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Author Topic: Lord British got stuck in a well. Let's Play Ultima 5  (Read 5811 times)

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Re: Lord British got stuck in a well. Let's Play Ultima 5
« Reply #20 on: July 22, 2012, 03:57:37 PM »

Okay cool. It would be super neat if I could figure out gOCR, but that thing is command line only, and that kind of shit is confusing.


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Re: Lord British got stuck in a well. Let's Play Ultima 5
« Reply #21 on: July 23, 2012, 06:26:58 AM »

Okay, from Iolo's house to Britain I go.


And then this fucking sign is in runic. The game translates for me though.

Oh hey bandits I can take em.


Hey Shamino you aren't looking too great.


Okay I am going to have to call a mulligan on this one. Bandits are kind of tough.

Okay I am going to go a little off the road to avoid them.

A little bit south (?) from Britain is a spot to harvest garlic. It doesn't hurt to have more of any reagent as long as you are getting it for free.

Not bad, since I don't think any spell takes more than one of any reagent.

Okay that place was west of Britain, since I just went east to get back to the west gate. Here's Britain.

Here's an example of one of Blackthorn's new laws. If you don't remember from the last game, there is a town that represents each virtue, and each one has one of these signs. They are all kind of equally dickish.

Uhhhhhhh. Well let's just ignore that.

20 seconds of wandering through town and then I get teleported here. This looks good.


Lord Blackthorn really messed Britian up. Jeeze.

I make Iolo carry one of his 60 torches, since I haven't needed to use any so far.


Running like a motherfucker. Notice how Iolo has almost no health. That was one ranged attack.

This place really sucks.

I am not sure if I looped around or if he cut me off here. This place is really dark and confusing.

Julia bit the dust. Still can't find a way out.

Okay, this is kind of rediculous, and I wanted to see what happened. Whenever you get that pop-up "An air of * doth surround thee" message, that means that a Shadowlord is dicking around in that town. Each day they rotate around the virtue towns. If you don't get instantly teleported to the Own Zone like I just did, pretty much everyone you talk to acts weird based on whatever shadowlord is around. You can't get much of anything done when they are around basically.

In the original game, you got warped to the regular battle screen, and you could get owned, or I think you could just run like normal. In this game, I have no fucking clue.

Okay let's not do that again.

I'm just going to kill the hostile wildlife for a little while and then go to sleep.

Cyclops aren't much of a threat.

Pretty much all of the loot that monsters drop is useless. They are only worth one gold. Sometimes things drop gold, which is worth more than all of the other crap you could possibly drag back to town.

Hey, ghosts and skeletons. Cool.

They aren't too tough.

Worth more xp than rats at least.

This dude is cool.

I couldn't get a good picture of whatever this statue is, but I think I got it's butt. This little area I am in is probably the entrance to a dungeon somewhere down the line.



Oh hey a headless. They aren't tough, but hey.

Ton of dead rats.

Deer drop 3 meat. Still not as awesome as the ton the bear across the river dropped.

Okay, here's the camp screen. Since Tandoori is the least hurt, I have her keep watch.

Getting ready to sleep animation.

Female characters kind of sleep sitting up, and the dudes all kind of lay there as if they were dead.

Okay, so a day hasn't passed yet, so let's just explore more of the area.

I talk to a guard at the south gate of Britain.

Give me your name.

What about your job?

Okay at least you told me that.

Bandit archers are...

... totally weak compared to the regular bandits. They drop gold, too.

So Paws is that way, but I don't think I care about that place yet. I'm still going to explore down the road a bit, but I want to check Britain out a little bit before I go to any other towns.

I am somewhere around my mouse cursor. That big town is Britain, and I am not sure what Paws is. I think Skara Brae is somewhere along the coast as well. I am not too sure.

I come across a bandit camp with a pirate in there. One bandit archer is with him.

No biggie though.

HORSE! You can't ride horses in this mod, but in the original game you could.

Horsechops do not translate into food rations.

Okay let's camp right inside this camp. Screw logic.

Uh oh.

I am not sure what is going oooooon get out of the way message.

Oh shit a bandit.


Well at least this makes my decision to dump him easier.


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Re: Lord British got stuck in a well. Let's Play Ultima 5
« Reply #22 on: July 23, 2012, 12:16:55 PM »

Assuming geography hasn't changed too much since Blackthorn took over: Paws is directly south of Britain, across the bay. Trinsic is south of Paws. Skara Brae is on an island to the west.

Yew is north of Britain, west of Empath Abbey. Far to the northeast, in the mountains, is Minoc. As far east as you can go on the continent, then south to the little peninsula, is Vesper.

Getting anywhere else is going to take a boat or a moongate.


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Re: Lord British got stuck in a well. Let's Play Ultima 5
« Reply #23 on: July 24, 2012, 07:29:06 PM »

Back to a less shadowlordy Britain.

Down the road, we get to a shop owned by some jerkwad. Shit I forgot a screenshot of inside the store. I don't need to right Gwenno is the only interesting thing in there.

You are not who I wanted to talk to :|

Pfffffffft as if anyone would even care enough to kill Iolo.

Hey Iolo way to assume that Lord British even wants to be found.

Why would Lord British even give a shit about the store? Okay let's get this started. - Job

- Wood

Dude must have an armed escort and a fucking frieght train to ship wood if he is supplying everyone - Businesses

Yes, a dude is shipping all of the wood for the SHIPYARD by land. - Fletcher

Smartass. - Arrows

Don't demure nothing, lady. Also I am sure your arrows suck. This game doesn't even let me buy arrows (thank god). - Properly

Nope, still don't care. But yet I keep asking. - Feathers

Nooooo don't keep talking about this.

No Iolo you are making it worse.

- Iolo

You aren't fucking fooling me.


How do you mess up saying "Yo he isn't here"? - Gwenno

Yeah whoever decided to put two people with nearly identical names in the same shop was a dick. Speaking of, - Lord British

The dude is pretty much immortal, so probably.

Too bad arrows don't exist in this game. Gwenneth, your life is a lie.

Archery is for chumps.

Okay I clicked no and this happened. Sometimes the dialogue trees kind of freak out. Luckily I was done.

Oh wait no I wasn't. Gwenneth runs the store. Every store buys whatever crap you sell them.

So all of those rusty swords that only sell for 1 gold is now going to clutter up Iolo's dumb store. Also, uhh do you really want to buy this dead body from me?

I guess you did.

OOOOF time to do more talking.


Oh jeeze


You two are going to be dead at the end of this game I swear.

Okay who are you

And what do you do

God damnit you could just give me a few word answer like you would have in the regular game


And of course that opens up about 50 dialogue choices. What the fuck is up with these - signs

God I hope someone shows up and kills us right now.

Come on make it happen.

- Lord Blackthorn

Or maybe not. - Britain

- Inviting

I dunno with those new laws I am sure everyone can feel safe. - Mayor

I don't know if calling him little man is going to win any favors lady. - City guard

Ah, so they do requests. - Home

Uhhhh okay. - Songs (please don't sing)

I am pretty sure I will get sucked back home as soon as I fix shit, so I better not make any long term plans. - bows and crossbows

- Gwenneth

- Yew

Is this a dumb joke, or a really dumb joke?

Yes I know this. Oh god, Iolo is the only thing left to talk about.

Well that wasn't too painful. - Outlaw

And then this just loops the dialogue about the signs from before. GOODBYE

Yeah sure whatever

ffffffffine. I have a archer-shaped hole in the party.

Only if you promise to stop spelling town with an e.

Oh fine. I guess I could use some direction in this game.

Yeah sure whatever.

So Britain is kind of large. I regret not taking pictures of it more, but I'll probably be here again for something.

Here is a crappy wanted sign for Iolo. Maybe I should turn him in.

Okay so this inn that sign was on is probably going to be home base for dumping my party members off when I find cooler people. Fortunately for me, Toshi didn't complain at all when he got cut from team Avatar.

Okay this orchard is kind of cool. The trees are looking a little flat though.

Woah your face.

Okay so I got the right guy. WHAT DO YOU DO?

I could have guessed that. - Orchards

Lord British sure seems to get around. Speaking of...

Does no one else notice that he is practically immortal? He's stuck in a hole in the ground. I don't know why anyone hasn't gone looking for him yet.

So tell me about being humble.

There are enough bears in the wilderness to feed me forever.

Okay what were those dark times you were telling me about?

Wow those guys are kind of dicks. Superdicks.

Wait hold up tell me about the resistance.



Okay it's the second time this Chamfort guy has come up in conversations so I think I am going to be headed to Yew next.

I don't know when you mentioned thieves at all, but tell me about them.

- Children

I don't think you get called the boogyman just because you yell at them. Okay, I am done with you now.

Next update I will make a short trip to Yew.


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Re: Lord British got stuck in a well. Let's Play Ultima 5
« Reply #24 on: July 24, 2012, 07:30:37 PM »

Also R^2 you are totally correct. I don't think the geography changes much until Ultima 7 where things start inching closer to each other.


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Re: Lord British got stuck in a well. Let's Play Ultima 5
« Reply #25 on: July 26, 2012, 02:10:18 PM »

On the way to Yew, I run into that one dork who lives in the Deep Forest (He isn't that deep in this forest, he is right next to the path.)


And there is his name. He tells us about the forest. Which is to say he didn't say anything important.

On the way to Yew I see some witches hanging around a caldron in the middle of some not-stonehenge ruins.

They are pelting the hell out of the avatar, so I equip heal.

And fwoop! More health. The healing spell isn't supposed to heal while the game is paused, but it did this time.

Witches are cool because they pop and turn into 20 gold each. I didn't catch a picture, but if you drink from the caldron your health gets restored.

This is where the Yew moongate would show up if it were nighttime. I now know what these look like. The reason why I didn't find Britain's is because it was to the south, and I went every way but south there.

A little spot off the path to explore.

A rat and a few bears later, I find a patch of Ginseng. Ginseng is useful for all of the heal-y spells.

Blackthorn's laws really suck. Just wait until you see the rest of them, because some of them are doosys.

Here is the Yew courthouse. Since Yew is the town of Justice, the jail is here.

And to the left are some dorks in stocks. They don't say anything important so I will summarize what's going on. The dad didn't have enough money to pay his taxes, so he's in trouble. And then his kid is also with him, because his kid didn't rat him out. These laws totally blow.

This is the highlight of the conversations though. Look at how awful that character portrait is.

I can't just smash the stocks? Come on.

And here is the judge. I won't be talking to him just yet.

This is on the other side of the courthouse.

Here's the blacksmith shop where that one guy Gwenno's friend wanted us to talk to. Or at least I think that is why I am coming here.


Oh okay so you are the one with the dumb name.

Phrasing, please.

Is your name still as dumb as it was a few seconds ago?

Okay I was just checking. WHAT DO?


Yeah I get it.

Okay since you are that dedicated to telling me who Ronan is tell me more about him.

Okay let's get down to business. Tell me about that resistance I have been hearing about lately.




God, go suck a dick.

Let's go talk to Ronan.



I fucking doubt it (I said without checking)

I still doubt it. Tell me about your days as a furry-er.

Apparently everyone in Britania hates furries. Okay who is Madame Pendra and why does she get a Madame in front of her name?

Yeah, and I am the Avatar, so what? Who is Renayl and why does he have a dumb name?

Oh, a she? I couldn't tell. Tell me about your store.


If you are going to tell me where to find one, I hope you don't expect me to give it to you.

I dunno, I would have to think about it. Tell me about that asshole who won't tell me about the resistance.

He had an apprentice?

Hey, I wouldn't have accepted an offer from team douchebag either.

The Opression are full of dicks.

Yeah like I was saying. Dicks.

Okay let's talk to derpy about his ex-apprentice.

So how good of an apprentice was he?

Chainmail isn't that great, so I am pretty sure he couldn't be all that impressive. He couldn't have been that good a friend if he left you to help some assholes.

Why do you regret letting the dork go?

Pffffffft journeying around is kind of dumb when you could just wait a few days and TELEPORT.

Apparently Britania now has a Walking Tax. Luckily I am the Avatar and that means I get all of the awesome tax exemptions. And I am probably going everywhere anyways.

Uhhhh if you mean "Would you do my super simple quest for me?" I would have to say yes.

Shenstone is probably a crappy master smith judging from the name. Should've went into masonry.

Eeeeeeh I can't say I'll rememeber to tell him any of that, but I'll take the reward from talking to him. HAVE YOU BEEN TO PRISON BEFORE?

Oh. Mario is the dad stuck in front of the courthouse by the way. Okay tell me about Minoc, even though I am sure there isn't anything interesting you could tell me about it.

Yeah you didn't even tell me about the place. Since you seem to like to bitch about Blackthorn, tell me about these affairs.

Yeah except for the fact that you are in the resistance and not letting me in. Ass.

Next update I will dick around while eventually getting to Minoc.


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Re: Lord British got stuck in a well. Let's Play Ultima 5
« Reply #26 on: July 26, 2012, 03:50:57 PM »

The geography IS actually fairly different in this from U4, as several towns (vesper) are gone and several new locations are around (stonebridge, windemere, others.)  Several of the new locations will be gone again by u6, at least one with an explanation.  There's consistency on the three principle keeps, the eight virtue towns, Castle British, Paws, Cove, Buccaneer's Den, and mostly the shrines and dungeons are roughly in the same spot from game to game.  Everything else is prone to at least a bit of rejiggering.
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