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Author Topic: FTL (Not Fat Thighed Ladies, Mongrel)  (Read 1074 times)

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Beat Bandit

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FTL (Not Fat Thighed Ladies, Mongrel)
« on: December 29, 2012, 06:39:22 PM »

"The smell of fat chicks put my spine out of place" might just be one of the ballsiest lines in any song ever.


<beatbandito> Who wants to be a part of the Vic Viper's maiden voyage crew?
<beatbandito> And most likely be killed / replaced by rock people?
<R^2> Beato Bandito, only if you LP it in a thread proper-like


and then these two said stuff, also.

<patito> last place you can
<myew> You have a good place in a can.

And so it was decreed!
Easy mode because this is a blind play and I would like it to last more than two jumps.

"Princess is kidnapped - You must save princess"

My one objective is very clearly to search everything, game. Is this some kind of test?

Things are going wonderfully so far. I have no idea what to do with drone parts yet, but if I gather more maybe they combine to form voldrone.

At this point I realize I haven't taken any shots of the map. Dunno' if sector layouts change for each new game or just events. Regardless, that wall of danger is certainly new.

Could be worse.

See? Told you.

Taking out their weapons first can't be the world's worst idea.

And then oxygen to suffocate them, right?

Okay apparently not. Damnit Patito now isn't the time for your break.

I fall back on the time tested plan of shooting them until they die then use their stuff to give me new stuff.

That... doesn't seem good.

Giant spiders, 'eh?


Beat Bandit

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Re: FTL (Not Fat Thighed Ladies, Mongrel)
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2012, 07:10:01 PM »

Okay fine, whatever. Gotta' be a bro to fellow humans, right?

Fucking fuck.

Next fight goes better. Take out the shields and suppress the weapons systems works pretty well.



That fight rewarded me with nothing but trouble. Engines are shot so I can't escape the enemy fleet, and the door controls are shot so I can't just drain the oxygen to kill the fire.

So we fight this fire like men!

Unfortunately Patito is too dumb to not stand in fire, but since we're also quickly losing oxygen he finds something to do.


What can one man do on a dying ship surrounded by enemies?

Not much.


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Re: FTL (Not Fat Thighed Ladies, Mongrel)
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2012, 07:30:11 PM »

I survived the longest? Wacky.


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Re: FTL (Not Fat Thighed Ladies, Mongrel)
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2012, 08:19:32 PM »



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Re: FTL (Not Fat Thighed Ladies, Mongrel)
« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2012, 07:35:20 AM »

alright modding fun time

install FTLDAT

unpack the resources

replace the names.xml file with this

then pack everything again and run the game

Beat Bandit

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Re: FTL (Not Fat Thighed Ladies, Mongrel)
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2012, 09:09:39 AM »

And so it begins once more

<maou> can I be doomed next ryg

<zara2> smiler: the advantage is that if you hire new people in stores
<zara2> they will have ff names
<beatbandito> Anyway I accept this conversation as consent on the part of Zara and Smiler

<Meikai> RYG
<Meikai> I wanna be on your ship!
<Meikai> PUT ME IN CAP

Realizing there was a pretty slim chance I would make it far enough to recruit more crew, Meikai gets to be the ship instead. It also takes me too long to notice that 'Mr. Smiler' and 'Zara T. Hustra' are shortened to the last name. I guess only generic names get spaces?

Okay, the sector nodes are definitely randomly generated. Quairlzr also confirms that I was dumb and could have fixed my doors last game, and that the enemy fleet moves per jump, not over real time spent in nodes. All good to know and about as much information I want right now in interest of being dumb.

How about no?

I guess they weren't

Praying Mantises

I could use some space karma after killing the first new species my crew runs into.
Right now the scrap they give me is more valued anyway so it's a good trade.

From good rocks to bad rocks.
Nothing amazing about the fight except a poorly timed asteroid results in my only point of damage. I should probably figure out how to fix the hull at some point. If you even can.

Not sure how to do that, but I'm always willing to help.
I miss the screenshot but I'm told I don't have what it takes to help them.

Getting some more shields feels like a smarter move than adding to weapon systems when I don't have anything new to use yet. We're learning!
The astute readers will have already noticed I invested in more power bars with my starting / rock reward scrap. It seems like nothing else is worth it if you don't have extra energy to use it. Must be all the protein.

The number of opportunities they give you to get fuel has me convinced I'll be running out of it and feeling like an idiot relatively soon.

A short thesis titled Bitches; The Stitches There Of.

My first shop! Now I know how hull repair works and why I probably shouldn't be spending my scrap as fast as I get it. If enemies are going to start with more advanced tactics than 'shoot the thing' I probably should, too.

Make up your mind, man!

Wow a broken door subsystem is pretty obvious now that I notice it. I also looped back to the shop after that fight to get repaired


Progress! Now to decide if I want the system itself to try and kill me, or just the inhabitants.

Beat Bandit

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Re: FTL (Not Fat Thighed Ladies, Mongrel)
« Reply #6 on: December 30, 2012, 10:24:59 AM »

All the joy of systems not working with none of the enemy slowdown? Clearly I've made the best decision possible.

With all the shit you've already shown me, you expect this to be scary?

A breakfast of pain pills probably helps with the anxiety, too.

And now I'm actually happy to see an enemy ship, especially one that hasn't been a threat in the past. What is it that comes after pride again? Money and women?


Fortunately the doors work this time around, so business continues as usual while the medbay airs out.

A very nice haul for the fight, all things considered.

Unfortunately I don't have any drone parts, and the energy cost would mean losing all my other weapons.
I've heard good things about drones, but for the time being it will more likely go towards a repair bill than see combat use.

Wait there are intruders in the station? There couldn't possibly be-

Vent the ship! Kill the nonbelievers!

Venting is proving to be an awful tactic whenever I try it.
Still, gathering everyone in the medbay worked spectacularly, their weapons couldn't keep up with our healing.

Despite the messages about this being a poor place to hide, I've made it deep into the sector before seeing any rebel activity.

Ah, I guess even if I had the parts for that drone it wouldn't have been useful without the control room. It's starting to feel like I'll never have the resources for this stuff.
Still I take the chance to repair the hull back to full.

More potential scrap. Since it's just a lower quality version of what I have, I don't see any reason not to sell it.

It doesn't seem like distress calls are any more likely to get you some good resources than regular nodes, but I'm a sucker for them anyway.

And another call on the way.

What a distressing turn of events

Other than draining my missiles, there's nothing exciting about the fight. I'll have to watch my usage from here on, though.

For all my trouble the civilians go ahead and... fix my perfect hull.
Oh well, I get a chance to get more missiles and pick up a scanner which sounds like the most reasonably priced useful item so far.

Sentry goin' up.

Up to this point I've been writing the LP as I play in the interest of knowing what's happening in every screenshot. Going to be trying a different approach of writing everything up when I'm done with the game / session and having a few posts all at once.