinto goddess of dawn and partying. The sun goddess Amaterasu Omikami once hid into a cave to escape her brother Susano's violent rampage, therefore plunging the world into darkness. Ame-no-Uzume, taking matters in her own hands, started dancing and stripping in front of the cave. The rest of the gods enjoyed this so much and caused such a commotion of revelry and laughter that Amaterasu couldn't help but peek out to see what the fuss was about. A bunch of other gods sealed the cave behind her and convinced her to stay.

: Best. Goddess. Ever.
Anyway. Here she has Diarama, Sexy Dance (charm status) and Happy Song, excellent HP/MP, and okay attack power.

Megami are powerful female goddesses, among the mightiest of their respective pantheons. Most importantly, they're some of the few Light-Law entities that are usually kind and benevolent towards mankind.

Kinnari + Dryad =

Lv18 Yousei Rusalka
Rusalka are Slavic water spirits, fairies, or the ghosts of drowned girls, depending on who you ask. Their activities consist mainly of brushing their hair, dancing, singing, and drowning men (dang!). One might think of them as fresh water mermaids, but more interesting below the belt. Here they're great healers and have enough Intelligence to make their Marin-karin (charm) spell fairly effective.

*: And I make another Dryad from Imp and Jack Frost.

Alright, now that half our party consists of attractive females, we can go. Kei mentioned that the tunnel we'd need to take was in the south, but it's not south of Shinjuku, it's south of Ichigaya. We literally walk right in front of Gotou's HQ on the way.

*: Appropriately enough, Ichigaya is notable for housing the Ministry of Defense headquarters.

Lv8 Jaki Donko
No idea! It's got Panic Voice and Suku-kaja, and okay attack power, but it's far below my attention by now.

*: And here's the Yotsuya tunnel. Or at least I think it's the Yotsuya tunnel. The game never gives you building/dungeon names. But it's the only building in the area.

*: The tunnel itself is fairly straightforward. We meet groups of Orcs, Zombie Soldiers, and Dryads, but Kei's gun and my melee attacks make quick work of what we can't intimidate. The Nerve Bullets are really quite effective. Orc drops a San-setsukon. There goes my 20 grand. Aaaand a third one. Wow. At least they're good to sell.

: This place is off-limits!
: Dangit I am so sick of hearing that.
: Psst, Francois. The card!
: Oh, uh, right! Right! Here we go. Proper accreditation and everything!
: ....Oh, you have ID Card! Go on inside!

*: A few more steps, and we find a staircase leading to an actual building. I think that's the Embassy!

Lv12 Chirei Fachan
A bizarre and particularly ugly Scottish/Irish creature with half a body: one eye, one arm, one leg. It has Bufu, Maha-Bufu and Panic Voice so you can treat it as a beefier Jack Frost sans the fire weakness, but I recruited one mostly to get its friends out of my hair.

Lv12 Majuu Cu Sith
Cu Sith are giant dogs, haunting the Scottish Highlands. They're known for being terrifying harbingers of death and kidnappers of women, which makes their appearance here as adorable flying puppies a little puzzling. They're unremarkable fighters with a special bite attack, but they know Dolminer and Toraest, the latter of which makes them incredibly handy to have around.

Lv14 Touki Spartoi
Spartoi are supernatural soldiers from Greek mythology. After a man named Cadmus killed one of Ares' pet dragons, Athena advised him to plant the dragon's teeth into the earth. The teeth sprang into an army of warriors, the Spartoi. Cadmus got spooked and threw a rock at them, but the none-too-bright Spartoi figured that one of their own threw the rock and they started killing each other until only five remained. They have Suku-Kaja and Taru-Kaja, very good attack power, and the Critical special skill. Basically, their Extra command in battle is a critical hit, no strings attached as far as I know. That's as awesome as it sounds. Fortunately the first Spartoi I ran into joined me for 700 yen.

Touki are militaristic creatures, humanoid and intelligent. They are definitely warlike, but unlike Youki, they tend to be disciplined and to fight towards a specific purpose. They are Neutral-Neutral.

*: Overall, this wasn't so hard. I managed to bilk Orcs out of a few thousand magnetite by intimidating them and then revealing my name, and Dryads kept giving me money when they found out I traveled with one of their friends. Ironically, the toughest things we meet here are... Angels.

Dark-aligned demons can't be recruited through conversation, but you can chat with them and convince them to contribute to your cause in terms of money and magnetite. But Light-aligned demons...

Yyyyyeah. Too haughty, too zealous, or both.

Anyway, here's what the place looks like.

The empty squares are stairways (or the upcoming boss room); they show up on the map when you enter them from their own floor, but not when you arrive from them on a new floor. There's treasure in several of the one-tile rooms; most notably, we find some Luck and Magic Incense. I'm going to give Magic Incense to the hero after all, given that it seems to affect magic defense and I don't like to see him lose half his health to one spell. I still don't regret his initial stat distribution though, he's strong where he needs to be.

: Alright, this should be the ambassador's office. He's clearly a war-mongering, cigar-chewing, fat, stubborn American politician, so I want everyone to be ready to kick his ass into next week once the talks go sour.

*: I was a colossal derp and forgot to take screenshots the first time around; I restarted from my episode save state and rushed straight there without exploration just to take that pic, hence the party lineup.

: Oh, err, hello. Please don't mind the skeletal warrior and the one-legged cyclops. I'm... pretty sure they're housetrained.
: I am Thorman, the American ambassador. I apologize my Japanese not very good. I hope you can understand me.
: I'm not sure what the U.S. goverment is thinking, sending an ambassador who's not perfectly fluent in Japanese, but, yeah. I understand you.
: I hear rumor about you! I give you big welcome!

This is really not what I was expecting.

: We bring out American army to save everyone from demons.
: I wouldn't say that was entirely necessary, but I think I can agree with your motives at least.
: But... we are not strong yet. Gotou... He want to call Maou Lucifer to Tokyo. We need to defeat him first. Lucifer want bring many imprisoned demons to world. We just soldiers, we not trained to fight demons. You can fight demons please help us, defeat Gotou. If Lucifer summoned, terrible, terrible for Japan! There will be no way to stop that many demons that he will free. If you defeat Gotou, peace will return to Tokyo. We will be able to bring back former era of peace. If you think about it rationally, I am sure you will come to right decision and decide to help us.

Gotou is responsible for the outbreak, for the kidnappings, and he's employing Ozawa. On the other hand, Thorman seems... sensible. He hasn't mentioned nukes, but I'm starting to believe those might have been just rumors. As harsh as I'm inclined to be towards the Americans, Gotou's at the root of the problem here. He's got a lot to answer for.

: Hmm. Well, we'll see what we can do.

*: The game's not giving us an option to fight the ambassador, and even if it did I'd feel bad about murdering the man, and it'd just make things worse anyway. I suppose this was all about getting his point of view.

In any case, we'll see Gotou next time. I guess the poll wasn't as earth-shatteringly important as I expected after all. :whoops:

And while I'm thinking of it...

Maou are major evil gods and demon lords, typically the main antagonists of their respective pantheons, so to speak. None of them are to be taken lightly. They are Dark-Chaos.


So I'm going back to Shinjuku to heal, and probably upgrade my head and torso armor since I've got cash coming outta my ears, and if everything goes to plan I'll meet you in front of Gotou's HQ.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #24 on: December 30, 2010, 05:11:59 AM »

this LP is pretty awesome.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #25 on: December 30, 2010, 12:39:46 PM »

He looks like he would be very good at holding things in his mouth.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #26 on: December 30, 2010, 04:09:03 PM »

Like women.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #27 on: January 03, 2011, 04:19:27 PM »

*: Before leaving Shinjuku, I hit the Mansion, in what is probably going to be routine for a while. My minion slots are beginning to feel very limited, and going into a dungeon, sometimes an empty slot is better than any demon.

Fachan + Jack o' Lantern = Bogle
Bogle + Dryad = Kinnari

Getting another Kinnari was kind of a hard decision, since Bogle is pretty good for its level, in both fighting and magic. That said, Spartoi is all the physical bruiser I need, Kinnari is my only source of fire and ice damage, and I don't need Dryad for healing anymore. Plus I'm going to use Aeros to rank up Kinnari as soon as I hit level 21, which is two levels from now. I think I'm in good shape.

To recapitulate, I have Aeros, Ame-no-Uzume, Rusalka, Kinnari, Cu Sith, and Spartoi. Not a bad team! My healers take a lot of magnetite but I've got a lot stockpiled from all the Orcs I've spooked into submission so I'm okay on that front for a while.

I did buy a Full Helm and Kevlar Vest last time, I'm wealthy enough.

And we rejoin our party before the Ministry of Defense grounds...

: Oh yeah?
: What? You've got an ID Card, do you? ...Okay then, you're clear. Go on in.

*: I'm fairly certain this is the legitimate ID Card we got off Ame-no-Sakugami, not the Resistance's fake. It wouldn't make much sense if the JSDF accepted the same card as the US forces.

*: I find an elevator soon after coming in. I'm going to explore the rest of the ground floor before taking it, but I like knowing that it's there.

We run into Zombie Soldiers, Andras, and our first enemy Azumi. The latter are a pain in the ass. They're fast enough to act before Kei, they're immune to bullets, and they occasionally use Zio to stun us and Me-Dia to heal themselves. Fortunately they seem to be weak to Mute, so Kei's Makajama works well when she can get it off. I'm already having more trouble than at the embassy; I'm definitely summoning some help.

Ooooh, turns out Rusalka reflects lightning damage. Man she's good. It's a shame the elemental vulnerabilities/immunities aren't detailed anywhere.

Huh, a Gamygyn asked me if there was hope for mankind. I told him there wasn't, to humor him... then he told me he was going to give me some. He joined for free.

: be-
: ...

...Dammit, I'm already whipped. How did I let that happen?

Holy crap, when they said they'd do anything, they weren't kidding!

: Hey guys, I know things look bad, but are you sure that's what you want to do with your life?
: Give me 481 yen.
: What? Are you serious? Is this a hold up or something? You guys are muggers on top of that?

>Suicide Squad is asking your opinion. What will you do?
   -Become my minion
   -I've no business with you
: Look, I'm here to talk to Gotou. We humans have enough trouble already without having to start murdering each other, right?
>Suicide Squad left.

I'm starting to like the Americans even more.

Lv15 Gaian Suicide Squad
Fanatical Japanese men ready to throw themselves at the US Army armed with nothing but swords and pathological jingoism. Their stats are crappy for their level and they have no spells or special skills.

Gaians are not demons, but human followers of Temple of Gaia, siding with Gotou's forces. They are Neutral-Chaos.

*: My ally slots are already full on account of Gamygyn and a random Pixie, so I quickly go back to the Mansion to fuse them into an Angel. I didn't expect to have old demons insist on joining me like that.

Anyway, here's the first floor. I'm checking out the basement next.

*: Oooh, there are Lemures in here. There are many cells; several of them are empty.

>Will you free her?
: Wow, I don't know how they figured such a young girl could be the Resistance leader. Alright honey, let's get you out of here.
Yay! Thanks! I'm Kei! I was kidnapped!

: Uhhhh... yeah! Yeah! That's exactly what I'm doing. This place is awesome!

Who wouldn't want to join suicide squads, march alongside gun-toting zombies and keep little girls in underground jail cells?

: Please, get me out of here...
: There you go. Do be careful on your way out.
: Thanks! There was a man named Kaneda earlier, actually.
: Of course! He said he was coming here. What happened? Why are you still in here?
: He tried to free us, but a large group of guards chased him off before he was able to get us out.

Dammit, Kaneda, if you hadn't been in such a hurry we could have been doing this together. Where could you possibly be now?

: Please help me! I didn't do anything wrong!!
: I know, I know. Here, come out. Just follow the trail of demon corpses all the way out the front door. If living ones bug you, tell them you're with me.
: Thanks, I owe you one! There was actually another woman here with me earlier, but the soldiers came and carted her off somewhere.

That was Kei, no doubt. Well... duh, they're all Keis. I mean my Kei.

*: Basement completed, now to the second floor. There are Ghouls and Bogles here. I almost wish I had kept the latter. They're still hard, but between Kei's Makajama and Nerve Bullets and Rusalka's spectacular healing, we come out of these fights in fairly good shape. I summon Angel in case things get harder.

It turns out to be a good idea because we start running into small groups of Forneus. Rusalka's Marin-Karin works really well here, at least. It's single-target, but Forneus are beefy enough that it's completely worth it.

Lv9 Akuryou Shade
More powerful than your average ghost. They don't have much HP and their non-Magic stats are feeble, but they have Death Touch, Sibabu (bind status) and Plinpa (panic status), which can make fights last a fair bit longer than they have to. They're worth using Hama effects on just to avoid the attrition.

: Finally someone who has a hint of conscience! Listen buddy, if they hand you a katana, you need to get the heck out of here.

*: And there's the second floor done. The third floor is much the same.

*: I heal up. We're ready.

This is more horrible a sight than I could have expected. I ain't Miss Manners or anything, but when I had guests at home I had the decency to put on some freaking pants.

...most of the time.

: I'm sure you've got a bone to pick with me about Kei, but hear me out, let me try to explain where I'm coming from.
: Tell me the best explanation in the world, or I'll eat your soul! And not just a tribute, either!
: While I wanted my subordinates to keep the resistance out of my hair, I certainly didn't want her executed. That was entirely their idea.
: Oh, the old "a henchman did it" excuse. I'd like to say I expected better of you, but that's about how I figured this conversation would go.
: Quite frankly, I haven't paid much attention to what they've been doing, as I've been busy with more important matters.
: More important than making sure there are no schoolgirls imprisoned in your basement?
: There's... a plan that's being carried out. Behind the scenes, very secretive. Only a select few know about it.
: If you start talking about your precious bodily fluids, I'm gonna have Spartoi cut off your balls.
: The gist of the plan is to create the "Thousand Year Kingdom" in the name of God. Maybe you've heard of it before, a lot of old religious texts mention it.
: ...can't say I have. I'm kind of rusty on my old Judeo-Christian religious text studies.
*: I'm not. Revelations 20:4 - "And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."
: The basic idea is that those that live in the Kingdom will be promised eternal peace and tranquility. A paradise on Earth, if you will.
: That... doesn't sound so bad.
: Problem is, there's a catch. It's like an exclusive club, and only those that worship God get a chance at membership. Anyone else? Well, they get the lovely runner-up prize of getting to be slaughtered at the hands of the American army, courtesy of God's orders.
: Oh.
: You may not be aware of it, but at this very moment there are nuclear missiles pointed at Japan to accomplish this end. The only thing that's keeping them from blowing us all away is a force field that the ancient gods have put up to protect us, and even they can't hold out forever... As far as we've come, we're still weak though. We need an ace in the hole. I think you'd be perfect candidates. I want your help.
: My help? You want my help? How about your pull the reins on your lapdog Ozawa and ask him to go after something that'll fight back for a change?
: I won't force you to make up your minds now though. I'll wait here for you to make your final decision.

*: We leave, but there's not much else to do. We've already talked to the other side in this conflict. I turn back and re-enter the room.

*: Here's an important choice. If we refuse to help him, he definitely won't let us leave without a fight.

I'm gonna be straight with you. My inclination is to give Gotou the finger and then deal with the Americans ourselves if they don't leave of their own accord. The man is a spectacular douchebag; everything is his fault, from the demon invasion to the brainwashing experiments to the murders and kidnappings and mom being digested. Hell, he's probably holding Kaneda prisoner somewhere right now. I want to see him cut into little chunks, eaten by Cu Sith, shat out, and then set on fire. And if we do have to rely on ancient gods to fight the Americans, who are they more likely to listen to? The goddess of dawn's traveling companion, or the guy who filled the streets of Tokyo with ghosts and zombies?

So I'm counting myself as one check mark in the "terminate Gotou with the extremest goddamned prejudice" column.

That said, this is "Let's play Shin Megami Tensei", not "Let's read about Franšois playing Shin Megami Tensei to satisfy his bloated narrative ego". What say you? Aid? Kill? I'll make it work either way.

Until then, I'm leaving you with something that I'm not the type to make a habit of, but it's eerily appropriate and it's not gonna leave my head until I post it.

Bad Religion- American Jesus


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #28 on: January 03, 2011, 06:14:38 PM »

So if you take both stories at face value, then your choices are to let Japan be nuked, or let Satan be summoned to Japan so everything can be nuked.  Sorry... raped, tortured, eaten, and then nuked.





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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #29 on: January 03, 2011, 06:50:20 PM »

Gotou signed his death warrant the minute he appeared to us with no pants.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #30 on: January 03, 2011, 10:02:26 PM »

Put me down for helping Gotou, and I'm not just saying this to be contrary.  Let's just say I'm savvy enough on SMT games to know that Lucifer's reputation of being the greater of however many evils there are is... exaggerated.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #31 on: January 05, 2011, 08:28:14 PM »

: No.
: You dare to oppose me then? Well then, my friends, I'm afraid you leave me no choice but to kill you. Take care of them!

*: They're new creatures, but my party is a finely tuned killing machine. Angel destroys the Pishasha with Hama, and everybody else melees the Nue to death.

: That's all you got? That's what you're defending Japan with?

*: We have pretty much a repeat of the first round, except Rusalka healed some damage Angel took. Good thing too, because Baykok gets a critical in for 69 and leaves Angel with 1 HP. The fight againt Baykok drags on for a couple more rounds, and it crits every time. It has really high physical defense and is immune to Kei's Maha-Zio, so I resort to using a couple of the several Molotov Cocktails I got from dead Andras, which are one-shot Agi spells. Between that, Spartoi's Critical, and Rusalka's healing, the battle is over without much real expense.

: There goes your personal guard. That you even got where you are is preposterous.
: I see that the demons were no match for you after all.
: You have ghosts and corpses. I have friends and allies.
: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

*: He's a Choujin, a human/demon fusion, like Doman was. Doesn't that explain a lot?

First round, I decide to have Angel return to storage for now, which is a good move because Gotou almost kills her in one shot before she goes. I'll replace her with Kinnari to get my single-target offensive magic on. Spartoi buffs our physical attack with Taru-kaja, Kei fires her machine gun, and Rusalka attacks. We're doing pretty good damage.

Turns out summoning Kinnari was an excellent idea. Gotou seems resistant to elemental damage, but Bufula has a decent chance to cause the Freeze status, and Kei's occasional Maha-Zio can cause Shock status. We're keeping him stunlocked most of the time; Kei even puts him to sleep with her bullets once I decide to save her MP. Spartoi spends all his limited MP to buff us three times, and then joins me and Rusalka in beating him down.

In other words, we kick his ass. The fight takes a while because he's got a lot of HP, and he occasionally gets a solid hit in, but again Rusalka is more than equal to the task of healing us when he does.

: That one's for mom, you rotten son of a bitch!

: Your friends are in hell. Say hi for me.

*: Both the hero and Kei level up; Kei learns Me-Dia!

Lv19 Akuryou Pishasha
The Pishasha (Pisaca) are Hindu demons, haunting cities and eating the flesh of the living. They are also associated with possession and delayed-death curses Ó la Ringu. They have Death Touch and a Paralysis attack.

Lv15 Youjuu Nue
The Nue is a very ancient Japanese mythological creature, with the head of a monkey, the body of a tanuki, the legs of a tiger and a snake for a tail; it is rumored to fly around in the shape of a black cloud. Legend has it that an emperor once was afflicted by recurring nightmares. One of his retainers noticed a black cloud over his castle, and fired an arrow into it, whereupon a nue fell dead from it. I killed it in one turn and for some reason it doesn't show up in my Devil Analyze function, so I can't say much else about it.

Youjuu are various animal-like demons, driven primarily by hunger but still of a fundamentally malicious nature. They are Dark-Neutral.

*: We fight our way out of the compound. Back on the world map, I notice something different.

My pointy blue avatar is slowly spinning clockwise instead of back-and-forth. I'm officially Neutral-Law. If I remember correctly, I think the speed at which it's turning indicates that I barely qualify for the change, but there it is. My alignment's not locked there, though, it can still shift.

Fortunately I don't have any Chaos demons in my employ right now so I don't immediately lose anything. Were I relying on them, I would be in trouble. They would remain in my "inventory" for fusion or dismissal but I could not summon them.

The next step is probably to tell Thorman the good news, but I need to get my MP refilled, and besides I'm curious to see if anyone in Shinjuku reacts to my victory yet.

Well, that's positive change already.

*: Out of curiosity, I check the various healers to see if they react to my alignment.

-The Mesia Church is offering me a discount. Recovering from my excursion is dirt-cheap.
-The Temple of Gaia priest says he should kick me out, but he lets me in if I pay him a thousand yen. It's not a one-time thing either, I have to fork over a grand every time I walk in the door. On top of that, there's a surcharge on actual healing services.
-The Healer's Dojo lets me in for free, but their prices are even higher than the Gaians'. I haven't done the math but it looks to be about double what the Church would charge me.

All in all, gameplay-wise, not being Neutral is a raw deal right now. But I did just break into the Chaos faction headquarters to assassinate their leader, so I'm gonna pay the price of my decisions and I'm gonna like it.

As long as I'm there, I buy a 15000 yen Rosary (if something kills me while I'm Lawful, it resurrects me with half my HP), some Holy Water for dealing with undead if I ever fuse Angel to something (Hama effect) and several Indulgences (avoids a non-boss battle). I'm filthy rich anyway.

Other than that it doesn't look like anything has changed. I drop by the Jakyou Mansion to see my options.

Aeros + Kinnari =

Lv21 Youma Apsaras
In Buddhist and Hindu mythology, Apsaras are beautiful female spirits of water and clouds, akin to Greek nymphs. They are skilled dancers, and are associated with art in general. Their duty is to entertain gods and fallen heroes in the afterlife. Here they are excellent defensive spellcasters.

You'd think I have enough White Mage types already... and I kinda do. But Taru-Kaja is a useful buff, I like having someone to cast Makajama so Kei can concentrate on gunplay, and 140 MP is damn near bottomless at this point. Plus to be honest I was getting tired of dragging Aeros around.

Dryad + Cu Sith =

Lv17 Seijuu Unicorn
Like you guys don't know what a unicorn is. Some ancient Greek writers were convinced it was real, and there's been the occasional hilarious hoopla about it ever since the King James' Bible translators decided that oxen were too boring for the Book of Psalms and far too many people started taking that seriously. It's kind of like having a second Angel, but with less healing, much more HP, and spectacular Luck for this point in the game.

Seijuu are holy beasts: wise, divine creatures taking the form of animals, offering advice and protection to the pure and innocent. They are Light-Law.

Alright, time to go to the embassy and say goodbye to the Americans. Crisis averted! Everybody go home safe and enjoy your evenings!

*: On my way, I meet one of the few lower level encounters I haven't seen yet.

: Alright buddy, I'm in a good mood because I just solved every problem ever, so I'm gonna let you enjoy the rest of your life, which I hope will be long and fruitful.

: I... uh... not really, no.
You selfish bastard! I'll make you pay! Prepare yourself!

*: And then it died in one round. Remember kids, alcoholics shouldn't pick fights with demon summoners.

Lv8 Majuu Sanki
Can't find much in the way of details, but it's a sort of Japanese half-dog shapeshifter. It has feeble spellcasting stats, but it knows Zan, Taru-kaja, and Torafuri (guaranteed escape from battle) and could possibly be of some use if you get one early enough.

We return to the Yotsuya tunnel, and up through the embassy to Thorman's office.

: That pantsless bastard will trouble Japan no more. Now maybe we could discuss the US Army's withdrawal from-

: What the FUCK-

: :pop:
: You've done superbly. I am Majin Thor, and on behalf of God himself, I thank you and praise your good deeds.
: Thorman... was Thor. Disguised as a man. Mad points for imagination there, sir. Or... uh, majesty? Your Hammery Mightness?

I don't know the protocol for addressing a deity. With Ame-no-Uzume I've mostly been avoiding sustained eye contact and mumbling a bunch. I hope she thinks that's cute.

: Will you continue to fight in God's name?

*: Good question. Will we?

That's definitely another major alignment question right there. Do we accept Thor's offer of employment, or do we, uhh, politely excuse ourselves and return home?

Personally, as good as "worked under the Norse god of thunder" looks on a resume, I think I'd rather keep fighting in my own name. Plus, why even keep fighting at all? Gotou's gone. All we have to do now is mop up. And maybe I'll be knocked back to Neutral and I can forget all that fundamentalism nonsense.

On the other hand, Thor's really not a guy who takes well to rejection. I'm strong, but we're talking about the frikking god of thunder here. And, I don't know, maybe we do want to kick ass for the Lord! We could go even further down the Lawful road, and see what delights the Thousand Year Kingdom has in store for us!

Do we accept Thor's offer, or do we decline?

Oh, and, while I'm at it...

Majin are the big cheeses. They're among the major deities of their respective pantheons, if not the chief deities, and are generally worshipped for their power, glory and/or wisdom. They are Light-Law.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #32 on: January 05, 2011, 10:49:08 PM »

I was going to comment about how silly it is that Thor is apparently under the employ of the US government, but then I remembered the Avengers.

Why he's also working for capital-G God is something of a mystery though.

I meta-vote for going along with it, if only because the game hasn't given you any better clue as to what the hell to do next (are we still bothering to look for Kei-Prime?  Do we have any damned clue where they shipped her off to?).  By meta-vote I mean, don't count that as part of a tally, but if there's a tie that's the direction I'm leaning in.  Honestly I don't have a real opinion on this matter, as opposed to DEAR GOD KILL THAT NAKED MAN.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #33 on: January 06, 2011, 01:19:32 AM »

They're probably going to nuke Japan anyway.  Might as well go down swinging and/or raging against the heavens.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #34 on: January 06, 2011, 01:59:33 AM »



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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #35 on: January 08, 2011, 11:44:20 PM »

Why he's also working for capital-G God is something of a mystery though.
*: In a typical real world Christian point of view, God is the only god. There is no other deity. He gets pissed when we pretend otherwise because then we're attributing His works to somebody (or something) else. But in SMT, there clearly are craploads of gods running around, so there can be no pretending they don't exist. And since God's the mightiest of them all by far, if you happen to be Law-Light and powerful enough to be worthy of his notice, then either you're working for Him, or you're trying to stay out of His way, because the Datenshi and some Maou are all the evidence you need to be convinced that bad things happen to His enemies.

I meta-vote for going along with it, if only because the game hasn't given you any better clue as to what the hell to do next (are we still bothering to look for Kei-Prime?  Do we have any damned clue where they shipped her off to?).
*: As far as we know the biggest part of the job is done, it's just a question of getting the Americans off our backs. That said, there are two loose threads: the fate of Kaneda and his Kei (whose whereabouts are indeed unknown), and Ozawa's plan to replace Gotou, if Tetsuo hasn't gotten to him yet. And presumably the Terminals are still functioning, so the invasion's instigator is gone but it doesn't mean the demons will stop coming.

: I didn't do this for God, I did this for the people of Japan. And now that the snake's head is cut off, we can fix the rest of this mess before it becomes anyone else's problem.
: ...Then you dare to defy my command!?
: Your command? Sorry, I don't usually take commands from pantless gaijin.
: Very well then. In punishment, I, the great Majin Thor, will take your lives!

*: I should probably have Apsaras out so she can buff our physical defense, but I want to see if Ame-no-Uzume has any chance to disable Thor with Sexy Dance or Happy Song first. Besides, we have three healers; we should be fine as long as nobody gets one-shotted. That's also a reason I have Unicorn instead of Spartoi, at least for a few rounds: Spartoi has less than half Unicorn's HP.

Thor casts Zionga a bunch, but it's not a big deal; he must not have a very good Magic stat. I'd like him to hit Rusalka with it, heh. We don't do a lot of damage though, about 10-15 each, except Unicorn's Bash that hits for 24. Yeah, Spartoi is in, and then I'll replace Ame-no-Uzume because her act isn't finding its audience. Could Thor be... in the closet?

Amusingly, Thor casts Maha-Zio. It does under 10 damage to everyone, but bounces off Rusalka, and...

The guy's apparently resistant to Charm and Happy, but not to Shock. I can hear Odin's "son I am disappoint" from here.

Okay, we start doing some decent damage now that Spartoi's here to buff us, and Apsaras' defense boost is spectacular. Odin is hitting for like 15. There's no way we can lose this. It's much, much easier than I remembered.

: Too... late?
: I have already brought my hammer down. Within moments, nuclear warhead-tipped I.C.B.Ms will strike Tokyo.
: You crazy asshole! Why would you do that? We had it under control! We could have taken care of this! I just proved it! You're stronger than any of the other critters out there, and we just beat your ass down without breaking a sweat!
: Tokyo and the demons will soon be no more... Glory to God and to his Thousand Year Kingdom...!
: You fucked up zealot bastard! Call them back! There's got to be some disarm code or something!

The god of thunder finishes choking on his own blood at my feet. If codes there are, he's beyond telling them now.

*: We get taken out of the room to an ominous 30 second countdown.

: Let's get out of here! Now! Move it!

I rush down the corridor, down the stairs. Everything's deserted. The rats are fleeing the ship.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I ask myself where I could possibly be going.

But running feels like the right thing to do. The only thing to do.

We hit a dead end in the corridors of the first floor. I can't afford this, I need this precious time to go... to go... Where am I going? WHERE AM I GOING?

The basement. If anywhere's safe, its the basement.

Dammit dammit dammit! Damn! God damn it!


An explosion. The ground is shaking.

The tunnel holds. Are we going to make it? Is this deep enough?

The rumbling dies down. There's a moment of quiet. The worst kind of quiet.

Another blast. So much closer. Louder.

A minute ago, I was struck across the chest by Mj÷llnir. That was a love-tap in comparison.

I fall down. Can't catch my breath.

Everything is white.

Everything has always been white.

Kei! Kei! Where are you?

I'm so sorry.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #36 on: January 09, 2011, 12:35:18 AM »

This is why you shouldn't judge people on the basis of whether or not they're wearing pants.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #37 on: January 09, 2011, 12:56:05 AM »

its funny because i knew that would happen

(Japan gets nuked either way)


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #38 on: January 09, 2011, 03:14:45 AM »

Aww man, I was enjoying this LP a lot more when I thought Tokyo had been wiped off the map because of our decisions.


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Re: Let's play Shin Megami Tensei!
« Reply #39 on: January 09, 2011, 06:55:23 AM »

Well, that's that.  Good LP, Franšois.  Little short, but hey.
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