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Author Topic: Card Crossfire  (Read 431 times)

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Card Crossfire
« on: January 04, 2013, 06:51:11 PM »

One player uses a Magic: The Gathering deck, one uses a Pokemon deck, and one uses a Yu-Gi-Oh deck.

- MtG player loses per usual rules: if they are reduced to 0 life points, can't draw a card or gain 10 poison counters.
- Pokemon player loses if they can't draw a card at the start of their turn, have no Pokemon in play or have had six of their Pokemon defeated.
- Yu-Gi-Oh player loses if reduced to 0 life or can't draw a card.

Damage scales 1 MtG - 10 Pokemon - 500 Yu-Gi-Oh.

Type and color equivalences are:

Creature - Pokemon - Monster
Land - Energy - X
Enchantment - Stadium - Continuous/Field
Sorcery - Trainer - Spell
Instant - N/A - Quick-Play/Trap
Artifact - N/A - Equip

Lightning - Light - White
Water - Water - Blue
Psychic - Wind - Blue
Fire/Fighting - Fire - Red
Grass/Metal - Earth - Green
Darkness - Dark - Black

Now to work on combat.