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Author Topic: Dragon's Dogma  (Read 310 times)

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Dragon's Dogma
« on: November 12, 2013, 04:51:23 AM »

I've noticed that a few people are starting to play Dark Arisen due to it being on PS+, so I decided to start a new game and actually try and beat it. I still love this game, but I wish the stat allocation wasn't in the game to stress me out. In case you didn't know, when you level up you gain stats based on what vocation you are. Wizards get mostly magic stuff, warriors get strength, health, and base defense, and striders get a little bit of everything along with extra stamina. The advanced vocations are even more extreme with this, giving you less in their vestigial stats. I think the hybrid vocations give you more stats overall than you would usually get, but they're exclusive to the PC. In the end it probably doesn't matter, but I hate thinking about it. You don't need to min-max at all, but for the super endboss battle and for some of the bosses in the expansion content it helps.

Also for everyone who hasn't loaded up the original game before, this is what the title screen was like.

Dragons Dogma Title Screen